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“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of Sweden, “and it was a pure joy"
. AY of Maryland writes of Goebbels: "The last two chapters were gripping!” – 'I just finished Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, it’s a masterpiece.' – JM of Huddersfield,UK, writes: “I have just read Churchill's War, Vols. I & II and enjoyed them immensely. Fabulous.”

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Another Jewish squabble        With [Bernie] Sanders surging in the [U.S.] polls, Israel lobby spends big bucks to sink his chances in Nevada– RT (A Russian propaganda outlet) | ButtigiegRush Limbaugh [a conservative radio host] asks how parents can explain to their children Mayor Pete [Buttigieg] kissing his “husband”

And no end       Pope Francis and Dr. Moshe Kantor discuss future World Holocaust forumsJerusalem Post. Aaaargh, will the whining never cease?

Murder most foul        American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel? No one is ever held accountable, by Philip Giraldi

Catching up        Russia asks Canada to hand over files on “ex-Nazi” death squad member, 95israelnationalnews

Useful definition        Churchill’s definition of Belgium: “A manufactured country,” by Shimon SamuelsJerusalem Post

How would George Orwell see this?        Israel hopes Germany [and] other members of the ICC [International Criminal Court] will help stave off investigation of Israel's war crimes against PalesstineReuters. “Some, including Germany, said they would argue the court’s jurisdiction did not extend to the Palestinian territories." But Palestine was accepted as an ICC member in 2015 , after they signed the court’s founding Rome Statute. Israel and the U.S. are not members

So women are not at risk?        Indian Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV (AIDS) Like Insertions– GreatGameIndia – “These results indicate that testicular cells are the potential targets of 2019-nCoV”

Jewish smut peddlers        Suburban parents who ran Circus of Books hardcore porn empire–news.com.au. –“Upstanding members of the Jewish community”

Brave guy          The day I decided to confront a “Holocaust denier,” by David BaddielTelegraph |Baddiel defends giving airtime to “Holocaust denier” | Valerie Plame Accepts More Campaign Donations From Prominent “Holocaust Denier”— Washington Free Beacon | David Baddiel to present BBC “Holocaust Denial” documentarybeyondthejoke. He looks a 1920s Bolshevik Commissar from a Belorussian shtetl | Jewish Chronicle

Why their fake identities        “My Jewish father survived the war by hiding in plain sight from the ‘Nazis’”– Telegraph  .“My eye was caught by an aged pink identity card showing my father’s face but bearing a completely different name: Jan Šebesta” “Your father had a very difficult time in the war,’ my mother explained. ‘He had to use a different name.”

Can’t change their spots      Israeli man [Izhak Cohen, 53], U.S. associate [Tracy Reynolds ] charged in multimillion-dollar prostitution operationha’aretz | Fourteen Israelis suspected of running child sex trafficking ring in Colombia– The Times of Israel. (They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

But we had a bath only last week      Orthodox Jewish family kicked off an American Airlines flight for body odour are now suing for discrimination– Daily Mail

On the run like daddy        Court’s drastic move to find Jeffrey Epstein “madam” Ghislaine“Maxwell"– news.com.au – if she's still alive | Investigators looking into ties between top Barclays UK banker and Jeffrey Epstein

Into the inferno        Families boiled alive as they hid in water tanks ... 75 years on, the most horrifically vivid account you'll ever read of the Allied bombing of Dresden – by a British prisoner of war who saw it all– DailyMail. (But David Irving’s book, first published with photos in 1963, told the world for the first time) | The Dresden death roll | Dresden: The World War Two bombing 75 years onBBC

Sorry, you’re hateful        Rep. Betty McCollum, who represents Minnesota’s Fourth District, Calls Israel Lobby AIPAC a “hate group” over Facebook advert. Aipac has now apologised for the ad – after the damage is done– CBS | Elizabeth Warren tells questioner, “identified as Sarah O’Connor”, she will skip the [pro-Israel] AIPAC conference– The Jerusalem Post

Mustn’t snigger        From bialy to “Jew York,” Oxford English Dictionary adds dozens of (sometimes offensive) Jewish-themed words and phrases– Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Dresden war crimeDresden war crime        On February 13, 1945 British bombers destroyed Dresden, torching the German city with its inhabitants, using White Phosphorus bombs although their use had been declared a violation of Geneva Conventions. The death roll was 135,000 killed in those four hours of terror, and nobody has been punished for the deliberate violation of international law, which was concealed on British orders issued two days later. David Irving found decoded documents proving the death roll. And the SHAEF secrecy order. So who’s lying now, Professor Deborah “Liar” Lipstadt?

