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May 22, 2016

David Irving is in Eton pausing for a few day on his way back to northern Scotland, where he resumes work on Himmler

The Night they Burst the Dams

DAMBUSTERS. Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst | and in English

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This year's tour, Sept 2016: including Riga and the Wolf's Lair, all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 — for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

enlarge. Video DVD: THEY DON'T HANG WAR CRIMINALS ANY MORE - DO THEY? Talk at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

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DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

A talk at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available. THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

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David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War






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People around the world are now registering for our Sept 2016 seventh annual tour of the historic SS sites in Poland (and Latvia) and Hitler’s Wolf's Lair and Himmler's headquarters; a few places still available.


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Electric Intifada says Jews like Klamperer are secretly behind Labour “anti-Semitism” campaign: Instigator of anti-Semitism scam kicked out of Labour Party.

The ”Nazi“ hunters who wouldn’t give up: “Many war criminals… simply went back and resumed their lives”

Religion: Archbishop Welby (the bastard) says: Anti-semitism is “embedded” in British culture

Austrians can’t do anything right: The beautiful flower with an ugly past | Panic strikes the old gang in Austria: “Far-Right” wins first round of Austrian presidential election | Reuters Commentary: Shadow of “Nazism” looms over Vienna

Israel National News: Melania [Trump] blames the Jews | Donald Trump: Bad for Jewish Republicans? | Europe’s Leaders blast Bill Clinton over democracy jibe: “The Mouth Belongs To Clinton, The Voice Belongs To Soros”

Israel’s global reach threatens freedom of speech everywhere – “a global apparatus that seeks to shut down the will of the people everywhere, and erode our freedoms, in order to increase the power of politicians, multinational corporations, and the global arms and security trade”

Fox News “consultant” (and torture-advocate) Alan Dershowitz (born 1938) says Europe’s old and new hells remind us of Israel’s importance

National Post: The “Nazi” who fell from the sky: seventy-five years since the Rudolf Hess’s peace mission failed | BBC: Inside the mind of Adolf Hitler's deputy

Battle for Freedom of Speech. #1: U.S. Holocaust Museum calls on Iran to disavow cartoon contest |
Washington Post: Iranians say Holocaust cartoon contest not aimed at denial | US Holocaust museum urges Iranians to deny visas to participants in Holocaust cartoon event | Antisemitic Crimes on the rise in Britain, audit finds: Jews will “have no choice but to emigrate”

Battle for Freedom of Speech. #2: “Customs” kicks French comic out of Canada

Woof-woof, #3: Scotsman arrested after teaching girlfriend’s dog to perform Hitler salute as a “prank” - responding to the phrase “gas the Jews,” pug raises its paw in an imitation salute. And we always thought Scots had nae sense of humour

Landlord got at? Alternative für Deutschland battles to use Hofbräuhaus beer hall that launched Hitler’s career | Beer hall that hosted Hitler’s first speech forced to allow “far-right party” meeting

The Occidental Observer: Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism: The Wider Context of Jewish “White Collar” Crime | Outrage over Göttingen’s dismissal of Jewish anti-Semitism expert - (Bad teachers get dismissed all the time) | U.S. criticises Romanian central bank for issuing “anti-Semitic” coin – The bank’s governor died in a communist KGB prison in 1950, which says all we need to know

David Irving has often said that Professor Helmut Krausnick asked him in 1970 about this new word “holocaust” that he was hearing. That stuck in Irving’s memory. Now Google (left) confirms it: that was the year the world began to hear that word (but in 2000, with the trial of Irving vs. Lipstadt, the popularity-decline began)

Now interestingly compare it with the Google graph on "Israeli war crimes"

“A born natural orator”: Irish student’s account of Adolf Hitler in 1921. Sounds to us like something written with Irish hindsight, the future Führer “foaming at the mouth,” etc.

What’s the betting they posted them themselves? Police investigate Holocaust denial leaflets plastered around Scottish universities

Thanks to Ken Livingstone, the Americans are slowly learning about the Ha’avara Exchange Agreement of 1933 between the “Nazis” and Zionists: The Love Affair Between the British Labour Party and Adolf Hitler, by Michael Curtis (is that Kertész?) | Counterpunch: Zionism should be on trial, not Ken Livingstone: History, sooner or later it catches up with you | Occidental Observer: Britain’s accidental “red pill” moment | And then there’s Lipstadt: The perils of ignoring Holocaust history | Creation of Israel a 'great catastrophe': Ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone


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Corrupt New York assemblyman Sheldon Silver jailed for twelve years. Not the last Jewish assemblyman who faces prosecution, as the Curse of David Irving begins to strike. Dov Hikind next? | Newsday | Silver will draw pension of $6,600 a month

Video: BBC reporter Künsberg puts President Obama in his place: “It’s none of your business, Mr President.

