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 Posted Wednesday, May 5, 1999

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David Irving lectures at Ellensburg

Photo: David Stennett

A fine function


"May 4, 1999: Ellensburg," he writes. "I had feared the hall was too large and too many chairs had been put out, but every chair was occupied, and about 200 students or more packed in, with many teachers to hear the lecture.

"Only one hostile speaker, although students or strangers had been handing out the usual Coalition for Human Dignity smear sheets all week and all day on the campus. The hostile stranger, too mature to be a student, challenged me about the 'Ku Klux Klansmen' and other people he or others had, he said, espied at my Portland and other functions several years ago. I made mockery of him, and asked the rhetorical but not impertinent question:

"Why should it be necessary for me to have 'security' at my lectures?"

"He aroused little sympathy from the audience, who were entirely won over. Some very intelligent questions were asked, and some good looking students clustered round the book table and were rewarded with large Hitler's War posters: I pointed out that (a) they could annoy the pants off their parents with them, and (b) nobody could paint Hitler moustaches on them, as he already had one."

[and University newspaper report]
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