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David Irving speaks

September 2017: Mr Irving’s annual week-long Real History tour of SS sites in Latvia and Poland – Riga, Belzec, Sobibór and Treblinka. Costs around $3,000 incl. deposit. Registrations are filling fast.


March 27, 2017

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David Irving is now in Florida, heading back to Florida, after completing his picture research on Himmler

The Night they Burst the Dams

DAMBUSTERS. Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst | and in English

Focal Point reprint
of a classic, with 27 pages of unknown photos
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This year's tour, Sept 2017: including Riga and the Wolf's Lair, all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 — for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

enlarge. Video DVD: THEY DON'T HANG WAR CRIMINALS ANY MORE - DO THEY? Talk at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

A controversial biography,
752 pages
plus 40 pages of photos

DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

A talk at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available. THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

Video DVD: A message to the Germans: $30: click for details
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- a thrilling war story of British genius and heroism.


David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War






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David Irving’s restored talk at Oxford will be on April 4, at 6:30 pm. Restored Plymouth talk on day before or after that [Apply]

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Mental sickness news: Israel arrests American Jew accused of making hundreds of bomb threats to innocent Jewish institutions, airlines – mystery solved of international rise in contemptible anti-Semitism | New York Times: Israeli City stunned by news

Traditional enemies of free speech: Google and YouTube knuckle-under advertising-boycott, designed to stifle free speech | Gilad Atzmon quotes Professor D C Watt, LSE: History needs David Irvings

Trump speaks of "false flag" operations | Bizarre Auschwitz protest sees naked protesters slaughter sheep and chain themselves up: all are arrested, charges undecided; depends how they slaughtered that sheep

JFK called Hitler “the stuff of legends”. Diary reveals Kennedy’s fascination with the “Nazi” dictator – it’s real meat for future historians | Rochus Misch’s private photo collection – Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and the life at his headquarters revealed, with the usual journalistic slants | Never-before-seen photos found in [Berlin bunker] show Hitler and his cronies at leisure – probably not by Eva, but still interesting

Times of Israel: Justin Cohen is shocked, Students urged to read works of David Irving at LSE event

Washington Post: France’s National Front co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen says the battle is already won | After a complaint from an “eminent Jewish historian”; no, not Lipstadt, another : Dr Irene Lancaster, a Jewess, forces Churchill College, Cambridge, to hide David Irving’s Churchill biographies. Lancaster, email, described as an “eminent” translator, has never read them, but calls them “offensive and historically worthless” | Christian Today | — and now, who is this fanatical resident of Israel, “Irene Lancaster”: in her own words | The Jewess went on to bitch at Manchester University, who have awarded her a suitably frosty reply | Stephen Sizer publishes a suitable answer to the Jewess's blog, “Wolf in Sheep's clothing: all the better to eat you with, my dear” | “anti-Semitic leaflets” handed out at the University of Illinois

Canadian TV: Hanna Reitsch will not be honoured at Québec event celebrating women in aviation | Stamford Hill “anti-Jewish'’ sign was art project

Michael Hoffmann addresses the Real History conference in Cincinnati on “Deborah Lipstadt, Amalek, and David Irving” | Lipstadt discusses "Denial" with tame film producer Errol Morris - Lipstadt was presented the Brandeis Alumni Achievement Award, in a ceremony followed by a screening of her film "Denial" … suggestion: skip to 12.52 and see the unexpected response to the movie from Harvard students. A pity this truly awful, repulsive, habitual liar elected not to give evidence at her trial

Remarkable photographs of high-ranking Nazis including Karl Wolff awaiting the Nuremburg Trials as they relax in a British POW camp after World War Two

Not literally, of course: U.S. Congress and Jewish Groups oppose President Trump’s Plan to Axe Antisemitism Envoy | OMG, what next in The Daily Telegraph: A 96-year-old grandfather tells his family he is gay, but a Holocaust survivor

David Irving’s speech to the London Forum: “Fifty years of fighting for truth, whatever the cost”

Agence France-Presse: Jean-Marie Le Pen, loses appeal against a 30,000-euro ($31,700) fine for belittling the Holocaust – the 88-year-old had repeatedly described gas chambers as a “detail” of WW2

Small beginnings: Regius Professor Richard J Evans bares his small brain to the Financial Times on threats to western democracy

left: a part of Evans’s valuable research team working on the Lipstadt defence case

N.Y. Daily News: Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; Negro DA criticised for light plea deal

Yawn: Anne Frank Center: President Trump an anti-Semite, Holocaust denier | Where and when does the hunt end? Bristol University (UK) investigates claims of anti-Semitism, after lecturer claims that Jews should stop “privileging” the Holocaust

What else is new? Ex-Israeli chief rabbi sentenced to jail for fraud – An Israeli court has rejected a plea bargain with former chief rabbi Yona Metzger, handing down a harsher sentence of four-and-a-half years in prison on charges of fraud, money-laundering, and bribery

Freedom of Speech suffers under Teresa May: UK border forces detain anti-Semitic Polish ex-priest | Another one they don’t like: Senior Trump aide Sebastian Gorka’s ties to anti-Semitic groups in Hungary

Mail on Sunday: Hitler’s WWII telephone that sold at auction for £195,000 “is a fake” | But a telephone expert looks, and finds that while the phone was German, there are technical discrepancies which suggest it wasn’t Hitler’s | Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler’s personal bunker telephone up for auction

Dresden, February 13: Britain’s day of shame, they burned 135,000 civilians alive in one night
"Wir erinnern uns in tiefer Trauer der unzähligen toten Männer, Frauen und Kinder, die in der Hölle von Dresden vor 72 Jahren gezielt bestialisch ermordet wurden. Mögen die Seelen dieser gequälten Zivilisten in Frieden ruhen; und mögen die feigen Mörder, die solche unaussprechlichen Verbrechen durchführten, einst selbst am Pranger der Gerichte und der Geschichte stehen und für Ihre Untaten an wehrlosen Unschuldigen ihre gerechte Strafe finden!"

The victims were secretly cremated on pyres (left) in the city centre afterwards; a photo by Walter Hahn on February 25, 1945

The Occidental Observer: Dresden: Death from Above | Deutsche Welle (German Government propaganda): “Neo-Nazis” rally in Dresden ahead of war anniversary | Kurt Vonnegut: The blood of Dresden – an extract from Armageddon in Retrospect in which Vonnegut describes the scenes of “obscene brutality” he
witnessed as a prisoner of war in Dresden (Slaughterhouse-Five), the inspiration for which was Irving’s history

A new database is published, with photos of “guards who oversaw the atrocities at Auschwitz” — straight from Hollwood Central Casting, with fake uniforms worthy of Lipstadt’s “experts.” (Their captors had only two tunics to use between them, and one non-SS cap (from the Wehrmacht) with straight-winged eagle and a non-SS “Deaths Head” taken off Panzer collar tabs)

Varsity Review: Cries of “Denial”, as the film scores zero in Bafta Awards Ceremony | Marxist Professor Richard Evans in a Guardian interview: The film Denial “shows there is such a thing as truth”

Outcry [outrage] as “Holocaust denier” David Irving gives secret Glasgow talk – spot the press’s tedious lies | Ha’aretz: “Holocaust denier” lashes out at Jews in Glasgow Hilton | “Holocaust denier” gave secret talk in Glasgow hotel | Lügenpresse: Now see what the Herald journalist-creep looks like – Twitter

Meanwhile, Real History: Israeli Police “likely to recommend” indictment of PM Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges

Order-Order: Disgraced Far-Left Lawyer (((Phil Shiner))) admits acting without integrity – What adjective did this headline leave out?