Trailer: Other Losses: a James Bacques film

Austria will soon ban that too. Some Austrians celebrate April 20 by eating Hitler’s favorite dish

On Hitler’s birthday too, German universities’ computers hacked, suddenly print thousands of anti-Jewish leaflets: Uni-Drucker spucken massenweise judenfeindliche Texte aus – but will they be prosecuted? New York Times

The Guardian’s (half-caste) data editor Mona Chalabi says correcting people on their (bad) grammar is “racist” - wait, wasn’t she the refugee/person who tricked us into war with Iraq? A Chalabi, anyway

It’s all beginning to smell like the 1933 global Judea boycott of Germany: German Bank refuses to close “neo-Nazi” party and BDS bank accounts | Montréal to strike name of alleged “Nazi” sympathizer from local map

Breaking their control of the media: Internet “antisemitic” posts now reaching “thousands” a day

UK Online Supermarket apologizes for using quote by Joseph Goebbels in advert

The far Right is rising, and antisemitism is back. Daily Telegraph asks: How short is our collective memory? | One-third of Hungarians are antisemitic, according to new Medián poll | Interference: Israel’s ambassador to Hungary blasts mainstream daily’s “antisemitic” columns: but they can’t airbrush Béla Kún, Rákosi, Revai, Gabór Peter, Ernö Gerö, Fárkas and other Jewish criminals out of the history books, nor what they did to Hungary before the Hungarians brave fought back in 1956 | British Muslims more antisemitic than general population – believe Jews are “responsible for most wars;” more than 25 percent of Muslim respondents hold that view; but is it still “antisemitism” if true? Discuss

Alan Dershowitz discusses Jews in Europe, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” and more | meeting Jews is easy - but what about the 1933 Jewish boycott of Germany and all the world-war killing that flowed directly from that nonsense? | Israel’s newspapers are kvelling: Ukraine appoints first-ever Jewish prime minister

Jewish pædophiles: Yeshivah College pædophile David Cyprys: Australian lawyer Alex Lewenberg banned, after telling sex abuse victim not to accuse a “fellow Yid” | Jews protecting their own, Down Under: refuse to extradite Malka Leifer, pædophile who “manipulated us”

Spanish falangists in last stand to keep their place in history: They fought to save Europe from Bolshevism

That’s a new one: French boycott-activists convicted of “Holocaust denial”

Jewish Chronicle prints that “major Labour donor” Michael Foster says that Jeremy Corbyn shows contempt towards Jews; “Foster” claims “his family has donated over £400,000” to Labour … lost eight members of his family in the Holocaust. He sounds very English to us. Not. | Articles: “You’re not fit to govern if you don’t end shocking attacks”: Lord Carey, ex-Archbishop of Canterbury – the one who is not a Churchill bastard – warns Corbyn he will never be prime minister unless he eradicates antisemitism from “dark corners” of Labour Party | “Ignorant, Godless, Hateful - Corbyn’s contempt for Jews is a disgrace” | Ex-BBC chief Danny Cohen (sacked for —) says: Jews voting for Corbyn is like Muslims voting for Trump. “The British media has [sic] reported at least five cases since March.”

Jews shout, Shame on Sanders: Bernie Sanders response to Negro’s antisemitic Rant by disavowing Zionism – but that’s not good enough, Bernie

Occidental Observer: Jeremy Corbyn: Fighting the Jewish Establishment | New definition of denial: Labour party expels activist over Holocaust denial: (she stated “that attempts to ban Holocaust revisionism hamper efforts to determine what really happened during the Second World War”) | U.K. Press won’t stop shredding Corbyn: Corbyn is blasted by Jewish leader for a “deeply disturbing” response to his brother Piers

Austrian “law”: government plans to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born, to thwart “Nazi” sympathisers – “We are currently examining the creation of a law, which would force a change of ownership.” Remember, they even destroyed the grave of his revered parents too