The 1945 British raid on Dresden, in which illegal
White Phosphorus bombs were used     >>

Got off scot-free        Decades after a Palestinian American activist was assassinated in California, two suspects in his killing are living openly in Israel | just as Hitler predicted

Escaped the “Holocaust”        San Francisco man, 88, [a Romanian Jew] recalls a “nightmare” at every turnJweekly. He wrote it after learning about “Holocaust denier” David Irving. “I was very disturbed by it”

Phew, safety at last        Australian Hitler website is now in “safe hands” Australian Jewish News

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David Irving writing in his Mayfair home in the 1970s  (The Times, London)               [Bookstore: Buy them here]

Sanity in Westminster        Westminster Council rejects national Holocaust memorial - but the U.K. Government still has the final say | Westminster council opposes plan to build Holocaust memorial

Restoration          Greta Beer, who led efforts to restore funds to “Holocaust” families, dies at 98 | The Hedge Fund Vampire That Bleeds Newspapers Dry Now Has the Chicago Tribune by the ThroatVanity Fair 

Smarter – or slimier        Outrage after New York Times writer appears to argue Ashkenazi Jews are genetically smarterTimes of Israel

<<    How Unfortunate          Indiana hospital named after a Jewish "philanthropist" couple called Eshkenazi who donated $40million suffers unfortunate light malfunction

Jew-Pig sculpture        A German Jew Vows To Fight On To Remove Anti-Semitic Sculpture After Court Defeat– npr.org | German court to reject appeal to remove anti-Semitic “Jew pig” relic | Judensau, a Medieval anti-Semitic sculpture at center of court battle in Germany |German court rules controversial “Jew pig” carving can stay on churchNew York Post. We think that pigs everywhere have an interesting “class action” suit in defamation

Pardon me, and her       Israeli President Reuven Rivlin requests pardon for Israeli jailed in Peru over suspected drug smuggling, caught smuggling “a large amount of cocaine from Peru to Israel”. Rivlin talks of her “fragile condition,” adding that she speaks only Hebrew

Spot all the lies        Peddling Hate on Amazon.      “David Irving, the British amateur historian and ‘Holocaust denier’ who spent three years in prison in Austria for Holocaust denial, has called the gas chambers at Auschwitz “a fairy tale”. Yet his books remain for sale on Amazon.” In truth none of Irving’s books is legally sold by Amazon; "Hitler's War " is sold legally only here | Amazon stops selling “Hitler-defending” author's book that says Jews play “exceptionally active role in war”Jewish Chronicle | Facebook Takes Down “Anti-Semitic” Page, Governor SaysNew York Times

Lying’s in their blood        Jared Kushners grandfather lied that he was father-in-law's son to enter U.S.– dailymail | Kushner’s grandma helped dig a 1,000 foot escape tunnel out of the ghetto with bits of wood and spoons– Renegade Tribune | Zweifel an Zeugenaussage: half-Jewish prosecution witness in KZ Stutthof case, 76-jährige Moshe Peter Loth, against SS-Wachmann Bruno Dey invented lies and worse, says German defence. We are shocked | Florida man who “forgave Nazi” was never in the “Holocaust” Jerusalem Post. “Watch out everyone, I’m going to forgive him,” Loth, 76, lisped as he approached Dey, who truthfully admits to having been a guard at Stutthof

dead Palestinian childrenA defenceless family of Palestinian children killed by an Israeli airstrike on Gaza in Nov 2019»»»