Stale news from the Sun: “Nazi sympathiser” David Irving is living in a Highland hideaway in Nairn – not

U.S. Congressman to Ha’aretz: “White House in the camp of Holocaust denial” – the phrase invented by Lipstadt

Does Israel call the shots in British politics? | “Taking Down” British Officials: Israel conspires against the Mother of Parliaments | Sarah Silverman calls for military coup against President Trump, and she’s not being funny | World Peace Threatened: Fox News reports swastika scrawled in the snow in park in Queens – NYPD tells Fox 5 that writing a ‘swastika’ and ‘kkk’ in the snow where there is no damage to property is not a crime | Jewish Telegraph Agency: “Remember the 11 million”? Why an inflated victims tally irks Holocaust historians

Deborah Lipstadt: “Anthony Julius’s key role in my trial defence” – must have been behind-the-scenes, he never spoke a word in court | They find “denial” everywhere. Trump Statement’s Jewish omission is “Holocaust Denial,” says Sen. Tim Kaine | The Guardian: Famous Denial lawyer Anthony Julius on antisemitism and the age of extremes – he “successfully defended American historian Deborah Lipstadt against disgraced crackpot David Irving after he sued her for libel” an impoverished but worthy newspaper, is slithering toward a nasty surprise, with this one-sided torrent of abuse. — Like Lipstadt, Julius did not speak a single word in court, for two months, but is now bragging that he masterminded her victory; of course $13 million – her costs, which the Court did not order refunded to her – had nothing to do with it

Lipstadt’s film lies, #1: Who’s who in “Denial’s” battle for truth. David Irving and his twin brother Nicholas were born in Essex in 1938, and their father was a naval officer and commander who served in the Second World War, but did not return to his family when the war ended.” In fact Cdr. JJC Irving, RNVR, was away serving his country to the end, and in 1966 helped David, his youngest son, write The Destruction of Convoy PQ.17; while Irving simultaneously helped his father write his eye-witness history of the Battle of Jutland, the great 1916 naval battle.

Lipstadt was not even born until both WWs were over.

Lipstadt’s film lies, #2: The Guardian, Deborah Lipstadt Interview. "In compressing a five-year legal battle into a film lasting less than two hours there has, of course, been some tampering with the chronology” – “The opening scene depicts the moment in 1994 when Irving gatecrashes one of her university lectures, waves $1,000 in the air and says he’ll give it to anyone who can produce written evidence that Hitler ordered the final solution.” Mr Irving in fact attended the (public) lecture, accepted the invitation to ask questions, and offered Deborah Lipstadt $1,000 in cash if she could now show the students what she had just said she possessed – Lie #3 – “a blueprint of a gas chamber complete with the openings through which the SS tipped the pellets of cyanide.” His actual words: “I have here a thousand dollars for you if you can produce to this audience, now or at any time in the future, this document about which you have just lied to them.” His friends videotaped the exchange which is quite different from the fictitious Hollywood film version.

Lipstadt’s Lie #4 is in the Lipstadt interview: “The 355-page judgment in April 2000 found that Lipstadt had not libelled Irving.” The British court hearing the case against Lipstadt found that her trashy book had libelled Irving in four instances, but allowed her defence in the fifth. Go figure

The owner of Hitler’s house of birth is going to court. Chances are good that Gerlinde P. might overturn the expropriation: Kurier | Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung | Deutschlandfunk

BBC Today Programme interview on “Denial” | Jane Garvey interviews Deborah Lipstadt on BBC Woman's Hour. She concludes it is “a great film, well worth seeking out” | The Sun: Deborah Lipstadt [she was denied $13 million costs] beat Holocaust denier in court and story has been made into a film | Moment Magazine David Irving Sticks to His Script

Huffington Post: Why denouncing deniers is more important than ever in a “post-truth” world – which dates back to well before Lipstadt’s travelling dog-and-pony show | BBC: The true story behind denying the Holocaust – The usual rubbish by the BBC, by Sanchia Berg , or should that be (((Berg)))? Review: In ‘Denial,’ Confronting a Holocaust Revisionist in Court – “Had Mr. Irving won his [libel] case, the potential repercussions would have been catastrophic” | another Review – Rachel Weisz makes heavy weather of courtroom drama –“He [Irving] challenges her [Lipstadt], absurdly, to debate whether the Holocaust ever happened, but she refuses” – Notwithstanding the Hollywod liars, this challenge never happened

Interview between Ryan Tubridy (host, RTE, Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster) and Deborah Lipstadt, who was judged in a British law court to have libelled David Irving, not that you will hear anything about that (18mins into link). – Islington Gazette: Lipstadt boasts in invitation-only lecture: “We made David Irving look ridiculous” – Yes, “we” plus $13milllion.– Listen to 4min. interview with Tim Spall on Simone Mayo’s BBC Drivetime at this link. (Go to 1.12mins). He concedes that the film is through the eyes of Lipstadt, and says Mr Irving is to be respected for his beliefs | Teary-eyed Prof. Lipstadt tells Spiked Online:
“I had no option but to fight for the truth” – which evidently has a different meaning where she comes from

Tell “Shomrim” to suck it up: Police remove Tube advert for Lipstadt’s “Denial” film about anti-Semitism (it was daubed with Star of David) | A bold man: Australian mayor declines synagogue invitation, citing Israel’s “gross and illegal occupation”

David Irving, smeared by Hollywood Schmierfinks as a “Holocaust denier,” tours the SS sites in Poland annually. In September 2011 he privately laid a wreath at the restored Execution Wall at Auschwitz I.


Hollywood’s Schmierfinks go into top gear:

Irish News: “Denial” chimes in week of Donald Trump’s “alternative facts” – spot the Hollywood lies in this announcement.