How inconsiderate: Former Auschwitz guard, 93, dies days before his trial starts in Germany – under German law, he’s therefore innocent | Elder Le Pen convicted for dismissing gas chambers again: Jean-Marie Le Pen is fined £25,000 for “Holocaust denial” – he said, “The gas chambers were a detail of the war, unless we admit that the war was a detail of the gas chambers”; which is perhaps what Eisenhower, Churchill, de Gaulle, and other war leaders thought: not mentioned in their memoirs | Deutsche Welle gloats

New York Times: Tracking an elusive diary from Hitler’s Inner Circle. The entire Alfred Rosenberg diary does not mention a Hitler Order, or the Holocaust, and so the Holocaust museum lost interest; the article doesn’t mention the role of Henry Mayer and the museum either, in depriving the salvage collector Walt Martin of what was contractually his | the real story of who stole the Rosenberg Diary| the full text of Rosenberg Diary | a two-page document about the diary | Robert Wittman: General Patton “found Alfred Rosenberg’s diary” – no, he didn’t

Book review: Hitler couldn’t defeat Churchill, but Champagne nearly did — his gambling at casinos in Biarritz and Monte Carlo; and the torrent of cash he poured into maintaining his cellar

Major German Newspaper: Die Welt says 1960s Anti-Immigration firebrand Enoch Powell was right | Flüchtlingsprotest extrem: Sitzstreik: Flüchtlinge fordern eigenes Haus - even the leftwing Frankfurter Neue Presse is shocked

Occidental Observer: Jewish fear and loathing of Donald Trump: Hitler comparisons rampant – but also, weirdly, signs of second thoughts | “Binary Options”: Israel is the World’s Online Fraud Center

Associated Press cooperated with Adolf Hitler: German historian reveals pre-war A.P. promised not to publish anything “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home,” so The Guardian reports – exactly as Springer journalists have to promise Israel now | They’re at it again: Infamous neo-Nazi “Mormon Jew” admits U.C. Berkeley printer hack

Otto Skorzeny: The Nazi who “became a Mossad hitman” – He is a Big Name, with a famous record, let’s choose him. Where’s the beef? The Jews, the Mossad real-murderers, are worried by the remorseless upgrade in Hitler’s reputation, and resorting to dirty tricks: that is our view. It won’t help them. History already knows what to make of them

Is nothing safe: Jewish students protest at Bavarian brewery accused of selling “Nazi” beer | Keep on giving. The Netherlands restores payments to Holocaust survivor

Brussels Muslim bombs outrage: Casualties include “one Israeli, slightly injured” - and 35 goys, dead

How TV is helping Germany come to terms with its dark past: Hitler in prime time - ABC News

Romania: Holocaust Institute opposes leading journalist on TV board – he criticised new “Holocaust denial” laws

Microsoft gets it wrong again (remember “gas”?): Microsoft silences its new Intelligence bot Tay, after Twitter users teach it racism | Outrage: “Hitler was right – I hate the Jews" | Ugly Truth

Shop: For sale, Set of six silver teaspoons monogrammed with Eva Braun’s unique clover-leaf initials, with all documents of provenance

News on Hollywood’s Deborah Lipstadt film, Dental: The film script opens: "1994. American Professor Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) is speaking to an audience in Atlanta about her newly published book, Denying The Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. She’s articulate and impassioned and reasserts that she will never debate with anyone .... What happens next is completely unexpected. Rising from the back of the auditorium is David Irving ..." – Now read David Irving’s 1994 diary, to see what really happened | Hajo Funke, Deborah Lipstadt’s Marxist (“neutral”) expert witness at her 2000 trial, is shocked: “The ‘neo-Nazi’ manifesto that AfD doesn’t want you to see” | Article by, uh, Gideon Isaac: Trumping Free Speech with, uh, unbiased comment on the 2000 Lipstadt case

Albert Speer’s architecture remembered: A haunting look back at the Germans’ most famous architecture

Pat Buchanan on Trump: The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans

Of course: Heinrich Himmler’s stash of Books on Witchcraft is discovered in Czech library


[Dresden Altmarkt photo, Feb 25, 1945, is not Copyright AFP/Getty, but © †Walter Hahn, 1945, Dresden] – Daily Mail in denial: “Allied bombing won the war but killed thousands [sic] of German civilians” – in truth, millions, and not just German either: see the maps] | The Independent (now read the comments!)

