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David Irving’s annual Real History tour of Hitler's HQ and historic SS sites in Latvia and Poland – Riga, Belzec, Sobibór, and Treblinka – ended successfully. For August/September 2018 he will offer an expanded all-inclusive eleven-day Real History tour of WW2 political sites in Latvia, Germany, and Poland


January 23, 2018

David Irving is in London, resuming work on Himmler

The Night they Burst the Dams

DAMBUSTERS. Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst | and in English

Focal Point reprint
of a classic, with 27 pages of unknown photos
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BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 — as punishment for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

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DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

A talk at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available.
THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

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David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

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NOW BACK IN PRINT! “The Death of General Sikorski. ACCIDENT.”

In 1943 the Polish prime minister in exile, General Wladyslaw Sikorski, was killed in a British plane crash at Gibraltar. The Germans claimed it was an assassination. The RAF flew a Board of Inquiry to Gibraltar to investigate, and this cleared the pilot of blame.The death of the Polish prime minister came at a convenient moment for Winston Churchill. In this 1967 book David Irving investigates the mystery; he published the Board's secret report, and spoke with the pilot twice, and with others involved.  (Focal Point Classics series, Price $50 post free)

David Irving’s flagship work, Hitler’s War, will go out of print for a few months. The historic book is still available (copyright) as a courtesy online

UNZ: Charles Bausman says, It’s time to drop the Jew taboo – “I made it once to England for you”: Last pictures of Rudolf Hess emerge, alongside letter telling his son about his mysterious flight to Britain to try to end the war – see poignant comments. A teacher comments: “I did not know that Hess tried for peace before all the atrocities began. If he did why was he so reviled and kept in prison for life. Am really confused.” Daily Mail perpetuates the lie that he hanged himself in Spandau. He was murdered

BBC: Italy election: “White race” remark sparks outrage

Jerusalem Post: Beersheba district court sentenced 37-year-old local man Avraham Yalma, 37, — he raped and murdered elderly woman “returning from volunteer work aiding Holocaust survivors”, and fed her remains to his dog

More tales of the “Holocaust”: N Y Post: Why this “Holocaust” survivor still wears [imitation] concentration camp uniform

Washington Post: Berlin museums return works sold at "Nazi"-era auction – Margarete Oppenheim, the wife of chemist and industrialist Franz Oppenheim, had one of Germany’s largest and most valuable art collections. Will she “return” the original payments?

YouTube: “The Hidden History of WWII by David Irving” – An even-handed talk about U.S. border officials, and then the truth about the “Holocaust” – he says, “Do the math” | Now in full: Jeremy Paxman’s BBC film for Newsnight, broadcast on the day the Lipstadt Trial ended. After the usual hackneyed propaganda film footage and violins, it concludes with a no-holds-barred interview of Irving, and hauls British and American Jews out from the shadows to reveal their concealed role in Lipstadt’s court victory

Jewish Outrage as New Orleans City Council passes pro-Palestinian group’s “BDS legislation” | ADL calls BDS the The Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel | New Orleans City Council cowers before the Jewish Community Federation of Greater New Orleans, and the ADL | The City Council scatters, like roaches when the lights come on

((( Bret Stephens ))) Op-ed in The New York Times: A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews — but then where would the NY Times turn for its Op-Eds?

Last laugh? Is the British Establishment reserving the DNA-truth about Prince Harry’s real father for a post-wedding bonne bouche? Will Ms. Markle then face a shock-horror fact on hubby? Is Britain’s mischief-making GCHQ muckraking once again? Who’s the n^gger in the woodpile (as Churchill* would have rasped?) — Text messages [hacked?] and published in full by Britain's taboid Mail on Sunday and then, MLK Day or not, by Fox News website, say Prince Harry’s “Black American” fiancée is paving the way for a “Black king,” describe her Black mother as “a scrubber" and a “gender equality tw^t” and her [White] father as “obsessed with race” and a “dumb little commoner” | But Black Brixton suburb “cheers” Meghan Markle

