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David Irving’s annual Real History tour of Hitler's HQ and historic SS sites in Latvia and Poland – Riga, Belzec, Sobibór, and Treblinka – has concluded for 2017. For August/September 2018 hs will offer an expanded all-inclusive eleven-day Real Hisstory tour of sites in Latvia, Germany, and Poland.


October 19, 2017

David Irving is now visiting his many friends in the northern United States and talking with his readers

The Night they Burst the Dams

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Commercial profit news: Retailers remove Anne Frank [now, wrongly, described as a “Holocaust victim”] Halloween costume after backlash

Daily Mail: Battle to save Hitler's Night of Long Knives hotel | Newsreel footage of Hitler visiting soldiers wounded in the attempt to kill him

Al-Jazeera Documentary: Israel’s Little Helpers in the media, government, and academia | YouTube: “It's all run by Jews” - the late President Richard Nixon speaking about the US Media

The Occidental Observer: Harvey Weinstein: On Jews and the Shiksa | Weinstein: British police investigate new sex assault claims | Amazon suspends studio chief amid Weinstein scandal | Such a Mensh! Weinstein at September gala: “I am Israeli in my heart and mind”– Weinstein’s father fought in the Haganah (precurser to today’s IDF) to expel the indigenous population from Palestine | A different Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment by TV Showrunner

(Julius Streicher, publisher of Der Stürmer, was hanged by the Americans at Nuremberg in October 1946)

Der Stürmer pre-war cartoon

Rabbi gets prison for stealing disabled pre-schoolers’ funds

N.Y. Daily News: N. Y. Mayor de Blasio says Pétain’s [French “Nazi” sympathizer’s] marker won't be first to go

Jerusalem Post: Jewish groups urge Austrian gov’t to exclude far-right party

Democracy news: Forget Brexit. The EU's nightmare is Austria’s lurch to the Right – Goodbye Left. Leb’ wohl | Daily Telegraph: The triumph of the far-Right in Austria is not surprising. It has never atoned for its Nazi past | Times of Israel: Far right surges in Austria elections; conservative Kurz, 31, declares victory

German neo-Nazi, 88, is convicted again for Holocaust denial after claiming there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. Maybe she was right. Just maybe? – A German court on Monday sentenced 88-year-old ”Nazi grandma” to six months in jail, the fifth in a string of similar convictions for the repeat Holocaust denier. Spiegel: Berlin: Holocaust-Leugnerin Ursula Haverbeck verurteilt | Daily Mail: German “neo-Nazi” convicted again for Holocaust denial

REVEALED: The two “Nazi” officers suspected of being tortured to death by the British in a Kensington mansion after 70 year battle to keep their names secret — and how one was given a false identity on his death certificate

Guido Fawkes: Andrew “Brillo” Neil delivers speech at Holocaust Educational Trust dinner: how much was your fee, Andrew? What did they pay you? — The H.E. Trust worked secretly behind the doors in 1992 to ban David Irving's “Hitler’s War”

Daily Telegraph: Porn king offers $10m for Trump dirt

Liar Lipstadt in New Zealand: How an “historian” took on an “infamous Holocaust denier”

Sputnik News: Almost half of Germans, French, Poles think US interferes in foreign elections

Ha’aretz: In Austria's elections, the fight against “anti-Semitism” has turned nasty

Weinstein’s Hollywood – has the “neo-Nazi” right been right about them all along? | Sydney Morning Herald: Why Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was suspended | The Times (London): Weinstein’s web of sleaze taints the entire U.S. liberal elite | Sydney Morning Herald: Weinstein takes “leave of absence” after sexual harassment accusations | Daily Mail: More females quit Weinstein’s company ahead of internal inquiry over sexual harassment scandal, while stars like Meryl Streep and Nicole Rudman stay silent and offer no support to accuser Ashley Judd | Political Campaign Contributors by Last Name: Weinstein This just gives a bad name to the entire Jewish world community

The Forward: Anti-Semitic ‘Alt-Right’ pounces on Weinstein Scandal | The Times of Israel: Simon Wiesenthal Center isn’t withdrawing the prize given to Weinstein — why should they, it’s business as usual. Jewish Telegraph Agency: SWC won't withdraw | Variety: Is Weinstein done in Hollywood? | Chorus: George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence belatedly join Weinstein condemnation | The Times: The rise and rapid fall of Weinstein— why do none of these newspapers mentions the one fact which links him with other sleaze bags? Alt Right: The Weinstein Scandal sheds light on how degenerate Hollywood really is – “everyone there has dirty laundry” | German actress says Jewish film director Roman Polanski raped her  — that’s another sport they’re proud of

David Irving says: “.  .  . Himmler, whose brother told me that Heinrich used to say that a policeman’s lot is never a happy one – always dealing with the underbelly of society; that is in my biography of him, which is to appear next year. . .”

