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 Posted Sunday, May 2, 1999

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Yes, but who is David Copeland...?

May 2, 1999

Man Charged in London Bombings

By ROBERT SEELY Associated Press Writer


LONDON (AP) -- Police on Sunday charged a young white man with murder in connection with a nail-bombing campaign against gays and ethnic minorities, and said he was working alone and not a member of neo-Nazi groups with claimed responsibility.

David Copeland, 22, an engineer, was arrested early Saturday at his home at Cove, southwest of London, and will appear in court on Monday, Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Alan Fry announced.

Copeland was charged with the murder of three people killed in the most serious explosion, a nail-bomb attack Friday in a gay pub in central London, and with similar attacks April 17 and April 24 in London districts with large ethnic minorities. A total of 115 people were injured.

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ARQuestion: If David Copeland is in fact the Brixton Bomber--what motivated him? In other words, what's his background? Despite police statements to the contrary, he's obviously a holocaust denier and a neo-Nazi, what else?


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