* He used the gibe referring to General Charles de Gaulle in 1943: see Churchill’s War, vol.ii

Mondo Weiss: A private tour of the Hebron Heights winery [in Israel’s illegally occupied West Bank territories] | Uri Avnery essay for Counterpunch on Bibi Netanyahu and slime: Bibi's oldest son Ya’ir (named for the leader of the wartime terrorist “Stern Gang,” whose real name was Abraham Stern — Bibi’s son Ya’ir (or Three Men in a Car) | Ha’aretz: “God help us if this gets out”: The full transcript of Ya’ir Netanyahu’s wild Tel Aviv night – The Israeli prime minister’s son is recorded telling Israeli natural-gas tycoon’s son at strip-club: “My dad set your dad up for $20 billion; give me $115 for a prostitute” | The Tower: University of S California professor classifies “Israeli Zionists” as Terrorists – which confuses the poor students

Escape from Auschwitz: “A million died but, incredibly, 196 defiantly courageous prisoners got away” — including the mega-liar Rudolf Vrba. So how DID they do it? - Answer, they stole a car and drove through the main gate, dressed in SS uniforms which happened to fit and be available, etc. Uh, hmmm | YouTube: “Hitler” returns and goes walkabout in Berlin. The reaction of the people .  .  . | David Irving speaks (in English) to Oslo television about Adolf Hitler; and why he was banned from the literary festival at Lillehammer (with Norwegian subtitles)

Quaker group, honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during “Holocaust”, is now banned from Israel

RT: Outrage – French PM is “not afraid” of publication of Celine’s 1930s anti-Jewish essays

Daily Mail: “It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews”: Henry Kissinger [a Jew] tells [author Michael] Wolff [a Jew] there was a growing rift in the White House between former Trump [presidential] adviser Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner [a Jew] and Ivanka Trump | The Jewish Chronicle (U.K.): Kissinger describes atmosphere within the Trump White House — but how does he know? He is no longer in The White House

Overweight Jewish Chronicle editor [Stephen Pollard] jokes in poor taste about the Iran–Iraq War (which killed a million) | Free speech: Dog trained to give “Hitler salute”: owner stands trial in Scotland

JDL: The Jewish Defense League shows up at a book party for Palestinian children in New York City| JDL long suspected in cold-case murder in 1985

En route to super-power: applause. Israel pays African migrants to leave, threatens jail oif they won’t — Some 38,000 African migrants live in Israel. Israeli plan offers them $3,500 to leave. — “We have expelled about 20,000, and now the mission is to get the rest out,” [Benjamin] Netanyahu said

The Satlers were not the only drug organization that pushed opioids, see below for an analysis of the McKesson case, with reference to the Milton Friedman rule: that managements’ only duty is to maximize shareholder value

Tunisian activists damage Holocaust display, calling it Zionist “propaganda” – Demonstrators tear down posters for National Library exhibition, saying the real genocide is happening to Palestinians

New Jersey: The Unwelcome Occupation of Mahwah [N.J.] Town Park each Saturday by Chasidic Jews: [1] [2] | Background on Kiryas Joel, a village named for the founder, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum | Not nice neighbors, but well connected politically | Niagara Falls Reporter and the village website | A 30-minute documentary about the corruption of Monroe Town in Orange County, New York | Kiryas Joel Village becomes a separate town – status will put the town of “Palm Tree” closer to the source in Albany, the capital of New York. The townspeople of Monroe concur in the desirability of separating from the “Satmar” settlement

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Autobiografie „Meine Geschichte“: Guido Knopp und wie er die Welt sah – complete with a mysterious note slipped by Stern editor [Peter Koch] to Historian David Irving – Churchill once said, The world is teeming with lies; and the fantastic thing is many of them are true. Not this one.

