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David Irving tours Wolf's Lair and SS killing sites

September 26, 2018



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“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of Sweden, “and it was a pure joy.”


David Irving has returned to London from leading his annual tour of historic sites in Latvia and Poland. One guest, RF, from New South Wales, Australia, writes: “I never will forget this trip, with you at the helm. We had a good group who got along splendidly. . . opportunity to hear [you] speak at the various sites. . . You are doing exceptionally well! I would be happy to do it all over again.”

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Gerwich Bode tango lesson

Above: high jinks on our 2011 tour of Hitler's HQ - one of our porkier guests gives our Polish expert guide a tango lesson. This year's tour: all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites, including the Wolf's Lair

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 -- for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

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Hitler’s War (right) has sold out, and will be reprinted in October; we have finished the new enlarged picture-section, replacing illustrations which were returned to original owners.


Daily Express: Jeremy Corbyn to be sued for £100,000 by Jewish activist [Richard Millett]. – No Millett photograph published?

Sven Lehmann of Germany’s Green Party has filed a criminal complaint against a bookstore in Cologne which compares abortion with the “Holocaust”

Times of Israel: German court upholds Kuwait Airways’ barring of Israeli passenger

How they do it: German bank under fire for “strengthening anti-Semitism” and “hatred of Israel”: “The LGBT organization Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation terminated its account with the Bank for Social Economy in April to protest the bank’s pro-BDS activity. Germany’s financial sector has experienced a series of bank account closures due to BDS support. The Deutsche Bank, Postbank, DAB in Munich, and Commerzbank have shut down BDS accounts since 2016. The US online payment service PayPal shut down in September an account for the German BDS organization International Alliance”

German politicians, still trying to conceal true facts. The Guardian: What to do about Hitler’s Berghof? Museum challenges far right interest – But will museum reveal that Stalin’s operation Thunderstorm, the Soviet invasion of all western Europe, was nearly ready and planned to jump off in July 1941? Hitler moved east first

RT (Russian government source): Russian Ministry of Defence details chronology of murderous downing of Il-20 fifty miles off Syrian coast. It’s the USS Liberty again. So, why did Moscow naïvely accept the Jews’ guarantee?

Ron Unz asks a rhetorical question: Has the ADL gone into hiding?

British Union chief Len McClusky in furious row with Jewish activists over Labour’s anti-Semitism. And where were Shomrim? Who is paying British policemen to “protect” these activist descendants of the 1938 Jewish Kindertransporten – “he screamed abuse at us, then sat on a platform where anti-Semitic hate propaganda was handed out”

Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated in England – the “Bombe” was the Bletchley Park machine which mechanised cracking the Enigma code-machines’ key, which was changed daily

The Guardian: “Nazi” war crimes suspect, 94, faces German trial in youth court | Holocaust-memorial urination trial reveals “lack of historical awareness” – now see the grotesque photo of Jewish community leader Charlotte Knobloch – isn’t she ritually wearing a wig?

Times of Israel: Honouring Holocaust victims, Pope warns Lithuanians against “anti-Semitism” – Jewish activists accuse Lithuanians of not making any distinctions between the Soviets [Jews] who tortured and killed thousands of Lithuanians and the “Nazis” who did same with Jews

Ha’aretz: Israeli lawmaker proposes new “nationality” for immigrants not considered Jewish enough — “350,000 Israeli citizens who are defined as eligible under the Law of Return are not halakhically recognized as Jewish.” — Food for thought

news.com.au: Trick [that] girl used to “execute” Nazis — in Reinhard Heydrich’s view, she was like any other terrorist

In echo of “Nazism”, book reveals similarities between Hitler acolytes and today’s “far-right”

Press TV (Russian government source): Russia rejects Israeli findings on downed plane – the Israeli F16 was hiding under the Russian’s wing

NBC news: Iceland’s proposed ban on circumcision rattles Jews, Muslims – Mike Levin [originally from Chicago], leader of Iceland's Jewish community, said he thought many [of the 50 Icelandic Jews] were reluctant to tell the government. “That’s sort of what happened in “Nazi” Germany. It was in your passport: ‘Jude’”

Jewish Telegraph Agency: In J.K. Rowling’s new novel, a villain is an Israel-hating anti-Semite – This coffee-house writer and billionaire fawns on Israel, heedless of the likely consequences: she will lose many of her 14 million “Harry Potter” fans but it will keep her (Jewish) stars happy