Dig deeper, man: How my dad [Richard Rampton QC] brought down Holocaust denier David Irving – lies, plus $13 million? | Independent (Ireland): Dark journeys: getting to the bottom of the Holocaust | Sunday Times: Deborah Lipstadt: “I had to find somewhere to live that was safe” – interview by Sue Fox.Lipstadt recalls living on Piccadilly during her 2000 libel trial | The Observer: New online generation takes up Holocaust denial | Standard of Review: “Denial” is an average movie that hits close to home – i.e., it misses all targets | They bleat on and on: Deborah Lipstadt: “Irving is a liar and falsifier of history. He’s really not important to me” | Hampstead & Highgate: James Libson, Lawyer warns of rise in antisemitic hatred online – “He spent three months in Mr Irving’s house, reading through the many volumes of his diaries” – another lie, he did not spend even three minutes there | Dossier: Lipstadt and others interviewed by the BBC

Deutsche Welle: Thwarted in the Supreme Court, scared German politicians seek way to bankrupt “neo-Nazi” NPD | That’s democracy in modern Germany: Decision, Jan 17 (German high court could outlaw NPD) | Germany’s Supreme Court unanimously refuses to do so. NPD ist für ein Parteienverbot zu unbedeutend | World Jewish Congress in full bleat | Jerusalem Post

Jewish Chronicle: Beware of our so-called friends– “Most Jews are disloyal,” the President [Nixon] opined in one conversation. “Generally speaking,” he continued, “you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you” | Forward: Trump plays “Identity Politics” with Jews and Israel — but conservatives keep quiet

Der Bundesvorstand der AfD will Björn Höcke aus der Partei ausschließen. Vorabstimmung: 8:3 Stimmen. Armes Deutschland | AfD politician Höcke says (in Dresden) stop atoning for “Nazi” crimes

Front Page identifies “Southern Poverty Law Center” as a Hate Group: The hate group that tracks down “Hate Groups” | our dossier, "SPLC"

Forward: Was some “Nazi” Art actually pretty good – or even all of it?

Forward: Three Jewish moguls among eight who own as much as half the Human Race
– can this be partly the secret for…

New Statesman: ... Anti-Semitism is a right-wing problem - Perhaps as the “Left” is largely a Jewish creation.

Dresden Memorial Event 2017: a video with disturbing new photos

The Observer: Antisemite, Holocaust denier … yet David Irving claims fresh support. They might have mentioned that the Rolls-Royce is forty years old, but . . . | Sunday Times: “Spielberg would have cut me up in style” | The Independent (online): David Irving claims . . . young people are contacting him to find out “the truth” about Hitler | Daily Mail

Bloomberg: Hungary plans to crack down on all Soros-funded NGOs

Donald Trump: Not exactly Hitler! But his “Nazi Germany” comments conceal a dark parallel pattern – Remember Commander Anthony Courtney?

Ha’aretz and Forward: U.S. Intel officials tell Israel not to share info with Trump administration – or is this disinformation | The Forward eagerly asks: Jared Kushner might be the most influential Jew in the world? | Dangerous or the most pro-Israel president ever? Obama's legacy, through the eyes of U.S. Jews

No joke: British MPs urge probe into Israeli plot against politicians – secretly filmed discussions between Israeli diplomat and British civil servant to “take down” anti-settlement politicians. Why didn’t British expel him? | How many British MPs are working for Israel?| Obama taps four to serve on Holocaust memorial board | Why Did the Al-Jazeera Expose Fail?

Chris Hedges: The real purpose of the U.S. Government’s report on alleged hacking by Russia | “I did what any citizen should do”: John McCain admits he handed smear dossier to FBI | The Deep State goes to war with Donald Trump, using unverified claims, as Democrats cheer

Esquire: These boots were made for walking (into Poland?)

Need to starve right-wing people of oxygen: Anti-Semitism experts say popularity of (doctored version of) Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” no cause for alarm. But Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt expressed outrage, saying, “The dangerous rhetoric of the far-right must be starved of oxygen.”

Daily Express: Clive Davis on Denial: The shaming of “holocaust denier” David Irving – Most Journalists called Clive or Clifford have turned out years later to be either pædophiles or Jews. Clues: Clive Davis is lauded by Tom Gross. Davis called the play “Rachel Corrie” (about an Israeli bulldozer crushing and killing Rachel, the American protestor) propaganda, “Even the late Yasser Arafat might have blushed at that one.”Jerusalem Post on Movies: The Holocaust on trial – “I hope this movie inspires some in the audience to read the [Lipstadt] book”. Yes, meanwhile orders for Hitler’s War have boomed, as people want to find out what really happened | Movie news: “Denial” ends the year as a financial flop | Lipstadt “overwhelms” fellow passengers watching in-flight movie | The Atlantic: “Denial,” a drama for the Misinformation Age

How far back: A toy figure of Martin Luther sparks accusations of anti-Semitism

Here’s an odd post-war story: Israel urged to apologise for “disappeared” babies — Netanyahu Government declassifies 200,000 documents on the disappearance of thousands of babies after Israel's founding

Origins of Anti-Semitism: Wiesenthal Center’s Rabbi Marvin Hier (above) to deliver prayer at Donald Trump inauguration | Trump-inauguration rabbi Hier attacked with antisemitic hate speech | Aussie prime minister: Why Australia must stand united with Israel | An unruly couple force a Delta flight to turn back. Police boarded the plane and passengers cheered, as Blake Fleisig and Anna Koosmann, both of Los Angeles, were arrested and escorted off | Vandals turn a Jewish family’s menorah in Arizona into a swastika – why is global anti-Semitism increasing?

Did he survive, asks The Guardian: Photo mystery of the Jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan, alive in 1946? | Süddeutsche Zeitung – click on the photo to see what editors cropped out: Allied soldiers

American auction house offers (looted) collection of Ehrenbürger documents – famous German cities appointed Hitler an Honorary Citizen. – Something those same cities now want to forget

The “Haus der deutschen Kunst” was opened in 1937. “That’s bad luck,” prophesied the architect Ludwig Troost, when the mason’s hammer broke during the ceremony

Jews “outraged” at Munich Haus der Kunst renovation

Aussie foreign minister Julie Bishop backs Israel rather than the US, over UN resolution deeming Jewish settlements in Palestine “illegal” | Wiesenthalers rank Pres. Obama’s refusal to veto anti-Israel U.N. resolution the “most anti-Semitic incident of 2016” – relief, that puts anti-Semitism in its place | Sydney Morning Herald: Israel warns New Zealand that UN resolution is “declaration of war” | Forward: Netanyahu says world “spitting at us” | The Times of Israel: Outraged US Jewish leaders say UN vote tarnishes Obama's legacy

Anti-Semitism on the rise in Germany, but no anti-Semites to be found

Putin: The “New World Order” is normalizing pædophilia – and he’s not wrong | for example, Dov Katz, head of machine learning group at Facebook-owned Oculus, is arrested for propositioning 15 year-old girl. You mean, that nice Mr Katz next door..?