Jerusalem Post: French Government sets up secret tax dept exclusively to investigate Jews — Outrage

YouTube movie: “David Irving speaks at the Real History conference” in 2001, in Cincinnati. Irving looked for an hour at the historic Lipstadt Trial in London and revealed its ugly secrets of perjury, ignorance, lying and bribery | He also features in Going to Prison for Real History, a five-minute movie segment by Rex Bloomstein (henceforth ordered off Harvey Weinstein’s shrinking Hannukah list)

News with Views: “The Swamp Strikes Back: Destroys [Judge] Roy Moore”

Ten thousand died in Adolf Hitler’s Titanic: the Wilhelm Gustloff [quietly named in memory of a German official brutally assassinated in 1936 by a Jew], a “Nazi” luxury cruise liner with no 1st or 2nd class. Torpeoed in 1945, it was the world’s worst maritime disaster, but is barely mentioned anywhere [except by David Irving]

BBC: U.K. universities face fines over “no-platforming” – Minister Jo Johnson says this – seemingly appropriately, at Birmingham’s Limmud Festival [a Jewish festival] | The Times: Irene Lancaster: Why words should be cherished and used with care – Precisely. The Liar Lancaster, another Jewess, joins the hired liar Lipstadt with a U.K. campaign to vilify and shut down David Irving

The Shlomo Rubashkin story continues: Newly-released convict Rubashkin is celebrated on the covers of Orthodox Jewish publications | The saga goes deep. From 2006, abuse of Gentile workers | Rubashkin returns to Brooklyn, as a hero lacking in shame, unlikely to pay $27m ordered in restitution | A letter to the U.S. President pleading for Rubashkin’s commutation, from Yvette Clarke, Congresswoman | Letter to Yvette Clarke from Rabbi Yaacov Behrman | Governor David Patterson of New York, blames Obama for earlier failure to pardon Rubashkin – Chasidic Jews declare that this was Rubashkin’s first offense. This was actually his first INDICTMENT. The offenses had been going on since 1987, and no mention of his father’s earlier meat business in Brooklyn | Trump commutes 27 year sentence on another Jewish criminal | Rubashkin’s nephew was convicted later in Pennsylvania — “Jewish lightning,” three fires which burned down inconvenient warehouses

Jewish Telegraph Agency: More on the Rubashkin story | Rubashkin’s contributions in 2004 to the Republican Party | More outrage and pander: President Trump commutes sentence on a Rabbi convicted for bank fraud – well, whatever stops them whining | How to manipulate a U.S. father-in-law — AWPOW*

N Y Daily News: Jewish CNBC director [Dan Switzen, 44] arrested for spying on 18-year-old nanny with hidden bathroom camera – Isn’t 44 a bit old to have a nanny?

Cops demolish group’s memorial for [White fiancée, Australian] woman shot dead by [Black] Somali-born officer – No charges have [yet] been filed. Why are we not surprised?

Daily Mail: Hitler’s 1939 armor-plated “super Mercedes” which carried him past cheering Berlin crowds in July 1940 after victory in France and was seized by the US Army in 1945 goes under the hammer | One of Hitler’s Mercedes parade cars is up for auction in Scottsdale, Arizona

Newsweek: Cristina Maza: How Trump and the “Nazis” stole Christmas to promote White nationalism

Ha'aretz: Israeli policeman accused of urinating in face of handcuffed Palestinian – The Justice Ministry’s police conduct investigation unit has filed criminal charges against a policeman from the Israel Police station in the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim for allegedly urinating in the face of a bound Palestinian at the stationU S News: Israel to leave UNESCO over “attacks” on Jewish State

Huffington Post: Princess Michael of Kent spotted wearing a “racially insensitive” blackamoor brooch – watch out, Prince-Harry half-caste fiancée Meghan Markle! At a certain age, people older than Harry can start showing the country’s true feelings, speak their minds, and speak up subtly for England: even when sensation-hungry British newspapers can’t

Yoichi Shimatsu (exclusive to Rense): More on the mysterious Atlanta airport blackout – The Grinch that stole a nuclear stockpile | Mystery: What was in that Israeli plane that flew alone out of the Atlanta airport during the “power outage”?

