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  David Irving. Photo by Paul Hennessy, Orlando — 2MB

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March 7, 2021




     David Irving’s daily newswatch on History and Human Rights 


David Irving's flagship book Hitler's War, 985 pages, is available in a new edition – with more photographs including many in colour. CLICK HERE TO ORDER. “Thank you for shipping to me the absolutely beautiful edition of Hitler’s War, which arrived today”– Jim S. “I have just came in from work to find my books delivered already. Thank you so much for your excellent service“ says customer Barney M. – Glenn S. says:: "A very impressive looking book (and heavy!) with nice photo sections."

Nuclear war threat        Israeli officials warn President Biden against rejoining Iran nuclear pact: “Existential threat to Israel”– freebeacon       Anyone, who cares?

Rival tailor        “Notorious Petaluma [California] ‘anti-Semite’” is now in the Hitler T-shirt business– jweekly

Ask Quora        Why are there so many Black people in commercials? They’re only 12% of the [US] population but seem to be in 90% of commercials

War criminals all        Kamala Harris [US vice-president] tells Netanyahu that US opposes ICC probe of IsraelAl Jazeera | Editorial: A State That Has Nothing to Hide Has No Reason to Fear an ICC InvestigationHaaretz |   International Criminal prosecutor opens war crimes probe in Palestinian territories– aljazeera | investigation into war crimesabc.net.au      a move welcomed by the Palestinian Authority and denounced by Israel |   Netanyahu blasts ICC war crimes probe as “the essence of anti-Semitism”– haaretz

Sour grapes        Bittersweet reaction as Austrian Jews who fled “Nazi” Germany for Australia offered dual citizenshipabc.net.au

World Safe Again    Online Auction Site EBay Removes “Nazi”-themed Toys From Website–I24news          “including SS guard figurines and miniature ‘Nazi’ tanks” | Ebay bans Dr Seuss books but allows the sale of [commented] Mein Kampfzerohedge

Under every rock          Biden told NASA engineers that Indians were taking over USA | YouTube

True HimmlerWho runs BLM        Susan Rosenberg, a Jewess behind the bombing of the US Capitol in 1983, is in charge of BLM      Rudy Giuliani dropped charges even though she was involved in armed robberies, murders, shootings, weapons smuggling, terrorism. People did not know about Rosenberg during the George Floyd riots – it might have changed the narrative | Tucker Carlson video on Rosenberg

Something they’re good at         Pornography as a Jewish Industry– unz

Your next nuclear war        Israel updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites, Israeli defense minister tells Fox News– foxnews

David Irving’s new book True Himmler has been delivered, and is being mailed out.       Right: a first Italian magazine publishes a chapter (1.4MB)

Studying AIDS        Dr. Anthony Fauci frequented homosexual bathhouses and bars to study AIDS in the 1980s– infowars        While Fauci has studied HIV/AIDS since the 80s, the COVID-19 virus has unique cell identification and membrane binding proteins which suggest that 2019-nCov is laboratory-made, according to Indian researchers – who pulled their data after being pressured by China

Take four daily        Big Pharma's role. MP’s and SAGE heavily invested in vaccine industry – an investigation of Sir Patrick Vallance, Professor Jonathan Van Tamm, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zawahi, et al.: where their money comes from

It’s secret, dont speak it          Far Right, “anti-Semites”’ secret language used online exposed by new study– jpost.com | By Way of Deception – theoccidentalobserver

Miami flight news        Flight attendants “cheer and high-five” as 22 of Jewish family are booted off a plane to New YorkDaily Mail.         “This reminds me of 80 years ago when we were singled out in ‘Nazi’ Germany.”         We? He has a long memory, then
A gentleman speaks        Enoch Powell on being called a RacistThe Dick Cavett Show

Anti-Semitism        Nearly 200 US and UK scholars back British lecturer who called Jewish students “pawns” of Israel– Jewish Telegraphic Agency | “Proud” Zionist group leading campaign to sack UK professor for criticising Israel– middleeastmonitor

Nuremberg: The Last Battle“It won’t touch us, we’re Chosen”        Orthodox Jews party in Brooklyn for Purim: Men ignore social distancing to drink in the streets and children dress up in colorful costumes to celebrate sacred festivalDailyMail | How the virus ripped through London’s Jews. Failed by their leaders, almost three-quarters of Haredi adults in London have been infected | Orthodox Jewish community in Stamford Hill, London, has been hit by one of the highest reported rates of Covid-19 “in the world to date”LondonEvening Standard. They are a fast disappearing sect.

