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 Posted Saturday, May 1, 1999

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April 30, 1999

Police chiefs reject Combat 18 threat

By Ian Burrell, Home Affairs Correspondent

SCOTLAND Yard chiefs revealed yesterday that Combat 18, the neo-Nazi organisation that has claimed responsibility for two nail bombings in London, had been infiltrated by the police and that the group was unlikely to be behind the campaign. [...].


WE regret that by letter dated Tuesday, December 12, 2000 a Ms. Louise Hayman, the head of legal services at The Independent newspaper, requested that this article be removed from this website. We have adjusted the masthead accordingly.

Our opinion
  AS STATED on our front page, David Irving has offered £1,000 from his own pocket to add to the reward -- if the bomber turns out to be a member of "Combat 18", the apocryphal right-wing gang that militates in the Far Left's fevered imagination. From our own information it appears that most of the creatures peopling the ranks of what they take to be Combat 18 are police officers, police informers, and police agents -- each believing the others to be genuine lunatics.

If Combat 18 or another rightwing gang were to claim the "credit" for a bombing before it happened, like the Irish Republican Army, instead of merely staking their claim to it afterwards, then we might take them seriously. So far they haven't, so we don't.

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