Mormons are posthumously baptizing Holocaust victims as well as the grandparents of public figures like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Steven Spielberg

Tablet Magazine (NOT the Catholic magazine of that name): Bernard-Henri Lévy on Trump, Jerusalem, and the Jews

Billionaire behind $20 million campaign to impeach Trump calls President an
“urgent threat”
– Mixed ancestry: His father was Jewish and his mother was Episcopalian

AFP: Far-right AfD says German churches politicized like “in Nazi era”

U S News: German man arrested for anti-Semitic slurs at Israeli cafe

Radio NZ: Three Israeli men jailed for smuggling $3.6m of ecstacy

Racism: Kenyan Jew, a Black, is instantly deported by Israeli Interior Ministry, despite valid visa | Israel deports African Jew with valid visa, hours after landing at Ben-Gurion airport

The Occidental Observer: Lies, Spies and Harvey Weinstein: Thoughts on Jewish Behaviour and the Pervnado

News from the Institute for Historical Review: IHR Director Mark Weber Banned From Britain — Free Speech, ending for now in Britain

Daily Mail: Brooklyn rabbi Mendel Epstein sentenced for torturing Jewish husbands reluctant to divorce

[Jewish] Federal appeals judge announces immediate retirement, after allegations of sexual misconduct

History review: Liar Lipstadt was given millions and a Legal Army to put history via David Irving on Trial: Now we’re all paying the price | NL Times: Support for Holocaust denier [the “convicted historian”* David Irving] prompts Geert Wilders to replace PVV leader in Rotterdam, Holland — the lying never ends, does it!

Judge Sir Charles Gray, assessed in his Judgment in Apr 2000: “Irving . . . historian without parallel”

Sputnik: Two dozen senior Israel Defense Force officials and technology company employees were arrested Tuesday for embezzling $28 million

Al Jazeera: Palestinian double amputee [who lost both legs and a kidney in a 2008 Israeli air raid] killed by Israeli sniper

Jewish groups “deeply concerned” by Nazi roots of party in Austrian government | Times of Israel: Austrian “far-right” Freedom Party gets interior, defense, and foreign
| Party founded by former “Nazis” forms a government in Austria. - That’s democracy for you |Der Standard: Israel setzt Boykott der FPÖ bis auf weiteres fort

Fox News: Nine new “Nazi” war crimes, [sentries now in their mid-90s], cases sent to German state prosecutors

Al Jazeera: The Musta’ribeen, Israel’s agents who pose as Palestinians

Sputnik International: German Interior Minister Offers to Set up an Anti-Semitism Commissioner, reports Bild am Sonntag – a Springer newspaper – i.e. totally pro-Israel and pro-Jewish

The Washington Post: Former guard at “Nazi” camp, 94, is ordered out of the United States. Authorities [e.g., Neal Sher of OSI, convicted for embezzlement] want him gone before he dies — “Get him out,” says Rabbi Zev Friedman. “He doesn’t belong here.” Hmmm

New films: Coco Chanel used “Nazi” links to get rid of Jewish partners — says new Jewish film. (Did Harvey Weinstein advise?) – After the deal was struck she [Coco Chanel] received only 10 per cent of profits, 70 per cent went to the [Jewish] Wertheimers, while 20 per cent was transferred to Galeries Lafayette

Recent history: How square dancing became a weapon of white supremacy against a jazz dance conspiracy

“Holocaust” must be central to immigrant integration courses – says German justice minister. And the connection is .  .  ?

