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Mr Irving’s annual Real History tour of Hitler's HQ and historic SS sites in Latvia and Poland – Riga, Belzec, Sobibór, and Treblinka – has concluded for 2017. In 2018 hs will offer an expanded tour of sites in Latvia, Germany, and Poland.


September 19, 2017

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David Irving is inLondon, planning the Real History tour 2018 and catchig up on his bookstore.

The Night they Burst the Dams

DAMBUSTERS. Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst | and in English

Focal Point reprint
of a classic, with 27 pages of unknown photos
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BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 — for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

enlarge. Video DVD: THEY DON'T HANG WAR CRIMINALS ANY MORE - DO THEY? Talk at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

A controversial biography,
752 pages
plus 40 pages of photos

DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

A talk at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available.
THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

Video DVD: A message to the Germans: $30: click for details
(will not be shipped to Germany)

- a thrilling war story of British genius and heroism.


David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War






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Worker sacked for saying ‘it’s OK to vote no’ on Facebook”

Charlottesville: What really happened? A Craigslist advert for Jewish and Leftist actors to join clandestinely the Charlottesville demo — acting as KKK and far-right demonstrators

Jewish organiser of Melbourne hard right rally 'disgusted' over Nazi label

R.I.P. Lady Mary Fairfax dies aged 95 = Born Marie Wein, she was the daughter of Polish Jews and came to Australia in the late 1920s

Ha’aretz: Google advertisers allow blatantly anti-Semitic keywords like “the evil Jew”, “Jewish control of banks” and “Zionists control the world” – but are these phrases really anti-Semitic?

Theresa May goes the whole hog in speech at secret dinner: Israel is a “remarkable country’"

The Guardian: Hardline Israeli rabbis use tough checks on Jewish identity to block marriages. Pure racism, but it seems like the Jewish equivalent of the SS Rasse und Siedlings Hauptamt

AfD co-leader: Germany should be proud of World War 2 soldiers — Outrage as German politician Alexander Gauland says his country has a right to be proud of the “Nazi” soldiers; and many readers side with him

Ynet: Swedish police approves “neo-Nazi” rally on Jewish holiday Yom Kippur — "This is an outrage,” said the president of Sweden‘s Jewish community. “This is the only day of the year when many Jews—even those who are usually non-observant—come to the synagogue to pray.” Why? Reciting the Kol Nidre prayer “allows” Jews to lie and break their promises for twelve months, from one Yom Kippur to the next; which is also why Liar Lipstadt could not enter the witness box, if she was asked

Pieces of art depicting Adolf Hitler found in the depths of Austria’s parliamentno idea how that got there, guv

USA Today: Trump signs resolution rejecting “neo-Nazi“ violence in Charlottesville

World safe again: Rosenheim: Hähnchenschenkel als Hakenkreuz — Ärger für AfD-Kandidat Winhart wegen Facebook-Post

Father Hanna spat on and insulted by Jewish settlers in Jeruslem

The London Cage: The secret history of Britain's World War II [torture and]  interrogation centre

The Australian: Jewish leaders condemn “insulting” Australia Day holocaust analogy — upsetting Jews, who claim a world monopoly of suffering | Australia Day is scrapped in Melbourne, because it is deemed offensive to Aborigines and compared to “celebrating the Holocaust”

Donald Trump appears to back down on DACA “Dreamers“ policy

Australia Day is scrapped in Melbourne because it is deemed offensive to Aborigines and compared to 'celebrating the Holocaust'

(((Adam Kredo))) Mustn’t say that: Keith Ellison Flack Mocks Jewish Reporter as ‘Anti-Semitic Caricature’ – Kredo is senior writer and an award-winning political reporter for the Jewish Week, featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico, among other. Need we say more?

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* ASSHOL: Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars
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