Posted Saturday, November 13, 1999

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David Irving to Speak Monday in Irish Republic: Traditional Enemy threatens Violence

Cork, Eire -- Irish leftwing and violent organisations are threatening trouble when David Irving arrives at The University of Cork on Monday to address students on the myths of World War II.

When he was invited to debate at Trinity College Dublin in the 1980s, Jewish organisations and hired thugs staged a violent rally which wrecked the front of the building and trapped the student audience inside until midnight; since then, university authorities around the United Kingdom and Ireland have banned their societies from inviting the writer to participate in debates.

Three invitations to address the Oxford Union had to be cancelled at the last moment for this reason.

"University College, Cork is to be congratulated," says Mr. Irving. "It is standing up to these bigots." A fine new trend is setting in, he says, in which Real History is getting the upper hand.

Terrified of the tread of Real History, these opponents of the truth have issued statements over the last few days attacking the university authorities and talking of "weapons in hand".

The last time that Mr. Irving was invited to speak at Cork, his daughter, then a student at the university, found the whole city plastered with posters defaming her father. "Who pays for this kind of thing?" he asked at that time.

Nobody seems to know, and the national newspapers are too timid to inquire.

"The traditional enemies of the truth have never been short of money when it comes to bolstering up their threadbare myths and lies," says the writer. "Nor are they not frightened to talk of violence and killing when they feel they can outnumber their opponents -- provided the odds are about one hundred to one in their favour." Any weaker than that, and they feel intimidated and talk about "insensitivity".

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