Holocaust historians call shredding of death records by Hamburg archives “catastrophic” –Archivist “thought they were duplicates”

Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from U.K. – the involvement of Israel Shamir hinted

The Forward: How [President Donald] Trump turned American Jews — and their Money — away from Israel. Report: must try harder, to please them

Yad Vashem criticises the new Holocaust museum in Hungary, known as the House of Fates, built by grateful Hungarian taxpayers at a cost of 28 million euros, to be transferred to the ownership of the Chabad EMIH Jewish federation. Will it make any mention of the hated Jews Peter Gabor, Matyas Rakosi, Miklos Farkas, and the other Jewish ministers to blame for the bloody 1956 uprising?

Ha’aretz: Majority of Israelis oppose accepting refugees, poll says

Marine Le Pen must undergo psychiatric evaluation, French Court rules – off to the Gulag with her!

Deutsche Welle (German Government source): German Embassy “Holocaust” video sparks “bizarre” debate in Brazil | Israel Shamir writes California: “Holocaust denial” is not illegal in the USA or Russia

David Irving has found both “Friedrichsruh” and all that remains, the long-lost steps (left), of Himmler’s “Hegewald” site in Poland. Mr Irving’s international group has completed touring the historical sites in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, formerly East Prussia

Ha’aretz: German “far-right” party AfD considers expelling members who attended “neo-Nazi” festival | Chemnitz unrest: German [domestic intelligence chief, Hans-Georg Maassen] dismissed, forced out by Left wing — immigrant, murder suspect released. Chemnitz was renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt in the DDR era | Far Left responds: German spymaster ousted for suggesting Real Video of “far-right” rampage was fake | The Guardian: Merkel “outraged” over chants at German protest rally – The demonstrators chanted “Nazi” slogans as they marched over death attack by two Afghan immigrants

mondoweiss.net: Jonathan Ofir finds that Israel says it is “entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries” – it is hard to see why Israel should believe that international law applies to it at all

Forbes: USA is “one of 45 countries” infected by powerful Israeli Smartphone Spyware – The malware, dubbed Pegasus, is the creation of NSO Group, an Israeli company. It may breach American and other nations’ laws against cross-border hacking. NSO has been caught up in spying scandals in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates

Richard Wagner’s Overture to “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg” - the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at a 1942 concert to the workers at an AEG company plant in the German capital. Ten minutes of sublime majesty, the orchestra conducted magnificently by Wilhelm Furtwängler, before the onslaught of the philistines who destroyed the city and burned alive no doubt many in this audience – and before Mrs Merkel inexplicably invited into Germany one million foreigners of an alien culture. And don’t forget to read the Comments including some idiotic haters from You Know Where

trt world: Dr Katy Sian, How accusations of “anti-Semitism” stifle academia in the UK

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, unveils a [Jewish] bronze statue in honour of British “Holocaust hero” Frank Foley – as a British “diplomat” in pre-war Berlin Major Frank Foley faked “thousands” of documents to enable the infamous 1938 Jewish Kindertransporten which permitted the temporary admission to England of unaccompanied Jewish children from Germany. As MI6's leading German expert, Foley frustrated Rudolf Hess’s brave flight to convey Hitler’s 1940–41 peace feelers, which Churchill fatefully ignored; thus contributing incidentally, to the Jewish “Holocaust." Foley had a German-born wife, and became head of the MI6 network of double agents, the Double Cross System, on April 16, 1942. He led the MI6 interrogations of Hess, who in August 1987 was strangled to death in Spandau prison by a Black G.I., Tony Jordan, who still survives without prosecution in Berlin (you may well ask, How?) – Lord Janner, notorious chief of the Holocaust Educational Trust, was instrumental in naming Foley as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem – righteous, like the notorious late “Robert Maxwell”, aka Jan Hoch

Times of Israel: The two U.S. billionaires who love Israel but hate Trump | The Jewish Voice: Our Gratitude to President Trump! – “As a result of the above unassailable evidence of Trump’s support for Israel, we really don’t understand our Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Yiddish brothers and sisters, who still come up with descriptions of his support for Israel as toadying up to Jews merely for their votes”

The Guardian: Theresa May tells Jews: I do not underestimate “anti-Semitism’ threat – Mrs May says she does not “underestimate the threat of ‘anti-Semitism’”, as she addresses a Jewish organisation in a speech. in which she also called for the U.K. to boost its trade with Israel and backed Israel’s “right to defend itself” | The Israel lobby’s non-stop attacks on Corbyn will backfire |Meanwhile: Why does Jeremy Corbyn's“ anti-Semitism” and anti-Zionism make him so popular in England ?

