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January 1, 2014

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The Night they Burst the Dams

DAMBUSTERS. Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst | and in English


- Focal Point reprint
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Gerwich Bode tango lesson
Above: high jinks on our 2011 tour of Hitler's HQ - one of our esteemed guests, an Australian Vodafone salesman (at left), gives our local expert guide a tango dance-lesson outside Hitler's HQ.
Next year's tour: all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites, including of course the Wolf's Lair

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 -- for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

enlarge. Video DVD: THEY DON'T HANG WARS CRIMINALS ANY MORE - DO THEY? David Irving at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

Video DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

David Irving speaking at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available. David Irving speaks on THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

Video DVD: David Irving's message to the Germans: $30: click for details
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- a thrilling war story of British genius and heroism.


David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War






David Irving's classic history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries.


David Irving's daily newswatch on History and Human Rights



The most controversial
David Irving biography, 752 pages
plus 40 pages of photos.

Reaches London and our
US bookstore mid-January:

David Irving, a Radical's Diary: My ten-thousand mile speaking tour of the USA begins badly when I fly from London to Atlanta via Toronto – and Canada deports me yet again! Then a thief in Key West makes off with my computer. Police think it no coincidence. An infuriatingly incommunicative girl in Charlotte – and ‘Try saying that with your mouth full of spaghetti’.


A new thought-provoking study by Mark Weber of the IHR: Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist?

The Long Search for Alfred Rosenberg’s Stolen Diaries. A Brief Memoir by David Irving. Illustrated. Free 18pp download. (PDF, 0.8MB)

Patrick J. Buchanan asks the question which troubles many of us Christians: “Is Putin One of Us?” – and we recall that in June 2013 Putin chided scandalised Jews that they had formed 85% of the Bolshevik terror-leadership| They are still outraged

Will he plead too old to prosecute? Outrage as police move in on Lord Janner, finally unmasked as paedophile suspect | “Child sex abuse allegations” | Police raid his Hampstead home. His lawyer admits that Janner, long-term Board of British Jews president, is “assisting police” with inquiries | Police ignored reports of Janner’s quarter-century of sin

Earning the Curse of Irving:
Back in June 2002 Greville Janner gloated to The Sunday Telegraph, upon learning that the authorities had now seized Mr Irving's Mayfair, London, family home of 38 years after the Lipstadt trial, together with all his archives and possessions: "I am pleased that justice has caught up with him. He deserves everything he gets." He gloated publicly again when Austria imprisoned the historian. - We Christians feel sorry for Lord Janner now that justice is catching up with him. He actually deserves more than he will get.

IT WAS KNOWN FOR TWENTY YEARS    David Irving says: “What took so long? Time and again the authorities have been told about these high profile villains, but hesitated. Back in 1994 I was informed fully by Sid Chaney’s samizdat circulars about Greville Janner and his paedophile perversions. At this rate, Gerald Gable of Searchlight will be next to have his collar felt – again.” And Mr Irving warns, “Grev., us real historians don’t find prison enjoyable. Believe me, convicted paedophiles certainly won't either.”

Friday, October 19, 2007, Windsor (England): “I get a call from the Oxford Union about their forthcoming event. Lord Janner has phoned them, pleading with them not to invite me, shrieking that they are all anti-Semites, and horrified that Oxford would even contemplate it. I reply that it is odd that that old pedalist [paedophile] Greville Janner should accuse me of anti-semitism too, as he was the chief of the odious Board of Deputies of British Jews, and their secret 1992 report states clearly -- as did the ADL's early Intelligence about me -- that I cannot be called an anti-Semite. Of course if they keep coming at me with their fists, then I may yet turn against them.”

Excitement: U.S. Holocaust museum gets long-lost private diary of Alfred Rosenberg, Hitler aide, stolen by Allied lawyer from 1945 Nuremberg tribunal | Museum’s improbable version: lawyer Robert Kempner “had permission” to steal documents for research purposes | USHMM transcript of 420pp diary, page by page | David Irving on the Long Search | We post complete user-friendly transcript of Rosenberg Diary (pdf) | Now see our related stories - and use our website search engine on “Kempner”

DAVID IRVING writes: The Museum's accompanying texts tend to play down the fact that the German-born Robert M W Kempner stole and squirreled away these and other vital documents for over sixty years. Yes, very helpful to researchers. I know of at least four researchers, including Dr Elke Fröhlich, Professor Dr Helmuth Krausnick, and Dr Anton Hoch of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, and myself, to whom Kempner flatly denied over the years that he had the Rosenberg diaries. In fact he had stolen them.
   Under the Hague Rules of Land Warfare they cannot legally be removed or looted if they were personal diaries. (It took a Presidential Executive order by Harry S Truman to “legalise” the theft of General Alfred Jodl’s diaries). If they are official, e.g. unit war-diaries, then they can be seized. It certainly cannot have prospered Rosenberg’s Nuremberg defence to be deprived by theft of his own voluminous handwritten private diaries.