Guardian: “Alt-right” groups will revolt if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say

Cologne sex attacks: “Far right” New Year’s Eve protest banned by Merkel’s police

Israeli rabbis launch war on Christmas tree – Jerusalem hotels receive warning letter

Isi Leibler, no less (he asks that we pronounce his name Leebler, not Libeller) writes in Jewish Press: European meltdown threatens Jews | Jerusalem Post: British “Antisemitism” definition greatly helps exposing antisemites

Mustn’t do that: Teenage Hitler sympathiser under investigation in Canada for praising Hitler | Austrian sentenced (“Wiederbetätigung”) for t-shirt worn at Hitler house | Danusha V. Goska: Hitler’s Religion | World suddenly unsafe: “Nazi” chimpanzee shocks zoo visitors with Hitler salute

Israeli pharmaceutical company fined millions over bribes | New York hedge funders charged with $1 billion fraud – is it the Law picking on guiltless Jews again

Jerusalem Post: Deborah Lipstadt, making victory lap in Israel, finds her voice in “Denial” – as she herself admits, “Hollywood is notorious for playing fast and loose with the truth”

Guardian: How to bump Holocaust deniers off Google’s top spot? Pay Google | New Google algorithm demotes “ denial” and “Hate Sites” | Google is profiting from Holocaust denial, says Jewish museum – so, nobody is profiting from the Holocaust?

The legendary Anne Frank was caught in probe of blackmarket trade in ration coupons. She calls two men who dealt in illegal ration cards ‘B’ and ‘D,’ referring to the salesmen Brouwer and Daatzelaar working for a firm owned by her father, Otto

CIA interrogator says Saddam Hussein should have been left in power – Uh, Is that a criticism of somebody?

Smithsonian: Will we ever know why “Nazi” Leader Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland in the middle of World War II?

Tablet magazine: All we want For Christmas ... is Jew – so who’s to blame for Happy Holidays?

CODOH confirms what we says about Alfred Rosenberg’s looted Diary: “The Most Revealing Nazi Documents Ever Found” | our dossier on Rosenberg diary

Forward: Zsa Zsa Gábor, the Hollywood Starlet who pointedly forgot her Jewish roots

Occidental Observer: The big chill on free speech hits Britain - and who is behind it?

N.Y. Times: Trump Chooses [Jewish] hard-Liner as ambassador to Israel | Trump’s Son-In-Law financed Israeli extremists and [illegal] Settlements | UK Jewish students hold rally for Aleppo – a clue President Assad’s terrorist opponents | Ex-ADL head Abraham Foxman: Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler trivializes Holocaust

Work for the Führer, live to 100: Hitler’s former maid recalls life in the Führer’s private estate | Austrian MPs vote to seize Hitler’s birthplace house | Nationalrat: Hitler-Geburtshaus wird enteignet | Italian schoolchildren were asked their favourite books. No one expected them to respond with “Mein Kampf” | Looted Tapestry from Hitler's Eagle's Nest returning to Germany

Forward: The President of the Zionist Organisastion of America disapproves Trump’s Secretary of State choice | Forward: Google “responsible” for Holocaust denial, says Marcy Oster

Daily Telegraph: Rent-a-Jew service now available in Germany – not buy?

Fortune: A Top Google Result for the Holocaust is now a “White Supremacist” site

Reuters: Top U.S. spy agency has not endorsed CIA assessment on Russia hacking

Codoh: Deborah Lipstadt [is] Lost in the Age of Internet

Should cure the problem. Anti-Semitism: Official definition “will fight hatred”. Now, about that man Philip Green. . .

Painting sold by Jewish couple to fund their “escape” from Germany is returned to grandchild
— did grandchild refund the money?

Easily terrified: Trump says being compared to Hitler doesn’t phase [annoy] him, and Laura Hankin finds that's terrifying

Roger Friedman won’t drop a dead bone, provided there’s still some rotting meat on it: Mel Gibson said Holocaust “was a Numbers Game” two years before his famous anti-Semitic rant

Wilders declines to comment: Dutch secret service investigated far-right leader’s ties to Israel | Rise of Austria’s far right seen as proof of failure to confront “Nazi” past

Independent: “Nazi” soldier [unit: SS Div. Hitler Jugend] leaves £400,000 to Scottish village to repay their kindness | BBC News – now wait for the Jewish whining to begin | Daily Mail |

Occidental Observer: T.S. Eliot, [Anthony Julius], and the Culture of Critique | There being nothing more urgent to do: Online retailers team up with Jewish group to stop “hate” products

Jews: Thou shalt not criticize them on campus | Inside Higher Ed | Jewish Chronicle on Free speech in Ipswich: Conservative MP Ben Gummer blocks visit from David Irving’s “secret tour” | who is Ben Gummer?

Utterly unrepentant: Daily Mail turns its fury on David Irving, an “intermittent guest” in Northern Scotland, and his “Rolls-Royce” (but doesn’t mention that the car is forty years old)

Business Standard: Austria passes bill to seize Adolf Hitler’s home | Austrian “survivor” begs Austrians not to vote “far right” on Sunday

Ha’aretz: Vienna is trying to get its Jews back – will it succeed, with the far right on the rise?Jewish Chronicle: “This is probably the last election for me” – Holocaust survivor warns against Austria’s far-right party

Far-right writer and Holocaust denier David Irving has blamed a mix-up for including Norwich on his speaking tour of Britain.

Inconvenient History: Hollywood movie attacking historian David Irving is a flop | Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality “saddened” by Irving’s visit to county

Lipstadt on NPR: Lipstadt: on the risks of “Normalizing” the Alt-Right | Lipstadt in Forward: Didn’t Slam Anti-Semitism on the Left? Don’t expect credibility when you slam it on the Right.

Deutsche Welle: Germany planning “massive” limit on privacy rights

Jewish newspaper: British Revisionist Historian portrayed in movie “Denial” embarks on “secretive tour to spread vile message” ahead of film’s release in UK – Watch for resulting British “news” stories

Times of Israel: Shoah-denier David Irving on “fascist” tour before Denial movie | Oscar dark horse Timothy Spall, on finding humanity in a Holocaust Denier [Mr Irving] – worth it for the photos of Spall | Holocaust Museum condemns “neo-Nazi” conference

Geert Wilders unapologetic as Dutch hate speech trial ends, says Yahoo

Some truths about Statistics: Syria and the Statistics of War. “Trust none of what you hear, some of what you read, half of what you see”

Democracy Now: Alt-Right Groups Emboldened by Trump's Election and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon |   Occidental Observer: Dawn of the Deplorables: Trump, Trauma and the Triumph of Hate

Jewish agency Y-Net: Ursula Haverbeck, “neo-Nazi” author, 88, again convicted of “Holocaust denial”

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network: Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise - But a court report alleged in 1996 of Stephen Bannon that he stated, “that he doesn’t like Jews and that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiney brats’ and that he didn’t want (his daughters) going to school with Jews” | Jewish holocaust scholars call on Americans to “mobilise” against Donald Trump | N.Y. Times: Alt-Right exults in Trump’s election with a salute: “Heil Victory”

How JFK secretly admired Hitler: Explosive book reveals President Kennedy’s praise for the “Nazis” as he travelled through Germany, before Second World War