Because it’s nude?      Jewish students demand removal of statue by “Nazi-era” artist from St. Mary’s Collegejewishweekly

Who shot Ashli?       Black Capitol Police Lieutenant is identified as the one who shot Ashli Babbittgatewaypundit

True HimmlerOne squirt and you’re toast        Black is seen chasing another Black with a flamethrower in New York City        Oh, the city is Democrat

(Photo ) Hasidic Jews in Stamford Hill, U.K., block the street as they dance to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Richard Ferrer, the editor of Jewish News, tells The Sunday Times: “These things are ordained by God and the very essence of life itself”

Jews and other people’s money       
Daring exploits of the man [Shlomo Hillel] who brought 120,000 [Iraqi] Jews to Israelaish        “The Prime Minister opened the meeting by explaining that illegal emigration was terrible for Iraq because fleeing Jews were smuggling property out of the country and leaving behind unpaid debts and taxes. ‘I pretended to be sympathetic to this nonsense,’ Hillel recalled, ‘then we got down to business’”

Extrajudicial, but he’s still dead        Killing of Palestinian man by Israel an “extrajudicial execution”– aljazeera.com

Going, going        Melilla enclave removes last statue of popular “fascist dictator” Francisco Franco on Spanish soil - at the dictate of Spain’s Socialist government– BBC

pinocchioDenial crackdown        Former Intelligence Officer Convicted Under Romania’s “Holocaust Denial” Lawjewishexponent

Not brave, but not brav either        Latvia will ban entry to Russian TV host who called Hitler a “very brave man,” while disparaging “Kremlin critic” Alexei Navalnythenews

Once you’ve tried Black     [Jewish]Vanessa Feltz accuses [White] Anne Robinson of making “racist” comment about her relationship with [Black] Ben Ofoedu during filming of Weakest Link celebrity special in 2006DailyMail        ... you never go back. Mustn’t state the obvious, even sixteen years after

Some hope        French family demands justice from Israelelectronicintifada

Who can they be talking about?        The British establishment is the world’s most open, for a priceEconomist        “[Robert] Maxwells may come and go. But the British upper classes go on forever, shape-shifting but sempiternal, sponging but self-satisfied, lethargic but opportunistic, the world’s most cynical and accomplished free-loaders”

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David Irving writing in his Mayfair, London home in the 1970s  (photo: The Times, London)     [Buy the books here]

Give them an inch, they’ll take ten yards          An English Police Officer was dragged 30 feet by a Muslim motorist– worldstar    The Officer had him cornered in an alleyway but allowed him to escape. The officer seemed to be showing considerable restraint

pinocchioMoral high ground        China just announced they will be banning BBC World News

Of all countries          Israeli attorney general: International Criminal Court has no authority over Israel– clevelandjewishnews          “Issuing this ruling in regards to Israel, of all countries, — it’s very odd.”

Against Black dykes        Badass Dutch girl speaks out against modern day feminism and migration– YouTube      does she mean immigration? | Purdue University Backs Down on Mandatory “Anti-Racist” Training for Music StudentsWashingtonFreeBeacon

pinocchioHow much is that in dollars        Joe Biden's team of Jewish advisers, cabinet members and staffjpost        “Among them are a minyan and a half of Jews”

Who says, They bring it on themselves        Orthodox Jews defy health protocols in clash with Israeli police, at funeral of rabbi who died of Covid-19 (and video)– rt

Is he still prime minister?        ICC probe of alleged Israel's war crimes in Palestine “pure anti-Semitism”, says Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu (left, with Jewish spy Jonathan Polland) businessworld | International Criminal Court clears way for war crimes probe of Israeli actions– AP, chicago.suntimes | Tucker Carlson: Meet the folks at AT&T, owner of CNN, who think it’s okay to silence AmericansYouTube

Target Store’s Anti-White Books        Black female with a cell-phone camera exposes how Target is selling anti-White books | Black accosts a White woman on the street, and uses Black History Month as an excuse