Dutch university’s professor emeritus questions Holocaust on TV, calls Jews “parasites” – and a Dutch Freedom Party leader is kicked out (for wishing David Irving Happy Birthday last year)

Times of Israel: UK’s new Jewish Voice for Labour seeks to throw off the “shackles” of Israel

News from Israel: Thomas Joseph Gross faces extradition to US for alleged murder of his own mother in Lakewood, Florida – he owed her money

Sydney Morning Herald: Same-sex marriage legalised in Australia as Parliament passes historic law – and an ineffably “gay” Christmas to you all

Krone: Kindergarten erklärt Nikolaus für tot – another tragedy concocted by “Holocaustians”. Six millions plus 1, Father Christmas

Daily Mail: Roy Moore in anti-Semitism storm after George Soros attack

BBC: Hungarian MEP [EU politician] charged with spying on EU for Russia — that’s just more of the same.The difference is, he is not a Jew

Federal Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski accused of Sexual Harassment — Kozinski was born in Romania in 1950 to a Jewish family

Australian Jewish News: $20 million donation from Jewish “philanthropist” to Tel Aviv University. That’s very kind. Not many women (outside casinos) can give away that kind of money. But they don’t tell us where hers comes from. “Goys,” no doubt

ABC (Australia): Mark Dreyfus draws Josh Frydenberg back into citizenship saga, divides Labor Party — So being a Jew is something this year, near year, sometime, never? Is Frydenberg really Hungarian, like Farkas, Gerö, Rakósi, Peter, and the other criminal Jews of Hungarian recent history?

Ha’aretz: Australian mall magnate and Holocaust survivor Frank Lowy knighted in Britain – lucky he’s got Australian citizenship, or he might be banned from Australia under their “bad character” legislation – he fought the British Army as a Haganah terrorist

Daily Mail: Was Freud really just a sex-mad old fraud?

Israel national news: Rutgers professor to be disciplined for “anti-Semitism”

BBC: Hirohito’s WW2 memoir bought by Japanese accused “Holocaust denier” — [sic]

Vanity Fair: The Crown: Edward’s Hitler Visit and Alleged Nazi Sympathies Explored

The Forward: Woody Allen plays the Anti-Semitism card to escape #MeToo reckoning

The Observer: With Jerusalem Recognition, Trump Crushes Vestiges of Palestine | The Times: Zionists and evangelists praise White House after Trump announcement on Jerusalem

Deborah Lipstadt confronting anti-semitism, 21st Century style… of course she doesn’t and won’t, confront – debate with them, we mean. A function organised by Manhattan Jewish Experience, who warn: “THIS EVENT WILL BE SOLD OUT [sic] AND NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR. [Why?] Doors open 7:30 PM. Lecture begins 8:00 PM Please arrive early, there will be security and registration to go through. MJE is a warm and open community where men and women in their 20s and 30s can explore Jewish life and meet new people.” Perhaps she could confront the warm and open Harvey Weinstein. Oh, we forget, she is a ++++, and not interested in that kind of man, or any kind. — Sorry, to avoid misunderstanding, Liar, we mean.

Out of all David Irving’s lectures posted on YouTube by people over the years this one is approaching One Million (949,000) views. “David Irving — The Faking of Adolf Hitler”

Free speech. ACLU sues to overturn Arizona law targeting Israeli boycotts

The Occidental Observer: On the Rise of Mixed-Race Britain

Times of Israel: Argentine TV host fired, over “Jews control the media” tweet – which proves the point

Ha’aretz: The real story of how the “Nazis” [AfD] have returned to Germany's parliament – Democratically

Times of Israel: Police bust 'messianic' prostitution ring active across Israel

The Forward: Jared Kushner Was Right To ‘Collude’ With Russia — Because He Did It For Israel

News Australia: Millionaire Hot Seat host slammed over ‘anti-Semitic’ gaffe

RT (Russian official propaganda source): Cold War documents reveal forgotten radical Zionist attempt to attack UK government

The RatPac scandal: Harvey Weinstein and Brett Ratner, and Kerry Packer

The Sun Daily: Austria's nationalist “frats” [Burschenschaften] prepare for government

Metropolitan Opera investigates [homosexual] sex abuse claims against James Levine – Once again, these are allegations, not charges. BBC does not know the difference? Mr Levine has not commented publicly on the accusations