Poor timing: Jewish Journal: Rabbi Abraham Cooper (SWC) explains Why Germany needs to put a 94-year old “Nazi” on trial | Former “Nazis” face trial for wartime Ascq massacre 73 years ago

The Times: One million illegal immigrants “unlikely ever to be removed” – More than one million illegal immigrants are left at large in Britain

The Guardian: Ofcom clears al-Jazeera of antisemitism in exposé of Israeli official

U.K. moves to criminalize reading “extremist” material on the Internet – better shut your eyes

Jewish Press: Where is the Jewish response to monuments of “Anti-Semites”? — Thinking only of themselves again.

Otago Daily Times, NZ: Defending democracy – a film “based on the libel case brought by controversial British writer David Irving against American ‘historian’ Deborah Lipstadt in London’s High Court”. The paid liar Professor Richard “Skunky” Evans (payment over £1.5m) now stands in for the liar Lipstadt on a world tour

National Gallery of Ireland (NGI) holds on to “Nazi” works – they have refused to “return” three valuable paintings. So they don’t always get their way

Neighbours object: The Guardian: Imperial War Museum in clash over planned Holocaust memorial | Oops: Canadian Government hastily removes plaque that doesn’t mention Jewish people | “Anti-Semitic” blogger who called Auschwitz a “theme park” to stand trial. Shoulda mentioned the slave labour

What British Tory prime ministers get up to in their spare time: Ted Heath [Conservative, founding father of the European Union] would have been quizzed over “credible” claims he “sexually assaulted a boy, ten, in public and raped a 11-year-old rent boy in a London house,” bombshell police report reveals | Police chief in Heath inquiry revives Whitehall conspiracy |Ted Heath police chief calls for a new inquiry into U.K. Establishment child-sex ring “cover-up” | At last... a policeman who isn’t just a political pawn: chief gives a textbook demonstration of how forces should be free from political interference | [Irony:] Keith Vaz [Grand Master of Sleaze] grilled police chief as to why he was investigating Heath — This just gives a bad name to the entire U.K Conservative party

Huffington Post is shocked: The “Neo-Nazis” are back online

Jerusalem Post: “Who is a Jew?” can now be answered by genetic testing – A new Jewish law permitting genetic proof of Jewish descent is being promoted as a “possible solution.” (That would have made things somewhat easier for Himmler, Heydrich)

Eugene (Or.) man finds Hitler signature among “Nazi” paperwork discovered in an old bus

[Marxist] Ken Loach: I give no legitimacy to Holocaust denial. It is contemptible to imply that I have anything in common with people like David Irving, writes Loach to The Guardian. Aaah, touché

Simon Wiesenthal Center launches new onslaught on David Irving – in Poland: The Independent: Jewish “rights group” urges Poland to sack official [Arkadiusz Wingert ] who published works by “Holocaust denier” David Irving | Washington Post: Poland is urged to fire the publisher of “Holocaust denier”– are the Jews losing control?

Daniel Tilles: The Myth of Cable Street – some real history on an antifa myth of the thirties. Published in History Today, Volume 61, issue 10, October 2011

The Guardian: U.K. university, Manchester, censors title of Holocaust survivor’s speech criticising Israel

Dutch News: FBI cold-case expert aims to solve Anne Frank mystery — It is suggested that illegal employment and ration-coupon fraud played a role in the raid which led to the discovery and arrest of Anne Frank’s hiding place

IMEMC News: Pro-Israel Lobby losing its grip on Westminster – concerns by Israel’s “Dr Goebbels”, their ambassador Tom Segev | Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council | The Jewish Chronicle, (((Dave Rich))): Loach, Livingstone and the Holocaust: a study in slander |Once in the shadows, “anti-Semitism” is now entrenched in the Labour Party| Daily Express: Non-Jewish Activists call for expulsion of Jew groups from U.K. Labour party

BREAKING : Amber Rudd, British Home Secretary, bans patriotic groups Scottish Dawn and NS131 under U.K. “terrorism” laws – as they are deemed to be aliases of already prohibited “neo-Nazi” group National Action; promoting them will attract sentences of up to 10 years' imprisonment. (Take time to read the furious comment from real, i.e. straight, Britons). Next ban – when Hell freezes over – antifa? Real terrorists?