Bange Frage: why us?        Antwerp mayor says, Jewish Orthodox sect, Haredi, ignoring Covid measures triggered “anti-Semitism”        Antwerp police have tolerated minyans, the minimum of 10 men needed for Orthodox worship, but have intervened when the requirement was exceeded

pinocchioAnother coming just behind      Orthodox protesters in Israel burn bus as riots against COVID restrictions continue across the country–Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Is their behaviour typical?        “Anti-Semitism” is expected to rise significantly around the world in 2021–Jerusalem Post | Facebook deletes Netanyahu post, suspends chatbot over privacy violation | Poor behaviour gives Israeli tourists bad name in UAEYNet | Trump Administration quietly eased sanctions on Jewish BillionaireNewYorkTimes        The Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler was accused of bribing the former Congolese president to arrange corrupt mining deals

Alternative: just ask the Jews to behave?        New Austrian national “anti-Semitism” strategy presented to ministers, EUjpost “Austria’s denazification and ‘Holocaust denial’ law of 1947 will be evaluated, and if necessary, amended”

Virus won’t touch us, we’re chosen      Jewish News: London Police break up 400-person wedding party at Stamford Hill Charedi school. "Police reported that the group had gathered with the building’s windows covered to stop people seeing inside. Police call it “completely unacceptable breach of the law”– Jewish News. U.K. Government does not condemn as the Jews, like Blacks, routinely thumb their noses at U.K. lockdown regulations, just as in Brooklyn; they will pay the price – and then whine. Party Organiser fined £10,000.
Who needs them            Github apologises for firing Jewish employee who warned about “Nazis”BBC | Survey shows Jews feel safer in post-Jeremy Corbyn erathejc   Which leaves us, the original English ... erm, what? | Enormous Jewish wedding of a Hasidic grand rabbi's son in Brooklyn - and New York City Sheriff's Office says it's legal | JewishTelegraphAgency

Jews and drugs        High Times in Zion: An Israeli History of DrugsHa’aretz

We’re giving them how much?        U.S. taxpayers’ gift of $500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks outrageMondoweiss | The US Money Tree: The Untold Story of American Aid to Israel– CounterPunch

Tragic News       “George Blake” – left, Soviet spy, after 1943 a British MI6 officer, dies in Moscow. Born of a Jewish father in Holland as George Behar, he was a Jewish spy who worked as, what else, a well-paid double agent | Notorious British traitor “George Blake” dies in Moscow aged 98Daily Mail | George “Blake” obituaryGuardian | As KGB agent George “Blake” dies, a plea from a man who heard the stories of those he betrayed– Daily Mail

Irving speaks on history        From The Journal of Historical Review : “Life Under Fire – The Wages of Apostasy”, transcript, David Irving speaks at the Eleventh IHR Conference, October 1992, about his International campaign for Real History

Below: ADL chief Jonathan A Greenblatt. Note his ritual wristband   

Wanker in chief          The Jewish chief legal analyst at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, exposed himself during a video conference call with coworkers– post millenial | The New Yorker writer and Jewish chief legal analyst at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin, caught masturbating in front of New Yorker bigs, report says; is now out– Guardian. He forgot to apologize to the “congregation” and survivors

Jacob Blake, the facts         Jacob Blake was a Child Rapist with a Warrant out for his Arrest | video | Blake, the wanted child rapist who refused to co-operate with Police, has Joe Biden “praying for his recovery” | angered Black woman tells the truth about Blake- YouTube. (He was wanted for the statutory rape of a 15 year old girl)

David Frost returns        The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thankyou, YouTube

videoLesson in pariotism       How David Irving defined Patriotism for Richard Rampton, QC, the very capable defence counsel of Deborah “Liar" Lipstadt (15 secs.)

Hitler’s War by David Irving, is available. Photo, right: from the book’s picture section, one of Walter Frentz’s fine photographs, Hitler addressing Luftwaffe fighter aces at the Berghof, spring 1944

The Biter Bit       Protesters Disrupt Talk by “Renowned Holocaust Scholar” Deborah Lipstadt at UC Berkeleyalgemeiner. So, Renowned Liars can be disrupted, too | Richard Evans on Lipstadt trial– historyextra. Lipstadt described to Evans in detail the frightening experience of a lone author with little or no means, being sued “for a large sum of money”. Evans: “I felt by this time that it was an action that should never have been brought”. So much for the “neutral” expert                 


* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the “Holocaust” and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what | * HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: somebody to whom nothing happened on the way the bank, like Hadassah Liebermann etc.


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