[General Michael] Flynn’s plea on Russian influence reveals Israel’s influence

al Jazeera: Israeli missiles hit army base near Damascus:

BND Reinhard Gehlen installierte Spitzel bei Willy Brandt: “Beim Abfassen [der Memoiren], half ihm der spätere Holocaust-Leugner David Irving.” Yawn. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again

The Unz Review: The Dog That Didn’t Bark. Israel Shamir: Imprisoning and Torturing Billionaire Oligarchs

Washington Post: [Anglin], founder of neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer argues “troll storm” against Jewish woman is free speech

Sydney Daily Telegraph: 3000 seems a lot to squeeze into such a little house? It would seem the number of crematoria would be insufficient to deal with these numbers?

Jerusalem Post: UK to purchase Israeli “Iron Dome” defense system to defend Falklands – that should upset just about everybody

The Forward: Meghan Markle’s Ex, Trevor Engelson, is Jewish | Meet Misha Noooo, the Jewish matchmaker and best friend of Markel who brought Prince Harry and Meghan together

Sydney Morning Herald: Billionaire James Packer interviewed by Australian Federal Police over corruption investigation into Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Wikipedia announces an appeal for three dollars, adds, “On November 29, 2017, NBC Chairman Andrew Lack terminated [Matt] Lauer after a workplace colleague accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior,” and adds newly: “2012–2017 On the April 5, 2012, program, Lauer announced that he had signed a new contract with NBC News through 2017. An estimate by Forbe's indicated that the contract paid Lauer $25 million a year.[33]” — Lack sounds like another Jewish name. But: also terminated on an “accusation”? That’s unbelievably crass.

Daily Mail: Jewish groups furious at Brits for “unbelievably crass” selfies taken at Auschwitz — Yes, it’s difficult to control ordinary people

The mad monarchs of Absurdistan — Blood-tests all round, please: Prince Harry (“son” of Prince Charles and Diana) engaged to a Canadian mixed-race soft-porn star. The prince’s real father [Capt. James Hewitt] would have approved

The Guardian: Lord Profumo had long-term relationship with “Nazi spy” before 1960s [Christine Keeler] sex scandal | Vulture: Weinstein now faces sex-trafficking charges

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Russian official reiterates that Jews killed the Czar | RT (a Russian government channel): Romanov investigators consider “ritual killing” theory - the Jewish Jacob Sverdlov and his mostly Jewish accomplices brutally liquidated the entire Russian Royal family in the Bolshevik holocaust | Daily Mail: Russia investigates whether Tsar was killed in Jewish ritual

Ha’aretz: UC Berkeley professor, a Palestinian, apologizes for retweeting anti-Semitic cartoons — but they were all true

Ursula Haversack [aged 89] “Holocaust”-denial convictions upheld by German court

Sputnik News: Norway divided by plans of war memorial over “Nazi” soldiers

Business Insider: Israel and United States race to prevent United Nations “blacklist” of West Bank businesses

Jerusalem Post: Israeli crime lord arrested, deported from Colombia

Ha’aretz: Archaeologists excavating “Nazi” death camps in search of “Holocaust” victims’ untold stories

Anther country where they don’t feel “safe”. As “Anti-Semitism” rises, “I don’t feel safe in Australia,” Rabbi says

Former Dutch PM: Israel “most dangerous nation”

Counterpunch: The Influence of Israel on Britain

The Occidental Observer: Wicked Muslims, Innocent Jews: The Deceit and Double-Think of Mark Steyn

The Australian: Public displays of anti-Semitism on rise, according to new report. No doubt about it, evidently, people just don’t like Jews. But is that the same thing?