Israel National News: Janet Levy, Polish “anti-Semitism” between the wars

Ex-Polizistin backte Ex-Cop eine Hakenkreuz-Torte | Jewish ritual chicken slaughter endures despite concerns | Euro News: Chemnitz protester jailed over Hitler salute | Daily Mirror (U.K.): German side axe seven players after images emerge of squad performing Hitler salute – World growing increasingly unsafe?

Newsweek (U.S.): WikiLeaks: leak shows that Julian Assange sought Russian visa. We have mixed feelings about Assange. He has leaked and published useful documents, but in 2009 he also leaked our private emails obtained by hacking, which enabled the Jews to identify our landlord – and the consequences

Daily Express: The rise of the right: What has fuelled a surge in support for European populist parties?

Book on Israel’s deliberate maiming of Palestinians wins top academic prize, title “The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability”

Ha’aretz: Robert Mueller “knows the name” of top Israeli official embroiled in Manafort case, Alan Dershowitz says

BBC: The UK’s growing tech trade ties with Israel, by Jonathan Josephs

Daily Express: Labour anti-Semitism smear: Union chief [Mark Serwotka] sparks “outrage” by blaming Israel. Dr Goebbels once said: “One of the best ways to hide atrocities is to go on the offensive.” Jennifer Gerber, director of Labour Friends of Israel, said: “Mr Serwotka’s comments are despicable.” Baroness Altmann and Lord Pannick, both Jews, join the kicking | Labour “anti-Semitism” row was created by Israel to distract from war crimes, British trade union boss suggests – Mark Serwotka sees something sinister going on in “the systematic attempt” to shut down criticism | Electronic Intifada: New challenge to Israel’s effort to undermine and smear Jeremy Corbyn | How Israel’s bogus definition of “anti-Semitism” shuts down free speech | Daily Mail: Dr Ellie Cannon and her husband Adam will flee U.K. over “anti-Semitism” row if Corbyn becomes prime minister – Jewish TV doctor Cannon [a second-generation product of the 1938 Kindertransport; also writes for MailOnline, i.e. she’s their own journalist] reveals that they spent Jewish New Year discussing “the merits and logistics of fleeing.” She said: “Jews who escaped Europe in the 1930s talked about the suitcases always being ready.” But read and note the hostile Comments

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Reuters: Air defenses down Israeli missiles near Damascus airport

Debunking Winston Churchill: It’s time we faced the unpalatable truth that Winston’s vanity and recklessness cost countless British lives and lost us our empire – writes Peter Hitchens in The Phoney Victory: The World War II Illusion, twenty years after David Irving said the same in Churchill’s War. Time to ask, Cui Bono? Mel Gibson knew the answer

Gulf News: Who gets to define the meaning of “anti-Semitism”

Ben Sixsmith on The curious case of Ron Unz

Tobias Langdon, In the Land of Lies, Seeing, Saying and Pseudotopia

U.S. Jewish Journal removes from website professor’s article bragging about Jewish control of porn – the article, “Triple ex-thnics: Jews in the American porn industry,” glorifies and explains their dominant role | Egyptian journalist [Nada Al-Dib] on The secret of Jewish power - “The name ‘Jew’ has always been associated with lies, cheating, and plotting. The Jews’ long history of deception and fraud has taught us that the Jews don’t recognize promises and laws . . . The Jews employ every legitimate or twisted and dirty means to achieve their objectives, and adopt lies and subterfuge” – as encouraged by their annual ceremony, Yom Kippur | Jews in the American Media | CBS chief Leslie Moonves [a Jew] accused of years of sexual misconduct

Ha’aretz: Manafort and senior Israeli official meddled in Ukraine elections, Obama foreign policy

Red Ice: Bono declares his racist hatred of Swedes in the wake of their election – some people don’t like democracy anywhere | The New Observer: European Union’s illegal vote to punish Hungary for refusing Third World invasion

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Controversial historian won’t run Hungarian “Holocaust” museum, new Jewish
owners say
– they want to control History

As The Sun slowly sinks: German actress Rom Schneider claimed Adolf Hitler secretly romped with her mother

Black MP Diane Abbott walks away after Jewish teenager confronts her over belief that some Jews are targeted because of their “costumes”

politico: Trump administration adopts new definition of “anti-Semitism” in schools

Ha’aretz: Did Eric Trump’s “shekels” comment betray the Trump family’s anti-Semitism?