Landmark history ruling by the Strasbourg court: There can be no consensus about war history, least of all about holocausts: Geschichts-schreibung sei grundsätzlich umstritten | English translation

Filthy rich? What, us? Jewish refugee’s heirs: Australian museum’s painting is a $5M Van Gogh – and “ours” | Times of Israel article: Manny Friedman admits it, Jews DO control the media

Down to the last drop: Twenty-four camp guards, mostly over ninety – including three women – face trial in Germany: and still the Jews ask, “Why us?”

The myth-makers: Poland to honor Jan Karski, partisan who “warned about Holocaust” | Correspondence about Karski on this website (or use our search engine: “Karski”)

Whoa, look who just touched the third rail! Aroma-obsessed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on “The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd”

In 1970 letter, King Edward VIII sadly wonders if he could have stopped WW2: “At least I used any influence I had to warn against the folly of another holocaust” - in 1970 that word had not yet been assigned to the Jewish tragedy

History awards its Oscars: Adolf Hitler rated as seventh most significant person in History | Meanwhile: Bavarian Government pygmies mysteriously snuff his Mein Kampf, which was to be published for first time since WW2: German | English

Some Germans criticize Israeli cluster-bombing of civilians, for example: “hate” mail comes from “surprisingly well-educated” sources

Mustn’t say that: Austrian Mayor resigns over call for journalists to be hanged like Jews

Paying the piper: European Jewish Congress rewards Greece’s PM for ban on “Neo-Nazis”

This New Europe: Regrets” hosting Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman at sponsored event, accused of Holocaust Denial

David Irving’s big Chicago dinner function fails: the hired scum smash up posh restaurant | traditional enemies gloat - but betray their own mole. (We use unique “markers” in emails: we turn the Rambo’s identity over to the authorities investigating the criminal damage) - see in this general connection Professor Kevin MacDonald on “Jewish Defenses against Criticism”

The elastic concept: Outrage as Europe’s anti-racism agency finds itself unable to define “anti-Semitism”

– And heres a little something we picked up from the Stasi: German Police test a Music App that can search for “Neo-Nazis” | Germany’s Bundesrat moves to ban far-right NPD: In 2005, two NPD members left the Saxony parliament during a minute’s silence for the victims of National Socialism. NPD leader Holger Apfel called 1945 Allied raid on Dresden a “bomb holocaust”

Kills all known Germs: Outrage over cleaning product called “Cyclone B”

So WW2 was in color? Hugo Jaeger, Hitler’s personal photographer recorded Third Reich in Kodachrome. Daily Mail dutifully finds the pics “revolting”

Some sanity in the New Europe: Croatia rejects same-sex “marriage”

Ferdinand Porsche’s Nazi Past Prompts Protest in “Czech” Birthplace: Father of the Volkswagen “Beetle”, but that’s not good enough for some citizens (guess who?)

Government in secret: Australia's prime minister quietly shifts to support illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine, tells nobody| Australian Jews brace for fight against repeal of “hate” laws | Outrage of MP Mark Dreyfus at plan to restore free speech in Australia - Says “it reflects ignorance of history” (or does he mean, “– of who’s really in charge around here?”) | “Holocaust denialists” back calls for repeal

Early draft of King George VI's 1939 Speech sold - about declaring war on Germany, dated one week ahead

Photo albums stolen from Hitler’s library sold at auction

Greece, democracy at work: Concern for Golden Dawn’s Rise in Poll Numbers

Another Holocaust fake: Oxford forensic lab tests Holocaust survivor’s uniform (offered for £11,000), find threads, dyes, buttons all post-war. His family “furious” at exposure. And, in related news, Court says Holocaust survival does not entitle “survivor” to steal: orders his family to return $10M gold tablet to Berlin museum, rejects his “spoils of war” defense

Struck by the Curse of Irving: Judge sentences Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond to ten years (he led the violent attack on our Nov 2009 meeting in Chicago, and much else) | Earlier: US court seeks 10 year prison term for Hammond

