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 Posted Tuesday, June 1, 1999

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The Not So Independent
London, May 31, 1999

War in the Balkans

Nato calls the bombing of a hospital collateral damage. I call it a tragedy


Robert Fisk reports from Surdulica

NOT FAR from Milena Malobabic's young body we found the notebook of love poems she wrote for her boyfriend. Nato's jets had killed her and at least 17 other patients in the tuberculosis sanatorium a few hours earlier.....

WE regret that by letter dated Tuesday, December 5, 2000 a Ms. Louise Hayman, the head of legal services at The Independent newspaper, requested that Robert Fisk's articles be removed from this website. We have adjusted the masthead accordingly. You can access it by the link at the top until the newspaper disables the URL.

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