The haters: In world of online anti-Semitism, ADL seeks to stay ahead

Deutsche Welle interviews Kersten Weidler on the auction of “Hitler” paintings catalogued by August Priesack and Billy Price | Annotated “Mein Kampf” edition wins academic prize in Germany – but for the conformist editor, not Hitler, who wrote it

Trump’s election triggers old nightmares for [now, elderly?] Holocaust survivors in America | Bannon shrugged off anti-Semitism and racism in Europe’s nationalist parties

LA Times: Timothy Spall keeps history alive once again as a Holocaust denier in [movie] “Denial” - Spall on “infamous Holocaust denier David Irving”

Mr Irving has corrected the LA Times: ‘You today review the film “Denial” and cite Timothy Spall, the actor who portrays me, talking about my father “abandoning” me. Rubbish. Seated back to back, my father and I collaborated on his book about Jutland, the 1916 sea battle he witnessed; and he helped with my history of Convoy PQ.17. True, my father was away in World War II, he was a commander in the Royal Navy; but we were together until the 1967 day he died; his last word to me that afternoon was “Farewell”’

In today’s Guardian, Jonathan Friedland spills the beans: Under Trump, the US will no longer feel like a haven for Jews | Anti-Trump Americans can move to London, says Mayor Saddiq Khan, a Muslim

Mondo: After years of careless accusation, Alan Dershowitz says [those who level] anti-Semitism charges must be “very careful”

Rezso Kasztner, War hero known as the “Jewish Oskar Schindler” helped the Nazis kill 800,000 Jews, claims book; he was murdered in Israel | Our dossier on decodes of Kasztner and Joel Brand

At the request of the (millionaire) “Southern Poverty Law Center”, Twitter suspends one hundred right-wing accounts

Occidental Observer: Anti-Semitism as Political Assassination: The Smearing of Steve Bannon | Easily flabbered: Deborah Lipstadt ‘Flabbergasted’ by appointment of Hatemonger Bannon | The KKK and American Nazi Party Are thrilled | Salon: Bannon runs an anti-Semitic website, is a misogynist

Zachary Pleat: A White nationalist who hates Jews will be Trump's Right-Hand man in the White House - says the (((millionaire))) Southern Poverty Law Center | Breitbart: Scarborough says media calling Trump a “Nazi” will only make him win again

US elections shockwaves hit Europe – If Germany ever wakens from its post-1945 stupor, all Europe will shake

Puzzle: Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle, invites Times of Israel | Jewish Chronicle Leader: Trump triumphant. So what now?

The Independent: Anti-racism protesters throw snowballs at Swedish neo-Nazis during huge march – Is there a lesson to be learned? The Independent folded, and is now Internet-only

UK’s Sunday Telegraph knickers in a twist over new world: Trump Putin alliance sparks diplomatic crisis, as democracy-haters still insist on “regime” change in Syria | Trump warns that by attacking Assad, US will “end up fighting Russia” | How much of this is true? President-elect Trump’s Israel policy – promises allegedly made before winning the election

Occidental Observer: BBC Newsnight Reaction to Trump’s election: Pride, narcissism, and (over)privilege – “It is not a moment for calm, it is not a moment for calm,” screeched Simon Schama. The editor, two out of three of the main presenters, and all seven of the main interviewees in Washington and London were Jewish

Israeli news: Border wall company that built Wall around Gaza saw shares soar after Trump Victory

German Police open investigation after “Neo-Nazi” group publishes Jewish addresses on Facebook on Kristallnacht anniversary – but no mention of the Grynszpan murder, which triggered Kristallnacht

Nobody knows if Eva Braun’s “terrifying” home movies were lost, stolen or destroyed at the US National Archives

Atlantic magazine: Emory Professor Deborah Lipstadt on Denial, working with Rachel Weisz, and the “post-factual era”

Leaked Documents Reveal Billionaire George Soros Spends Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Manipulate American Elections | Soros’s Son Chastises Ivanka, Jared for Their ‘Silence’ – George S. quotes the words of Rabbi Prinz. #WeveSeenThisBefore.” I’m sure you have George, now ask yourself why | Trump has unleashed a wave of anti-Semitic hatred – Jews not to blame? FBI Releases files on Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, a convicted Jewish tax fraudster and financial contributor. He had fled to Switzerland; FBI director Comey called Clinton decision “stunning” | WikiLeaks – Hillary Clinton Email archive – on March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 Hillary Clinton emails | BBC News: 18 revelations from Wikileaks' hacked Clinton emails -

Germany probes Zuckerberg for ignoring Holocaust denial posts

Danish chief prosecutor drops probe into 91 year-old Danish Nazi camp guard: says Efraim Zuroff charges unfounded.

Occidental Observer: Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit — “Needless to say, the interests of Britain as a whole, much less White Britain, are not relevant to this internal Jewish debate” – Mischon de Reya was founded by Victor Mischon, “the son of a rabbi, in 1937, and its senior partners still appear, in the main, to be drawn from London and New York Jews. There is considerable crossover between influential positions at Mischon de Reya and those at the Board of Deputies of British Jews.  .  . these links remain in the form of Anthony Julius and also in the form of James Libson who has carried out a great deal of pro bono work for Jewish causes”

Ronald S. Lauder of World Jewish Congress praises Putin: Russia’s fight against anti-Semitism isn’t just good for Jews – it’s good for Russia too

There’s always time for that: Movie news: ‘Denial’ disappoints at Images cinema – “I cannot help but wonder whether Denial would have been a far better film had it further developed Irving and adopted a darker tone”

Occidental Observer: Reality is Racist: Fighting Hate-Logic with Stereotype Denial

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Fundraising — some figures | “Arrest that man! Oh, sorry Hillary.” – Not a word of truth in that: Trump attacks Clinton, as supporter chants “Jew–S.A.” | Forward adding to lists: Holocaust-Denying [Dr Boyd Cathey] academic, organized list of Trump endorsers

“We are losing control of the streets” – Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness: immigrants committed 142,500 crimes in the first six months of 2016 | Wilders, right-winger, stands trial in Holland

Austrian bishop pressured into backing out of "Defender of Europe" conference

Metro: British barrister struck off following “offensive” pro-Hitler and anti-Semitic tweets

Michigan Daily: finds “Denial” an emotionless swarm of political motives | Newsweek (((a professor))) asks: What should we make of Trump’s sex assault denials? — and smears David Irving. The film describes Lipstadt’s shocked lawyer reading to the court a “racist and anti-Semitic” ditty he taught his young daughter.

Mr Irving writes: The “ditty” occurred to me, walking in Grosvenor Square.