Signature-reads: Language Matters: The True Definition of the "Working Class"

i24news: Tzipi Hotovely admits that Jews are fifth column in US - that’s an interesting admission she (allegedly) makes

Jerusalem Post: Their welcome outstayed? One Jew in three considering eleading England. Time to move on? They’ve mostly been in the UK since 1938

Esquire: Adolf Hitler's last ever meal Has Been Revealed

Australian Jewish News: German court upholds airline ban on Israeli passengers

Daily Telegraph: American White nationalist Richard Spencer banned from 26 European countries – That’s Free Speech in the EU for you

Ha’aretz: This former “Nazi” is also a “lifelong Republican,” investigation reveals. Aged 98, Mr Karkoc lives in a nursing home in Minnesota – The SWC [Simon
Wiesenthal Center] is still gunning for them

Jerusalem Post: Berlin Jews blast teachers for discriminatory labor strike – How they ask asking for special treatment

Ha’aretz: Report: Trump revealed Israeli commando and Mossad operation in Syria to Russians – Rumour: U.S. President Donald Trump revealed details of a covert Israeli mission to penetrate ISIS cell deep in Syria, claimed Vanity Fair's (((Howard Blum)))

Israeli official says US Jews shun military service — The secret Moscow files show that Reinhard Heydrich found, unexpectedly, that this was very much not the case in WW1

Australian Jewish News: RIP Kitia Altman and tattoo — In 1992, while Mr Irving was being interviewed on Australian television, she pulled up her sleeve, as always. Irving challenged: “How much money from that tattoo, Mrs Altman? Why have Australian prisoners of war held in Japan not tried to profit from their suffering?” Mr Irving has been banned from Australian soil ever since

Six million, minus two: Holocaust survivor, 102, meets nephew, after thinking all his family died in war

The Guardian: My charity’s libel action against Nigel Farage marks a defeat for fake news, says Nick Lowles, of [“charity”] Hope Not Hate — We called out [=an unintelligible Americanism] the former Ukip leader, and we will call out [ditto] others pushing concocted stories

The Guardian: Kent school denies any rightwing agenda in “Unsafe Space” scheme – Simon Langton grammar school dismisses concerns about allowing unfettered debate among sixth-formers

Daily Mail: A non-EU [i.e., Black] migrant wins right to stay in the UK every 36 seconds: More than 865,000 people were allowed to live in Britain during 2016

The Forward: Was Charles Manson the forefather of the “Alt Right”? – An unusual, nasty smear – but it’s characteristic of them | Is world still safe? Buried giant swastika will now be broken up by jackhammers

RT (Russian propaganda source): Assad in surprise Putin meeting ahead of Moscow’s talks with Turkey, Iran

Ha’aretz: Now it’s war: George Soros fights back against Hungary’s “anti-Semitic” campaign

Free Speech: New Zealand detains “anti-semitic blogger” for nearly six weeks

Daily Telegraph: The truth about Britain's “unmarried” Muslim wives - and why it’s our problem | Israeli blogger’s photograph inside Islam holy sites set off outrage in the Middle East

Daily Mail: U.K. Grammar school announces “unsafe space” classes where pupils can debate Hitler's Mein Kampf and how “not all cultures are created equal”

Daily Mail: (((Robert Hardman))): EU implodes as nations turn to the “far Right”:

News Australia: Bob Weinstein allegedly paid off two accusers in the 90s

The Local:– More propaganda: German TV series wins a “You have to fight against neo-Nazism”n Emmy

Was Louis Vuitton: Vuitton a “Nazi| sympathizer? — as more an more sympathisers come out of the ancient woodwork,isn’t there a risk of making them salonfähig?

Spokesman: Josh Ledermann: U.S. opposes Nazi speech, but will vote no at U.N. to banning it — Israel, traditional enemies of Free Speech, undecided

Daily Telegraph: The last time Germany proved unable to form a government was under the Weimar Republic. Could this be the end for Merkel? Coalition talks collapse in row over immigration as snap election is threatened despite the rise of the far-Right | Germany pays the political price for leaving its poor behind

N.Y. Post: Trump administration vows to deport 94-year old Nazi living in [New York] Queens – The vile Jewish hater Dov Hikind is the real culprit


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