“Angel of Death?”      The Making of a Monster: How Jews created the Mengele legend | A review of a startling new book by Dr David Marwell

Note: We met Dr David Marwell when he was the new Jewish chief of the top secret Berlin Document Center in 1989. He had written us year before as a student at an American university. We were writing the Göring biography, and he unlocked the safe and let us photograph the last letters of the condemned Reichsmarschall. Marwell was the first to show us the Auschwitz pledge signed by SS men charged with the grisly Operation Reinhardt – we found more examples in the Moscow archives. We have always suspected that the Mengele story was a fabrication, and Marwell’s book bears us out.

My Berlin diary note of Oct 3, 1989 reads: "11 a.m. [I hold] a well attended press conference at the [Hotel] Kempinski. Around twenty rightists, six or seven genuine journalists. Told them, “Seit 11 Uhr heute morgen wird zurückgeschossen," and closed with my new slogan, “Wahrheit macht frei.” The lefty journalists got the allusions. At 2 p.m. to Berlin Document Center to meet Dr Marwell. He showed me an ominöses Dokument – a thin, duplicated item, probably genuine though with no classification stamp, – signed by a KZ Auschwitz guard, Weiss, on May 20, 1944, promising under pain of death never to reveal details of the methods or manner of the Judenevakuierung to anybody, even his comrades. It could mean mass murder; on the other hand, once again it is a document going 95 percent of the way – and yet there are still no single documents going the rest of the 5 percent. Marwell is a youngish, bright, open minded chap who came to BDC straight from the OSI in Washington. I presume he is Jewish, ‘but’ .  .  ."

wiesenthalHow he suffered        John Bercow, former Speaker of Parliament, says he suffered “anti-Semitism” from Conservative MPsJewish Chronicle

Selling drugs pays        Netanyahu set to fly home from Russia with freed Israeli–US Jewess and drug peddler— CNN

Oh, no, they’re leaving        Germany urged to fight “anti-Semitism” to avoid Jewish exodus | “Every 2nd Jew in Germany wishes to leave”: Berlin to seek EU-wide criminalization of Holocaust denial– RT | “Many leading historians of the ‘Holocaust’ were themselves survivors and refugees from Nazism. We cannot take their legacy for granted”

wiesenthalLiar Lipstadt rides again        For Auschwitz liberation’s 75th anniversary, fight Holocaust denial with education. In the trial of Liar Lipstadt, they produced evidence which we showed was fake. They smear and smirk. They mention the “incontrovertible evidence” that the “Holocaust” happened, but use only emotional arguments to back it up | Deborah Lipstadt on Why Challenging Holocaust Denial And Distortion Matters. Why do we call her “Liar Lipstadt”: read the Judgment, which calls her that. Then why the hostile Judgment? “Go figure,” the Americans say

Less freedom of speech, please        Facebook should ban Holocaust denial to mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberationusatoday.

            Jonathan A. Greenblatt»»»»

Ambulance-chasing news       [Had an accident recently? Or been a victim of car crash....or....are you related to any old Jews? If so cash is on its way…!] “The International Center for Holocaust Reparations is under the umbrella of Zachi Porath Ltd. (Tax Identification Number 515060218, duly organised and existing under the laws of the State of Israel, with its registered offices at 9 Hartom street, 9777509 Jerusalem, Israel)

Some have it easier        [Israeli] President Rivlin shortens tycoon [Nochi] Dankner’s [insider trading] sentence due to “poor health”ha’aretz

Unwanted exposure      David Irving (right) speaks at the Carlton Inn, Toronto, Canada, thirty years ago, March 11, 1989, exposing the wealthy worldwide Jewish smear campaign against him since 1963: “This has nothing to do with justice (1989)”, 29 minutes. Thank-you, YouTube

All about Us        Can a work of fiction about the Holocaust be inaccurate?irishtimes.com. “[John Boyne’s] tweet was accompanied by a picture of seven books: The Mistress of Auschwitz, The Brothers of Auschwitz, The Child of Auschwitz, The Sisters of Auschwitz, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Librarian of Auschwitz and The Saboteur of Auschwitz”

The anti-Jewish Uprising        “Zionist” blog attacks Hungarian broadcaster for David Irving connection | Hebrew inscription on a 3,000-year-old jar could redraw borders of ancient IsraelHa'aretz. A desperate attempt to justify hegemony and aggression 3,000 years later?