I am a baby aryan
not Jewish or sectarian
I have no plans to marry-an
ape or rastafarian
My daughter was nine months old at the time. The Jewish assault on me had begun years earlier and there had been mocking references to her mother, who is blonde. Lipstadt herself polemicised against Jews marrying other races. That was one reason they kept her off the stand, as I had ready many articles that she had written, to put to her.
    The ditty was spontaneous and neat, like those of Edward Lear, and I included it in the diary afterwards. (As I told the court, I had voluntarily provided to Lipstadt’s defence lawyers all my diaries, millions of words, swamping them, and this was the only thing they found they could use: 0.00000347 percent of the total, I think I said.)
    I am saving all this up, as they dig their hole deeper. “Racist?” As I pointed out to NZ Radio at the time, Rastas are any colour, including one (White) New Zealand MP, but I don’t share their beliefs and enthusiasms.
    Our English approach to defamation is simple: write the truth, and there can be no complaints.

Usual folks are opposed: Replica of bunker where Hitler spent his final days goes on display in Berlin

Audiences for Lipstadt the Movie swell, sometimes to nine (people): Blog: Significant Denial | Outrage: Jews “blamed for Holocaust” at House of Lords event [in support of Palestinians]

Marion Dreyfus: The Chosen Ones: Interview with Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt – on her favorite food, and holiday (Yom Kippur: about which Mr Irving had pertinent questions prepared, if this “professor of religion” entered the witness stand; but Lipstadt pleaded the Fifth)

D C Leaks exposes György Soros plan to “counter Russian foreign policy and subvert traditional Russian values”

Occidental Observer: “Child refugees” are coming to the UK. Why is the Jewish community so determined to bring them in?

Fox News: “Make Soros happy: Inside Clinton team’s mission to please billionaire VIP” | They admit: Clinton campaign five top donors are Jewish | By Cheryl Greenberg (Jewish, uh, woman) writes: Trump sounds anti-Semitic and sexist | Don’t call me liar, protest the lie-mongers: Trump backers berate journalists with “Nazi-linked” term at rally

Angry with Russia for clearing up the mess in Syria and restoring the legitimate presidency: Britain will send hundreds of soldiers and tanks to Russian border – based on yet another “dodgy dossier”? – Clinton’s “No-Fly Zone” will not “save lives”. It will lead to war with Russia, warns JCS Chairman General Dunford. Six Syrians killed in Aleppo says Britain (who killed 135,000 civilians in Dresden in two hours)

Film depicting “Holocaust denier’s” libel suit lacks identity, sells history short – “‘We need to hear your voice!’ a reporter repeatedly cries out to Lipstadt,” who stays off witness stand. No cigar for her, and no Oscars

Mr Irving writes: “I had been given the whole Judgment and negative result of my claim the day before. British Supreme Court rules are that if a Plaintiff appears in person (as I had) he is entitled to be told confidentially 24 hours ahead; otherwise only the Parties’ solicitors are told ahead of the day. 
    2. I do not know if eggs were thrown by Lipstadt’s people. Since I had been confidentially told the result I expected some kind of antics, and went to the Court one day before, with my little girl, to check out the approaches: I saw there was a heap of builder’s rubble nearby, and had that moved. On the actual morning I arrived in a cab with the reporter of the Washington Post, a nice guy called Tom who bumped into me in Oxford Street waiting at a bus-stop. Sure enough, as we drove up to the Court I spotted a mob of Jews and Lefties waiting, with banners. I asked the cab driver to stop 100 yards short, paid him, and invited Tom to move over as we stepped out (so I would-be to leeward of any hail of stuff from them). The result was that most of the garbage landed on him, and just one missile caught my shoulder. The mob can only have been briefed by, perhaps even hired by, Lipstadt’s solicitors of course, as technically nobody else (other than the Court and I) knew the outcome. The Press does have its uses.”

Roger Friedman (Showbiz): Mel Gibson said the Holocaust “was a numbers game” in a 2004 interview – “Gibson actually ridiculed the historically acknowledged number of Jews killed by Hitler” – “I mean when the war was over they said it was 12 million. Then it was six. Now it’s four. I mean it’s that kind of numbers game…” | ((( Tablet))): Worry about Trump’s Anti-Semitic Supporters, not Mel Gibson

Guess who’s discovered moral anything: Jerusalem Post: Jews have a “moral imperative” to oppose Trump, says Bill Clinton | Prof Peter Dreier, of “AlterNet”, discovers: Donald Trump is a serial anti-Semite | Goldman-Sachs CEO Blankfein “supportive” of Clinton for her pragmatism – Wikileaks reveals she was paid $675,000 for three separate speeches to Goldman-Sachs — as Sen. Bernie Sanders said, she was too cozy with Wall Street. They fly into damage-control mode: Trump’s deep dive into anti-Semitic conspiracy thinking | French right-wing candidate says Clinton’s “submission to Zionists” a danger for Europe | Nothing new here: Leaked Email – Hillary Clinton begs “forgiveness” from Rothschilds

Lizst’s “Les Preludes” were chosen to announce Donald Trump’s arrival at the Rally in Virginia Beach. (That was Dr Goebbels’ fanfare of choice, to broadcast the great German military victories against Jewish-Bolshevism. Is that a subtle hint for cognoscenti?)

CBS news: Austria’s (Czech) interior minister, Wolfgang Sobotka, tells Austrian court to find police officer guilty of saying “Heil Hitler” - Sobotka is the minister frantically tearing at Hitler’s parents’ house | Watch what you call us: Austrian politician is fined €5,000 for calling Norbert Hofer “Nazi” | Dangerous times: Editor of Austria’s largest paper charged with “Hate Speech” after speaking out on immigrants

Obituary: Brigitte Hamann is dead at 76, the Austrian historian – she wrote acclaimed Real-History biographies of the young Adolf Hitler who had many Jewish friends, of Winifred Wagner, and of Edouard Bloch, the (Jewish) physician of Hitler’s mother Klara

Bargain: British Government offers to pay £2,000 to “refugees” if they leave

The Holocaust Controversy: A real expert refutes Robert Jan van Pelt’s cremation claims: Pelt was Lipstadt’s “expert” at her Trial, who was wrongly permitted to testify on everything from architecture to toxicology. Sample: Actual coke deliveries documented by delivery notes from Feb 16, 1942 to Oct 25, 1943, totalled 1,037 tons. Divided by the current minimum allegation of 1.1 million victims, gives a figure of one kg of coke per corpse. Something wrong there...

Election fight gets ugly: It’s time to acknowledge reality: Donald Trump talks like an anti-Semite – and you’re not allowed to. Rumblings: Top Paul Ryan advisor leaked Trump sex talk tape to Washington Post | If the kippa fits. Was it the debate of the Dog Whistle? Trump mentioned a few “seemingly sneaky, underhanded” people | Patrick J. Buchanan says The Donald Lives!

Jews furious at Trump’s “international bankers” speech: “Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors,” Trump said | Prof Jonathan Taylor: Trump, Anti-Globalism, and the Anti-Semitism Slur. Bringing up anti-Semitism just reminds people of how much influence and power Jews have.