New York Fraudster gets 8 years in $57M Holocaust scheme. (After all they have suffered)

Jim Goad on Another Word for “Holocaust”

LIFE magazine publishes:“Color Photos of a Tyrant Among the Crowds”: Excellent pictures of unprotected Hitler moving freely among the crowds, rather unlike the leaders of today's “free democracies”

Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller (far right) was buried in Jewish mass grave - says puffed-up conformist German historian, quoted by newspapers around the world. But we think it highly unlikely. The general's real medals were mysteriously returned to his widow years later - so they were not "in his uniform pocket" |The search for Müller | more | - The full story is in our coming Himmler biography: click book for a privileged glimpse

No comment: The Guardian publishes Top Secret NSA and Israeli "memorandum of understanding" on Intelligence |and furthermore... | An Australian Horror-Story: Israel and the Erosion of Democracy

Daily Mail's Guy Walters on the latest dumpster-diving discovery: the survival of Adolf Hitler to a great age in Argentina. (Unlike us, Walters never talked to Hitler's staff, who heard the shot and carried the bodies out of the Berlin bunker in 1945).

This New Europe: Poles and European Jewish Congress (we didn't realise there is one) call for a Europe-wide Sicherheitsdienst to monitor certain "identified citizens and groups"


The real haters: "Nuke Iran to get it to talk business", says casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson (above left) | YouTube video

Daily Express:Unearthed yet again - the horrors of Hitler's WW2 death camp in Treblinka- New TV film: "Photographs show bodies littering the landscape as late as the early Sixties" | Real History note: Treblinka is one of the four "Reinhard" sites again included in our 2014 Wolf's Lair tour

Lewis Lapham: Princeton Poll Ranks Hitler Over Einstein - Business Week

There being no more urgent business: Italy could join 17 countries where "Holocaust denial" is a crime - UPI.com. (But in late news: the Italian Parliament has defeated the proposed new law)   Daily Mail finds Amazon selling Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist books (while the Mail just sells Nazi nostalgia and soft porn)

Can of worms opened: Radiation experts confirm polonium found in Yasser Arafat’s clothing

Hitler's Underestimated Charisma- Der Spiegel interviews Volker Ulrich, author of a new Hitler biography. (No prize for guessing which major biography he relies on, but is not mentioned.) He claims to have discovered the Rudolf Hess Nachlass (papers): Uh, sorry, Mr Ulrich, we discovered, read, and listed those Hess papers long before you did, twenty-three years ago. They are now in safety– in Switzerland's official archives

Reflections of a traditional enemy (of free speech): Lord Triesman admits that anti-Semitism existed within Fifa during his time as Football Association chairman. One of many reasons ("Why us?"): As General Secretary of the influential University Teachers trade union, Triesman called for an international academic boycott of Oxford if the university allowed David Irving to speak


Men of peace: Ribbentrop (centre) greets Chamberlain and the British ambassador Sir Nevile Henderson (with the habitual carnation in his buttonhole) in September 1938.

At last the BBC hails Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as Britain's man of peace| Winston Churchill wanted to use "the most devastating chemical weapon ever devised" on Bolsheviks

How an honourable Press should be: The New York Times retracts an enemy lie about David Irving

This new Europe: Greece arrests Golden Dawn party leader and MPs, charged with heading a criminal gang. That'll teach 'em about Democracy. (Article 62 of Greece's constitution rules that MPs cannot be arrested. Evidently some exceptions apply?)

Murray Hunter: The Australian government's new stance on human rights? Cites the twenty-year ban on Mr Irving as a case in point

Catching up with Real History: Nazis “offered to leave western Europe in exchange for free hand against Bolsheviks” - Peter Padfield and The Daily Telegraph discover the 1941 Nazi peace offer -- which David Irving first revealed in HESS: THE MISSING YEARS in 1987 (but of course they give him no credit)

This new Europe #1: Czechs prosecute author, publisher over Hitler's speeches: "The charges were made on the basis of expert reports describing the content of the book." - Ah, expert reports. . .

This New Europe #2: Stuttgart, Germany, prosecutor indicts yet another 93 year old ex-SS-man who once did duty in Auschwitz. (As though he could have refused.) In German.