Another spy, Oscar Seborer        Secret identity of fourth Soviet spy who stole US atomic bomb secrets finally revealed- Fox News. The historians did learn that he was from a Jewish family who had moved to the U.S. from Poland
Pimpernel latest      An art dealer disappeared with $50M | Seventeen years later, a documentary crew found him– CBC Radio. Here, there, everywhere, the swindlers are to be found

Long may he enjoy the fruits of victory        World War II veteran, Holocaust “witness” turns 99– Tribune Star. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, in December 1920, Sommers and his family fled Germany weeks after the Kristallnacht. A year after the U.S. entered World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Sommers joined the U.S. Army with field artillery Company A of the 306th Field Artillery Battalion, 77th Infantry Division

Jewish but without the victimhood            Giuliani says he’s “more of a Jew” than Holocaust survivor George Soros–NBC | “I'm more of a Jew than he is”: Giuliani takes on Soros and his defenders with out-of-left-field jab– RT (a Moscow based propaganda outlet). Soros (born Schwartz) admits in an MSM Interview he participated in “Nazi” crimes in 1944 

WE decide who’s in disgrace      Livingstone claims Jeremy Corbyn did not make mistakes in U.K. election– Daily Mail. He “did not make any major mistakes in the catastrophic election campaign and simply fell victim to a ‘vile smear campaign’ about anti-Semitism.” The campaign was organized by Israel

We like to believe        Trump is not really pro-Israel Foreign Policy. He’s pro-Trump. Phew.

Mustn’t quack          Anne Frank Center accuses Donald Trump of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialinsiderfinancial. Steven Goldstein, the civil rights organisation’s Executive Director, said the Republican [President of the USA] “quacks, walks and talks like an anti-Semite. That makes him an anti-Semite”

Brave words      Paula Hitler: Statement, in support of her brother (May 1, 1957).

The word “Nazi” is a postwar propaganda invention A picturesque Bavarian town shows that Germany isn't confronting its “Nazi” past– Ha'aretz: “Germany is taking the easy way out, it is not protecting us Israeli Jews; it is serving its own political and economic interests and aligning itself with the strong side, the Jewish Israeli side”

Nodded off in Germany, woke up in Poland      An 80-Year-Old “Nazi” Time Capsule Has Been Unearthed In Poland [on the site of the Ordensburg Crössinsee]

They seek them here, they seek them there        Anti-Semitism on the far-left has overtaken anti-Semitism on the far-right according to research [says Campaign again Anti-Semitism]Jewish Chronicle

Hitler’s War      is back in print. Photo, right: from the picture section, one of Hugo Jaeger’s fine photographs, Hitler addressing Luftwaffe fighter aces at the Berghof, spring 1944

Document for sale         Ledger recorded “Holocaust” atrocities — and allowed “Survivors” to remarry– Jewish Journal. The 100-page ledger written in Bergen-Belsen camp appears to be in Hebrew, but is not translated

German freedom        Frau Merkel to German parliament: "Freedom of expression has its limits"hotair.com

How do Palestinian children feel?        Germany to make anti-Semitism a specific hate crime as Jews “no longer feel safe”Daily Telegaph

SPLC money, more        Max Blumenthal interviews British “Holocaust denier” David Irving in New York City on July 16, 2008. Produced by the billionaire Southern Poverty Law Center, with Schindler’s List-type background music, the editing is obvious. The sound is poor, it talks mendaciously of Irving’s immense fortune as an historian – but it faithfully reproduces most of his views. Thankyou, YouTube

historianBecause of Weinstein, Epstein, Einsten, any other Stein?         Ahead of 81st “Kristallnacht” Anniversary [yawn], top US Jewish group calls for action against rising global “Anti Semitism”–algemeiner. Many people have contemplated leaving Belgium because of rising “anti-Semitism,” Schwammenthal said