Donald Trump’s new trouble: Rabbis, “Nazi”-Hunters | Donald Trump courts wary Jewish voters

Toronto Star: French Archive unveiling sheds light on spying by all sides in WW2 France

Losing ground: Wiesenthal’s Ephraim Zuroff protests as “Nazi” Waffen SS veterans join march in Riga, Latvia | Germany’s top “Nazi” hunter vows to continue hunt for another decade

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is Jewish. That makes four out of nine. Here’s how Jews are reacting

Jewish paedophiles worldwide: Jewish newspaper “sacks” Australian whistleblower – he blew the whistle on a perverted rabbi | Lord Janner “abused his position as an MP to sexually assault 30 victims at children’s homes from 1955 to 1988,” official inquiry into historic abuse hears | Tories continuing in the old mould? Keith Joseph and other Cabinet ministers fingered in historic Jewish-paedophile scandal

Handel mit “Nazi”-Orden: Strafbefehl gegen Bamberger Kunsthändler (Still potent: Seller appeals thousand euro fine for selling historic items which carry swastika )

The Occidental Observer: Francis Carr Begbie on Immmigration and The Legacy of Tony Blair

No surprises here: Mark Zuckerberg is World's richest Jew | Predictable: Jewish outrage over Australian “Nazi” memorabilia store

Never forget: Catholic students taunt Jewish basketball opponents “you killed Jesus” – U.S. Daily News| (The Guardian: Jewish students chanted “sausage fest” first)

David Duke, “Former KKK leader,” says Trump-Hitler comparisons might be good for Hitler | Fifty-four Private Jets, filled with Establishment Elites, converge at meeting to Stop Trump | ADL outraged: Foxman calls Trump’s “raise your hand” gambit a “Nazi-style fascist gesture”. They would have preferred the old clenched-fist salute? | Watch them weasel: Republicans scramble to stop Trump after he declares himself “neutral” on Israel | Bernie Sanders is Jewish. Why isn’t that convincing Jews to vote for him? | Stunned American Jews’ fight-back against trump starts at AIPAC

Spike in interest in Irving after Dutch Jews ban hotel talk: “Holocaust denial”, pick-up artists and Salafism: the Dutch between a rock and a hard place | Blog: The author I am talking about is David Irving …

Diplomatic passports: Armed Mossad agents found trespassing in Germany

Right wing makes progress: Our-Slovakia People’s Party, smeared as “Neo-Nazi,” wins fourteen parliament seats in Slovakia | Slovakia’s neo-Nazi party growing in popularity - New Europe

Hitler’s Mein Kampf surprise best-seller - again: Panorama | Washington Post | Time | N.Y. Daily News

Deutsche Welle reports: Germany’s supreme court mulls banning extremist NPD; and the Lügenpresse: Standard | Spiegel

The Occidental Observer: Francis Carr Begbie: Stasi Roots of the German-Jewish “Anti-Racist” Left and its program of destroying ethnic Germany

Jews say “Holocaust denier” David Irving not welcome in The Hague. This September the much-smeared “denier” Mr Irving will lead his seventh annual tour of the SS killing sites in Poland – Sobibór, Treblinka, Belzec and Maidanek | De Telegraf: Jewish community halts Mr Irving’s talk about “Hitler, Himmler and Homosexuals” | Jews force The Hague to obstruct talk, and smear Mr Irving | The talk in The Hague went ahead despite them

«« Album of royal’s 1937 tour of “Nazi” Germany to go on sale in AustraliaPhoto: Focal Point

The Occidental Observer: From Communist to Neoconservative: The Ethnic Blindness of David Aaronovitch

Obituary: millionaire Billy Price, of Houston, Texas: he died on February 13, 2016. David Irving writes, “That is  really sad. I knew Billy well, and stayed three months on his ranch as his guest, writing Göring. He was very kind and wise, and had a great collection of ‘Nazi’ stuff which was about eighty per cent authentic, to which his wife took exception it seems. The world is a poorer place without him.”

