Posted Tuesday, July 13, 1999

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The Toronto Sun

July 13, 1999





ETER WORTHINGTON (Sun, July 13) must be commended for supporting the crusade of Nikolai Tolstoy to have the British government apologize for the forcible repatriation of refugees to the tender mercies of Stalin and Tito immediately after World War II.

Perhaps Tony Blair could also apologize for the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets carried out by Butcher-Bomber Harris, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of German civilians and refugees. Removal of the statue of Mr. Harris, which was shamelessly erected in his honour in London several years ago, would be an appropriate place to start.

Will Zuzak
Grande Prairie (Apples and oranges).

Britain's dirty little secret, by Peter Worthington: Ethnic cleansing was called forced repatriation after World War II

Tolstoy: Apologize for Britain's Shame, By PETER WORTHINGTON

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