Netanyahu tells Merkel he is concerned about “the rise in anti-Semitism” — Where would they all be without it?

For sale: Very rare Zyklon B “poison gas” container – it wasn’t actually a gas but the rest may be true

taz front page: a lightning bolt from the skies. (Striking into the Berlin Reichstag, obviously fake, like most German government propaganda .)

Jerusalem Post: German progressive paper [taz] blasted for legitimizing terrorism and stoking Nazi-like ideology — finds “a lack of quality control over its editing process,” i.e., censorship, unlike German’s perpetually tame newspapers

Freedom of speech: German court backs decision to fire a civil servant for reading Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf’ during work time |Daily Mail: Austrian guilty of “Nazi activity” after 'Nazipan' cake – So the world is deemed unsafe again

Professor Matthew Goodwin, Senior Visiting Fellow at Chatham House:
Merkel should have seen the far-right populists coming | Süddeutsche Ztg: Sind die Medien Schuld am Erfolg der AfD? | The Jewish voice: Ha’aretz: The real danger of Germany's AfD party is not its similarity to the “Nazis” | When Hell Freezes Over : Trump demands Israel Give Back Billions | Reuters: Jews around world alarmed by far-right breakthrough in Germany | Loathed by Jews, Germany’s far-right AfD loves the Jewish state | Israel National News: Rabbis praise Merkel after re-election: “A responsible leader [of the western world]” | What the Germans really want? Die AfD schockt deutsche Parteienlandschaft | Far-right gains but Merkel tops Germany poll

Nationally known Jewish children’s singer, songwriter arrested on child pornography charges

New Zealand’s two main parties seeking the support of a right-wing anti-immigration party to form a government...

“Angela’s nightmare victory”: German press react to Merkel’s election win... with most focussing on her share of the votes crashing more than anyone had expected

Then turned a blind eye after he was murdered: U.K. pressed for Rudolf Hess’ release from Spandau prison, says UK National Archives:

He ought to know: Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, and the “F+++ing Jews"

“David Irving on the Allies, lies, Hitler & truth” on YouTube

Los Angeles Times: Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of multi-million dollar welfare fraud. “What is going on here?'” – “a haven for criminals…" | Blogspot

Jerusalem Post: She’s still milking it– An interview with Deborah Lipstadt: A “historian’s” real-life drama unfolds on the big screen. The Liar talks about her “seven-year libel trail [sic] against Holocaust denier David Irving”. That sentence says it all: the trial lasted three months, not seven years, and was against the Liar and her publisher, not against the “Holocaust denier”. Tell that to your gullible students, Debbie, not to rational thinking readers, of whom even The Jerusalem Post has some

New York Times: “Holocaust Denier’s” sentence: Visit ex-Nazi Camps [Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek, Trebinka] — which is more than Liar Lipstadt, still milking, has done

Radioactive metal evidence of secret Nazi atomic bomb program success: Oranienburg was the site of a uranium processing plant; but there was no success with the German bomb project after 1942

The Guardian: Germany's rightwing AfD party could lead opposition after election

Alan Dershowitz: Anti-Semitic article tweeted by Valerie Plame “Just like what was written in ‘Nazi’ Germany” — true, and take heed from what Germany did to them | Washington (CNN): Former CIA operative is apologizing after tweeting an anti-Semitic article titled “America's Jews Are Driving America’s Wars”

Dunkirk Backstory: Jewish Traitors, Communist Spies, and the Internment of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts

Professor Richard (“Skunky”) Evans speaks Saturday October 21 at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. Mr Irving may be somewhere nearby, to ask Prof Evans how much he was paid as an expert witness, why did not he tell the court that Liar Lipstadt’s co-defendant Penguin Books was signing him for a million pound deal, and who was Albert Speer (when asked in Court he admitted ignorance — “You’ll have to remind me”) and what the Judge wrote in his Judgment about Lipstadt’s lying allegations that Mr Irving was in cahoots with the Hamas and Hezbollah, that he sat in front of a life-size portrait of Hitler in his office, and that he had stolen the Goebbels Diaries from Moscow archives

You’re a traitor to the people, far right tells black German MP. Germany’s first Black African MP is battling against a racist campaign. Karamba Diaby, 55, settled in Communist East Germany after winning a scholarship from his native Senegal, and became MP for Halle in 2013 for the Social Democratic Party (SPD)

Seattle’s “Nazi” ceramicist Charles Krafft is in the news again

Fearing Far-Right Surge, Merkel Urges Germans to Vote [for her] on Sunday

Reuters: Anti-Semitism's quiet survival in Germany – because you can’t fool all the Germans all the time | Meanwhile Washington Post: German government supports new definition of anti-Semitism. We call that changing the goal posts here.