Wall Street Journal: Aide to Israeli Leader [David Keyes, Netanyahu’s international media spokesman, b. in California, emigrated to Israel] leaves job after allegations of sexual misconduct

Huff Post: Trump to close Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Washington

The Independent: California’s BART public transportation allows adverts from “Holocaust denial” group

White Phosphorous war crimes connect Israel to Monsanto – The use of White Phosphorus in civilian areas, even if not directed at the civilian population, is banned under the Geneva Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

Israeli music festival left in shambles as twenty acts withdraw in support of BDS – A growing list of performers, including Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman and singer Lorde, have cancelled appearances in Israel in recent months. The BDS campaign calls for boycotts and sanctions against Israeli businesses, cultural institutions and universities. Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs spends millions of dollars fighting BDS

Himmler’s healer: How the SS chief’s physiotherapist saved Jewish lives during World War II – or not, as the case may be

“Rise and Kill First”: New York Times reporter’s book on Israeli assassinations – brim-full of jokes about killing Arabs

Swedish election sees “neo-Nazi” Democrats make huge gains as mass immigration leaves Sweden bitterly divided | Sweden launches museum for Scandinavian “Holocaust” survivors | Far-right success in Sweden shows old taboos collapsing

Daily Mail: Joseph Goebbels’ love nest where he indulged in affairs with actresses in between writing propaganda for Hitler lays [sic] dormant because nobody will buy it after two decades on the market – the Haus am Bogensee, paid for by the film industry, was not Goebbels “love nest”; that was at the other end of the lake

What the late President Nixon privately talked about the Jews as “born spies” – was he wrong? | Jewish Chronicle, U.K.: [Jewish] man jailed for hoax bomb threat to flight that he was running late for – with his revealing photo, but not mentioned: his stagger-you-Jack religion | Jewish Telegraph: Loyalty issues: Michael Cohen turned on [i.e. betrayed] President Donald Trump, at urging of his Jewish “Holocaust survivor” father – as Trump himself said, if you seek a lawyer – someone loyal – look elsewhere. If you seek a “survivor”, they’re everywhere |

How we learn English: Son of executed spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg celebrates belated bar mitzvah – one person, told as an infant that the photograph of the two Jewish Soviet spies published at the time in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed “traitors,” believed for many years that the word traitors meant “ugly”

Sky News (U.K.): Jewish MP [Luciana Berger] feels “unwelcome” in Labour after Jeremy Corbyn’s 2013 “Zionist” comments | Norman Finkelstein to Dame Margaret Hodge, née Oppenheim, MP: “You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about!’ | Shocking “Twitter” attacks on Dame Hodge, MP for her disloyal assault on her own Party leader, Corbyn

National Public Radio: Dr. Thomas Frieden, the former director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is arrested and charged with sexual misconduct – #Them Too!

Ha’aretz: Israeli handball coach, Beno Reinhorn, 35, accused of sexually abusing over 140 girls – he used special cyber software to obscure his activities

Kleine Zeitung (Austria): Hitler-Geburtshaus wird auf 1,2 Millionen Euro geschätzt - Hitler’s (government–requisitioned) birthplace is now estimated to be worth 1.2 million euros

Christopher Cantwell: Who’s behind the race-mixing agenda in [global] advertising? – “The mass-marketing of interracial relationships, particularly White women with Black men ... [people] have begun to notice” – Statistics on, results, diseases, violent crime etc. Further, “HLG Studios ... behind the production of the three commercials. ... founded by Yuri Baranovsky. Baranovsky is Jewish” – no comment, lest we be accused of “anti-Semitism” | TMZ: Ron Jeremy [Jewish “porn” mega-star] sued for sexual assault and battery in Washington State — after police decline to prosecute. AWPOW*

Canadian Professor accused [by Jews] of “Holocaust denial” blames Jewish families for the “Islamophobia Industry”



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* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what!




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