L A Times anonymous review: “Denial’s’ scholar [Lipstadt] says movie confronts those ‘who think it’s OK to change facts’” - so what about “scholars” who invent them? – Dr Goebbels made it law in Germany that newspapers had to publish reviewers’ names

World safe again: Embarrassed Ikea bosses remove framed picture of a youngster “imitating Adolf Hitler”

Czech factory where Oskar Schindler “sheltered 1,200 Jews from the Nazis” under threat; but Czech historians portray him as a traitor and womanising crook

Ursula Haverbeck: Dritte Haftstrafe seit November 2015 – 87-year-old sentenced to jail in Germany, for thought-crime | NDR report | Bericht zum Haverbeck-Prozeß in Bad Oeynhausen

Masha Leon in The Forward: Revisiting a conversation with “Denial’s” real David Irving

Jewish reporter Masha Leon chats with affable David Irving at BookExpo 2002 in New York (The Forward).

Interview: “I didn’t want to turn him into a monster”: Timothy Spall on playing David Irving – but admits about his YouTube speeches: “One thing he does have is a skillful technique and use of language” | Richard Roeper for Chicago Sun Times, or is that (((Roeper)))?: “Denial”: Holocaust legal drama overcomes a few flaws: “Timothy Spall is a snaggletoothed snake charmer as David Irving. Irving is an appalling human being and he is on the wrong side of history in a way that should shame his descendants for generations, but the man is not a fool, and he is dangerous” — There’s a clue: “on the wrong side of history,” unlike (((us)))

“Revered historian” Lipstadt talks to (((Matt Fagerholm))) about the “blood-curdling bully” Irving who according to her invented the soundbite “no holes, no Holocaust” - sound familiar? | Deutsche Welle’s lying take on Irving – it contains too many lies to refute. DW is a propaganda arm of Angela Merkel’s German government

How Unity Mitford met Hitler 140 times in build up to the War | Bahraini Writer: I was shocked to discover how many young Arabs idolize Adolf Hitler

Bottomless pockets: Germany to pay convicted homosexuals 30 million euros

It’s not that the (((usual folks))) aren’t trying to make the film relevant: Huffington Post – by (((Antonia Blumberg))): What a film about Holocaust denial can teach us about electing the next President | For those still interested: Here’s the (long) list of women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct – “Lipstadt” unmentioned

It bombs so loudly we can hear it. A Canadian – who came on last year’s David Irving Real History tour of the SS killing sites in Poland – writes today: “I just checked online for the local theatre ‎listings for Denial; no local listings for the movie at the national mega-theatre chain, nor the smaller movie chain, nor the local independent theatre. . . In a 90-mile radius only one theatre, in downtown Toronto the largest city in Canada, is screening Denial.” Can our Real History really be prevailing? — In Manhattan an audience of seven people in a 400-seater theater, says our informant. In two weeks, reports another, it has taken all of $93,000 in New York.

Because ordinary people can say what they think? Jews slam Hungarian referendum campaign for “similarities” to Nazi propaganda | On the defensive: Swedish MP accused of anti-Semitism, as she criticises Bonnier’s hidden control of Swedish media

Jeff Rucker: Denial: To the victor go the spoils | Denial wants to be a sobering trump allegory, but it plays more like liberal wish fulfillment | Holocaust Scholar Deborah Lipstadt on “Denial” – Movie Mom – She seems to be putting on weight, but losing brains. She didn’t like it when Mr Irving stood up in her audience in 1994, and challenged her to produce the blueprints she had just assured them she had. “She [Rachel Weisz] tracked me down. She said, “Deborah, tell me what you were feeling, what was it like?” and I said, “Rachel, it was a horrible, horrible moment. I’m used to having as you know some measure of control, I was completely out of control. . . I didn’t know how to take charge of the situation. I saw the students looking and I was thinking maybe I have something to say, if I started to challenge him it would elevate him. It was a debate I wouldn’t want to have. And yet I knew he was capturing the students and getting into their minds.” – What could they do? So they changed the wording | on truth-seeker Deborah Lipstadt | her email:

Under pressure to silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed drone strike on Julian Assange in 2010 - Unaware the camera was still rolling, getting the news of Libyan Colonel Gaddafi’s murder, a jovial Hillary Clinton pronounced: “We came. We saw. He died” | WikiLeaks Julian Assange to make major announcement “which could end Clinton’s campaign” | Donald Trump hones attacks on big corporations, donors, and media | Clinton “will keep Israel safe. Trump will not”

3-D “Auschwitz” model to help in last Nazi trials in Germany - Achtung, the new model, “accurate in every detail,” shows twelve watch-towers, which are not on wartime photos

Mustn’t say that: First they came for the “Holocaust deniers,” and I did not speak out

Obituary: Joseph Harmatz, Jewish “Avenger”: “I was very happy to hear about [the 1945 destruction of] Dresden itself. That was vengeance.”

After two days of tearsome outpourings, Robert Fisk writes: Shimon Peres was no “peacemaker”. I’ll never forget the sight of pouring blood and burning bodies at Qana

British people’s service to the Continent: Brexit could see all Jews flee from Europe within thirty years, says Pinchas Goldschmidt

Mick Jackson tells an audience why he directed “Denial”. He admits: “We didn't meet with David Irving. He has his own website, which you see in the movie. He started saying extremely rude things about the movie. He refused to call it ‘Denial.’ He called it ‘Dental.’ The movie. ‘Dental.’ He said very hurtful things. He said, ‘I can’t believe they cast a beautiful Hollywood actress [Rachel Weisz] to play the Neanderthal Deborah Lipstadt.’ He used that word, Neanderthal. Better casting choices, he said, would include Ernest Borgnine to play her. Isn’t that awful? He’s an equal opportunity offender”
    So that’s what those people themselves say about Lipstadt – because Mr Irving didn’t. The worst he said was, ‘I wondered who could play Deborah Lipstadt now that Rock Hudson is dead.’ I felt sorry for her at the time, as a Christian, and still do

Occidental Observer: How the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis is destroying UK Labor | Video news: “Flippant” Corbyn video on Labour and anti-Semitism riles British Jews | Labour Party suspends Jewish donor over Corbyn “Nazi stormtroopers” article | Yehuda Bauer blasts Labour and says it has anti-Semitism problem (Is that his only worry? Then the world’s still safe) | Usual folks getting nervous: Mel Gibson is making a movie about the resurrection of Jesus | Outrage: Venice press doesn’t ask him about “famous quote” blaming Jews “for starting all the wars [this century]”