The Independent: “Openly homosexual” anti-fascist activist [Patrik Hermansson] goes undercover with ‘alt right’ to expose movement’s rapid European expansion

“Hitler’s phone book” goes on sale. The phone book is good, but it’s not Hitler’s. Note Goebbels “direct” line, the detail which thwarted the bungling Baron von Stauffenberg and his fellow murderers of July 1944. — The colour film is good, but clearly not the Wolf’s Lair, unless they got mountains over to East Prussia suddenly, and not 1945 either (Hitler is shown wearing his prewar uniform, and some of the others were dead by 1945) | Fox News: Directory of evil: World War II “Nazi” phone book up for auction

ejpress: Former Belgian MP, convicted for “Holocaust denial” and other anti-Semitic comments, sentenced to visit concentration camps once a year

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Borough Park [New Jersey Jewish] man indicted in prostitute scheme to intimidate abuse victim. Not news: that’s how they are | Charlottesville: What really happened? A Craigslist advert appeals for Jewish and Leftist actors to join clandestinely the Charlottesville demo — acting as KKK and far-right demonstrators | Jewish organiser of Melbourne hard right rally “disgusted” over “Nazi” label

Tablet: The gruesome facts of capital punishment, for Jews and Gentiles | America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

Law Newz: Joe Arpaio is now hanging around with “Holocaust Deniers” by (((Colin Kalmbacher)))

Worker sacked for saying ‘it’s OK to vote no’ on Facebook”

What next. Canada argues over its founding Scot, Ian Macdonald R.I.P. | Lady Mary Fairfax dies aged 95 = Born Marie Wein, she was the daughter of Polish Jews and came to Australia in the late 1920s' ad R.I.P.— Abert Speer too: Ha’aretz: “Hitler was a nice uncle”: Son of Hitler's chief architect dies at 83

Ha’aretz: Google advertisers allow blatantly anti-Semitic keywords like “the evil Jew”, “Jewish control of banks” and “Zionists control the world” – but are these phrases really anti-Semitic?

Theresa May goes the whole hog in speech at secret dinner: says Israel is a “remarkable country”

The Guardian: Hardline Israeli rabbis use tough checks on Jewish identity to block marriages. Pure racism, but it seems like the Jewish equivalent of the SS Rasse und Siedlings Hauptamt

AfD co-leader: Germany should be proud of World War 2 soldiers — Outrage as German politician Alexander Gauland says his country has a right to be proud of the “Nazi” soldiers; and many readers side with him

Ynet: Swedish police approves “neo-Nazi” rally on Jewish holiday Yom Kippur — "This is an outrage,” said the president of Sweden‘s Jewish community. “This is the only day of the year when many Jews—even those who are usually non-observant—come to the synagogue to pray.” Why? Reciting the Kol Nidre prayer “allows” Jews to lie and break their promises for twelve months, from one Yom Kippur to the next; which is also why Liar Lipstadt could not enter the witness box, if she was asked

Pieces of art depicting Adolf Hitler found in the depths of Austria’s parliamentno idea how that got there, guv

USA Today: Trump signs resolution rejecting “neo-Nazi“ violence in Charlottesville

World safe again: Rosenheim: Hähnchenschenkel als Hakenkreuz — Ärger für AfD-Kandidat Winhart wegen Facebook-Post

Father Hanna spat on and insulted by Jewish settlers in Jeruslem

The London Cage: The secret history of Britain's World War II [torture and]  interrogation centre

The Australian: Jewish leaders condemn “insulting” Australia Day holocaust analogy — upsetting Jews, who claim a world monopoly of suffering | Australia Day is scrapped in Melbourne, because it is deemed offensive to Aborigines and compared to “celebrating the Holocaust”

Donald Trump appears to back down on DACA “Dreamers“ policy

Australia Day is scrapped in Melbourne because it is deemed offensive to Aborigines and compared to 'celebrating the Holocaust'

(((Adam Kredo))) Mustn’t say that: Keith Ellison Flack Mocks Jewish Reporter as ‘Anti-Semitic Caricature’ – Kredo is senior writer and an award-winning political reporter for the Jewish Week, featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico, among other. Need we say more?

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