FDR’s bigotry    Historian Rafael Medoff (right): New evidence shows FDR’s bigotry derailed many “Holocaust” rescue plansTimes of Israel. FDR warned that “they can’t be trusted, they won’t ever become fully loyal Americans, they’ll try to dominate wherever they go”

Palestinians’, for example       Liar, Deborah Lipstadt (in glasses, left): Take anti-Semitism seriously “not just when there are dead bodies”Times of Israel.

He brought forty years of peace to Spain        General Francisco Franco exhumation: Dictator’s exhumation stirs fury in divided Spain | Spanish judges unanimously back Franco’s exhumation.BBC. Not mentioned: Unlike the so-called “democracies,” Franco brought his country forty years of peace

Just when you thought the water was safe        Liar, Deborah Lipstadt at Ha’aretz Judaism conference: Israeli government “sold out” memory of the Holocaustself imoportant liarHa’aretz. Lipstadt, “one of the world’s leading historians of the Holocaust and the history” | Visiting “Holocaust historian” [Liar, Deborah Lipstadt] delivers lecture on “anti-Semitism”The Tufts Daily. Uh, how many books on the “Holocaust” has she published? (None)

Up to their old tricks        U.S. Marshals apprehend fugitive accused of scamming veterans. Authorities have taken Scott Kohn into custody for an accused “billion dollar Ponzi scheme” that targeted vulnerable veterans (Kohn is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

Faking the truth       Newsreel: German Troops March Into Austria (1938). ThankYou, YouTube. – The scenes of immense crowds welcoming Hitler were deleted from the film produced for Nuremberg by the OSS, “in all of which flag-waving, smiling faces ... help to nullify our notion that by these acts the [Germans] were planning or waging a war against their neighbors”      

Did Auschwitz know        Germany remembers “Holocaust by bullets” in Ukraine | DW | - “German soldiers and police shot and killed more than 1 million Jews in Ukraine”. Hmmm. Note: Deutsche Welle is a propaganda outlet of the puppet German government

It’s in their blood       Israeli drug lord Amos Dov Silver escapes at Boryspil Airport, Kiev, during extradition to Israel. (Extradition, or rescue?)

Are Jews allowed to tell porkies?        Josh Frydenberg caught out on citizenship lie | Not Australian citizen, Treasurer, Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg faces court legal challenges. He lied about his own mother | Frydenberg faces citizenship challenge The Australian Jewish News

wiesenthalWe never looked like that        German Jews and U.S. ambassador: Jews accuse Spiegel of spreading “Nazi” propaganda – Showing Jews with sidelocks is “anti Semitism”, German Jews charge

Is there a pattern emerging here?        U.S. President Donald Trump pardoned Israeli-born drug pusher Ronen Nahmani, who had served four years of a twenty-year sentence for conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs. American Chabad member Sholom Rubashkin, was also released from prison. The president dismissed Rubashkin’s sentence | Bernie Madoff asked President Trump to reduce the remainder of his 150-year prison sentence

Watch movie of real life       U.S. colour film footage of Berlin streets around July 1945, ending with a ghostly, mocking snatch of Dr Josef Goebbels’ famous Total War speech in the Berlin Sport Palace in February 1943

                        Right: Jonathan Tobin, editor-in-chief, Jewish News Syndicate

Anti-Semitism      The Jewish Labour Movement hires Deborah Lipstadt lawyer James Libson in Labour “anti-Semitism” case – Libson spent his youth in a kibbutz, and played no part in Liar Lipstadt's defence | James Libson on Denial: “I thought we’d beaten Hate — I was wrong” – (But then I read down to the comments. Over 4,000 of them when I last checked. I have not read them all, but every one I have looked at could be taken straight from the David Irving phrase book. ‘20 trillion Jews died to bring us the documentary’)



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