Chronicle of Higher Education: A Holocaust Historian’s Trial hits the big screen. “Holocaust Historian”? Lipstadt is a writer who has never written about the holocaust, revealing the extent of her knowledge | David Cole writes in Taki Magazine about Deborah Lipstadt’s book and the movie loosely based on it: Denial is dead | Forward: “How our legal team won the case against Irving” - I watched it with the three leading lawyers: my colleague Anthony Julius; Richard Rampton, QC, and his “junior,” Heather Rogers – in the earlier McDonald’s case, the latter two, Rampton and Rogers, just happened to be friends and colleagues of the Lipstadt Judge: go figure | Jessica Goldstein: Talking conspiracy theories with Lipstadt (“This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity”): Lipstadt was struck by Mr Irving and “the depth of his cruelty.” … Sample Goldstein: “You obviously knew a lot about David Irving before the trial began and before he’d ever sued you. He was in your book. I’m curious what you learned about him over the course of the trial that was surprising to you.”
Lipstadt, pausing: “That’s a great question. I knew about him in theory. I knew about him in writing. I had never — and this is why Timothy Spall’s depiction of him is so powerful; it’s chilling at times — the depth of his contemptuousness. The depth of his cruelty. The depth of his disregard of truth. The depth of his hatred of Jews. Seeing it up close and personal, was riveting and chilling.” (In fact her own documents show that Mr Irving was not even in her book until mega-fraudster ‘Robert Maxwell’ wrote asking her to include him in the final draft)


Rachel Weisz, actress, and Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt, right, who was denied tenure at the University of California, looking gay in the Law Courts, London.

Overkill: Ian Buruma reviews that film in the N.Y. Review of Books: Auschwitz on Trial: The Bully and the Witness. Claims Mr Irving talked of “Auschwitz Survivors, Survivors of the Holocaust, and Other Liars – or the ASSHOLs.” (In fact he talked of “an Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars.” ASSHOLs turn out to be legion.) Irving will soon be up there with Mengele; he says in fact that Auschwitz is mostly a handy fake, like Disneyland; the real SS purge of the Jews was conducted at Belzec, Sobibór, Treblinka on the far side of Poland, and other hard-to-reach locations

Saleroom news: British Girl Guide met Adolf Hitler in 1936, her diary says he was “wonderful with children”bit by bit, Real History comes out but not from conformist historians

Andy Borowitz writes in The New Yorker about Rachel Weisz and Deborah Lipstadt – amusing, for those who talk Jewish | Easily frightened: Weisz on the frightening reality of Holocaust denial | Canadian homosexual chief eagerly supports Lipstadt: Bernie M Farber, ex-chief of the Canadian Jewish Congress: Embracing Denial, a new film about David Irving (denial – “the proposition that .  .  . world Jewry made it up to secure monetary reparations from Germany”) | Ron Paul: Why are poor American taxpayers sending $38 billion to rich and powerful Israel? | Name one other gift which keeps on giving: U.S. begins paying out reparations from France to “Holocaust” heirs

Horst Wessel Anthem: German Library claims copyright, censors documentary on YouTube – Young NS activist Horst Wessel was murdered by Communists; the “Nazis” caught and dealt with his murderers

Obituary: Karl Dietrich Bracher, German historian of “Nazi” era, dies at 94

Famed Holocaust historian says he “will quit U.S.” if Trump elected

Culture news: Hey Jew: The Beatles meet the Chosen - the Jewish and homosexual links of “the most famous group in rock ’n’ roll history”

Renaissance: German leader smears “far-right” AfD’s Berlin victory as “Nazi renaissance” | That’s the trouble with democracy: Berlin AfD vote will be seen as “Nazi” rebirth: so fears mayor, Michael Mueller, a Social Democrat | New AfD Berlin senator: “Nazi” civilian killings were “legal” | German Nationalist [AfD] probed for selling Nazi-era memorabilia

Not really British after all: Brexit prompts London rabbi Julia Neuberger to reconcile with German roots – her mother fortunately left Germany in 1937

Daily Express: Adolf Hitler’s nuclear arsenal “found” by German engineer in underground bunker – why didn’t he use it, then? answer: it’s baloney

Boston Globe: Deborah Lipstadt on truth, Trump, and Holocaust deniers - Lipstadt has to explain why she did not go into the witness stand | Rachel Weisz on the Frightening Reality of Holocaust Denial | David Merlin: "Behind the Scenes"

Live on a New York stage, on Sept. 19, 2016. Rachel Weisz and Deborah E. Lipstadt. The “acclaimed American historian” explains why she avoided the witness box at her London trial. Warning: Lipstadt looks uh, well-fed, and moderator Patricia Cohen – cultural reporter for The New York Times – rivals her in looks. Mr Irving says: “I’ve still got the $1,000 for her” – if she can produce the blueprint evidence she said in 1994 she has | Lawyer Kenneth S Stern of the Rosenberg Foundation (is that Julius & Ethel?) writes My behind-the-scenes “Denial” story: part of the Lipstadt “legal team”, he boasts of the [$13million] financial effort that went into the attack on David Irving, and the extent of fund-raising by American Jews (“depressingly few from the UK”), and the items left out of the movie. He mutters about “Irving’s vast connections with ‘neo-Nazis’ and white supremacists (and racist and misogynist comments)” and reveals how “the [London] courtroom stenographer’s real-time transcript appeared on my computer [in New York], and I could communicate with a vibrating phone in the [London] courtroom, if need be).” Lawyer Anthony Julius “represented Lipstadt without fee, until it became clear that Irving was determined to bring the matter to trial,” and then of course he put in substantial bills. Of course

Holocaust-denial film unveiled at Toronto International Film Festival - more clips | Panned, after all that money, too: gets unfavorable reviews | Even The Guardian pans Denial: Rachel Weisz makes heavy weather of Holocaust courtroom drama | another review calls it a “curiously awkward and slipshod movie” | Jewish newspaper Ha’aretz comment: “Weisz [said] her own parents were Holocaust refugees” (that’s a new category of “suffering”) | TIFF Journal also unhappy: “Denial is one of those well-meaning movies about an important subject that isn’t particularly good, but tends to get a free pass in awards season thanks to .  .  . ” well, you know what | Vanity Fair pans movie Denial: “Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a dud, despite the noble efforts of the cast” | Toronto: Denial has historical underpinning, but it might really be about Trump … calls Timothy Spall “reliably sleazy” (playing Irving) | and see the Wall Street Journal, with a thoughtful Reader’s comment: “Lost in here is an important point ... there is no proof that Hitler ordered it or was even aware. Modern scholarship [pioneered by David Irving] is starting to prove this” | Denial movie Part 1 - Introduction by Eric Hunt

Jewish author mockingly wishes Happy 100th Birthday to “beloved author and vile anti-semite” Roald Dahl – the late author was outspoken, speaking some home truths which they didn’t like hearing | BBC: In 1983, Dahl said in the New Statesman Adolf Hitler “didn't just pick on them [Jews] for no reason”. And: “There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity”

Mob of hundred “neo-Nazis” in street fight with immigrants in German townDaily Mail story, but collar does not match the cuffs: who started the fight





* ASSHOL: Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars

* AWPOW: Are we powerful or what!



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