OBITUARY: Bradley R. Smith passed away on February 18, 2016. CODOH mourns the passing of its long-term founder | articles | the haters

Holocaust news: “Nazi genocide” and “girls in bikinis” failing to sell Israel, experts say

Obituary: Publisher Lord Weidenfeld dies at the age of 96: He published David Irving’s best-selling Rommel biography; Weidenfeld was asked “by the embassy of a NATO power” to tear up his contract for Hitler’s War; he complied, so he told Mr Irving, and of course regretted it

News on DENTAL: Sir David Hare: My Holocaust denial film takes on dangerous politics of Trump — Hare read forty days of trial transcripts | The lovely Rachel Weizs, 45, (left) made needlessly frumpy for the role of Deborah Lipstadt in forthcoming DENTAL movie: The Daily Telegraph | Weizs wears a wig for DENTAL | For fifteen years Lipstadt has refused to answer these questions about her trial: does DENTAL finally provide answers? | html | The film script will doubtless show the silence of Lipstadt (and her lawyer Anthony Julius, who also stayed schtumm in the High Court). Lipstadt refused to go into the witness box (we presume to avoid prosecution for perjury). She had cut-and-pasted together a book for that infamous old fraud “Robert Maxwell,” which turned out to be libellous. Oh, and by the way Debbie, – that’s what “Maxwell” actually wrote her, before jumping overboard , – don’t forget to put that David Irving into your book. – Debbie? Debbie? You okay, Debbie? Cat got your tongue, Debbie? – (The letter is in her Discovery documents. Mr Irving wasn’t mentioned in her book, at first.) – The questions

Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” okayed for use in classrooms by Germany’s education minister - because it has two thousand anti-Nazi “scientific” notes, without which it must not be published | Deutsche Welle’s take | new book: Hitler in Landsberg – early documents on Hitler’s imprisonment for treason | Churchill’s War, vol.1: revised reprint is now available

The cost of regime-change: Spiegel: Studie beziffert Kosten der Flüchtlingskrise auf 50 Milliarden Euro. (€50 billion. It’s okay, that includes the lives, your Majesty!) | More on those “Refugees”: Im Zwickauer Schwimmbad: Därme entleert! Frauen belästigt! (easy German – Bild Zeitung). Merkel did it | Migrant crisis: Hundreds of far-right protesters rampage through German town of Leipzig, destroying ethnic restaurants and takeaways | Sweden to investigate sex assault cover-up | Daily Mail: Swedish police are accused of covering up sex attacks after news blackout | Migrant rape fears spread across Europe: Vienna police chief warns women not to go out alone after assaults are carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland | Thousand “immigrants” brawl, rape, sexually assault, and rob women at Cologne train station | Effects of Angela Merkel’s “moral leadership” of Europe: Germans condemn events in Cologne | BBC: Racial assaults. Police confirm most were carrying official immigrant papers | Right-wing challenges naïve Chancelor Angela Merkel: “Is Germany ‘colourful and cosmopolitan’ enough for you?” | BBC blames “Asylum-seekers”: Cologne New Year gang assaults on women | Bayerischer Landrat schickt "Mutti" Merkel einen Bus voll Flüchtlinge | The backlash: Neo-Nazis on the rampage. Gun sales soaring. Sex attacks by migrants have unleashed dark forces in Germany

David Prashker who resigned as director of the Toronto Leo Baeck Jewish school now facing child-pornography charges in California

The Occidental Observer: Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors: name by name, the shocking story of how the “nice folk next door” betrayed the country which guilelessly took them in as “refugees”

DRESDEN, Germany, again commemorated the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s needless firestorm destruction of the city on February 13, 1945. A recent German government “commission of historians” obligingly reduced the death toll in this Night of the Holocaust to “only ten thousand” or so. But even more recently we found this decoded message (above) dated March 24, 1945 in British archives, in which the Lord Mayor of Dresden secretly confirms to the city’s police chief that 80,000 to 100,000 people are still missing. “Missing” meant dead, an unidentifiable heap of ashes. The overall death toll in Dresden was 135,000, as we have always said.

Huffington Post predictably says (yawn) that Polish magazine’s shock anti-refugee front cover invokes “Nazi”-era imagery: in some folks, yes

Forward: We need to out U.S. presidential contender Bernie Sanders as a Jew — “for his own good” | New York Times: Sanders is a Jew, but doesn’t talk about it | which “irks” the U.S. Jews

Right: A student card when Obama was at Columbia. Foreign, that’s what it says     

CST (Community Security Trust) secretly denounced anti-Zionists to U.K. government

Independent: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on why his fellow musicians are terrified to condemn Israel



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* ASSHOL: Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars

* AWPOW: Are we powerful or what!



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