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 Posted Friday, May 7, 1999

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The police story is interesting for its last lines -- the culprit is captured but the menace remains, so to speak.

London, May 7, 1999


Police unit will fight race hate

By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent

A SCOTLAND Yard task force is being established to investigate an unprecedented upsurge in hate mail and threats from racists and far-right groups.

The unit will include members of the anti-terrorist squad, the Metropolitan Police's Special Branch and the force's specialist anti-racist team.

It follows a sharp increase in threatening and abusive race hate material - whose targets include MPs, police chiefs, and black and Asian organisations - believed to be a backlash against the Stephen Lawrence inquiry and in support of the recent nail-bombings in London.

Denis O'Connor, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, speaking last night on BBC 2's First Sight programme, "Hate Crime", said: "I can tell you that, as we speak, a giant task force comprising SO13, that's our anti-terrorist squad; John Grieve's racial and violent crime task force, together with our organised crime group and our Special Branch are coming together to deal with the enormous upsurge in race hate mail that we've observed in the last two months." He added: "Our intelligence on racial matters has gone up 900 per cent in the last couple of months. This is unprecedented and it's not fluff. It's everything from graffiti to threats."

Up to five far-right and neo-Nazi groups claimed responsibility for last month's nail-bombings in London. David Copeland, 22, the man charged with the bombings, however, has no links with any far-right groups, say the police.

Our opinion
  NOTE that although the suspect David Copeland has been arrested and the police have called off the hunt for any others involved, they have failed to identify the mystery men behind his campaign; and they still manage to drag the Far Right in although they have announced that the Far Right was not to blame for the bombings.

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