This New Europe #3: Germany fines British Bishop Williamson $2,500 for that Swedish TV interview | 3Sat | English

The Curse of Irving strikes yet again. Volker Beck (left), Green Party chief who organised the needless Berlin hotel ban on Mr Irving, resigns after paedophilia scandal. (He stood for the the decriminalisation of sex with children back in the 1980s)

The Times Higher Education reviews the latest book by Professor Richard Overy, the conformist U.K. historian and Jimmy Saville lookalike(right). It starts with a smear: "Popular perceptions continue to be influenced by the inflated figure fabricated by David Irving for the casualties of the bombing of Dresden in February 1945." The newspaper seems to have forgotten that they had to pay Mr Irving £48,000 damages over an even more stupid libel in an earlier article by Overy. As for the Dresden casualties, far from "fabricating" a figure, Irving cited the exact figure given him in 1961 by the German official charged by the city in 1945 with establishing the deathroll. Overy does not mention that Mr Irving has since found in government archives a decoded message dated March 24, 1945, in which the then mayor quotes figures wholly compatible with that deathroll. | Our dossier on the Dresden air raid | and the death toll | THE publishes our reply

World safe again: "Nazi" magazine Landser ("The Squaddie") shuts down at Wiesenthal demand | Wiesenthal Center calls for end to long-running German pulp magazine | NYT | and ADL's Abe Foxman waddles onto the bandwagon. AWPOW?*

Daily Mail publishes thought-provoking series of colour photos of the easy life in Paris under the German occupation

The Independent: The spymaster and Nazi peacemaker Rudolf Hess - overpriced secret file fails to sell at auction

David Irving (center) pauses yesterday for a photo of his international group outside the entrance to the Hitler's gigantic fortified bunker 2013

David Irving paused last week for a photo with his multi-national group outside the entrance to Adolf Hitler's gigantic fortified bunker at the Wolf's Layer in East Prussia, now in Poland. [Express interest in joining his 2014 tour. Next year's tour will include all four sinister "Operation Reinhard" sites]

Rochus Misch, last member of Hitler's escort, has died | obituary 1 | obituary 2 | Süddeutsche Zeitung | CBS (a lengthy obituary in English)

Mail madness #1: Hitler's Nazi swastika ring auctioned for £70,000 in USA after being found by an American soldier

Mail madness #2: Rudolf Hess was "murdered by British agents to stop him revealing war secrets but Scotland Yard was told NOT to investigate" (In fact, secret taped interviews in 1970s show he was already senile: we have heard them) | Scotland Yard releases 1989 file on Hess and Welsh doctor and writer Hugh Thomas | The Independent carries an article by its chief reporter Cahal Milmo about the release of this file | British Secret Service file on Hess's WW2 peace mission mysteriously turns up on a US auction block: facsimiles of the entire file posted on the Internet

"Revealed" yet again - and again: Hugo Boss's lucrative business manufacturing the Nazi uniforms. Still upsets the Jewish community (and Russell Brand) but nobody else

Guardian: Winston Churchill's shocking use of chemical weapons

TAZ: Munich court delay stops "Holocaust denier" David Irving from returning to Germany after a twenty-year ban. Levi Solomon of Jewish Forum rejoices at this new defeat for free speech | Die Zeit publishes the TAZ article, and early readers' comments are overwhelmingly against stopping Mr Irving speaking

Jewish experts agonize over a familiar conundrum: "Why Literally Everyone in the World Hates the Jews, and What To Do About It" - In short, Why Us?

Nuremberg rallies to repair crumbling Nazi heritage site

John Mearsheimer points out: Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons (unlike the USA - white phosphorus, Agent Orange, etc.) The Germans had 30,000 tons of the deadly Sarin and Tabun nerve gases ready for use, but Hitler embargoed their use - he insisted that the enemy must use them first, and he would then strike back. The weapons were dumped in the Baltic after 1945, and the German government is now engaged in salvaging their remains.

The real haters don't give up. The Independent: "David Irving - the hate that dare not speak its name"

Irving's "sick jibe" at LGBT community for "their part in the AIDS epidemic" - while Manchester celebrated Pride Week - Are they now denying it? First they hijacked the word "gay" and now they have stolen "pride", neither of which seems appropriate in the circumstances | Mancunian Matters: Traditional enemies of the truth mobilise as David Irving set to give talk at secret Manchester location (they failed to stop him)


Feeling the heat: Assemblyman Dov Hikind (center) is pictured with Noah J. Hanft, general counsel and chief franchise integrity officer for MasterCard Worldwide (left) and Richard Santoro, MasterCard Worldwide's vice president of government affairs. Photo: Assemblyman Hikind's office

Brooklyn to censor Websites: MasterCard will cease doing business with "hate" groups | Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Another victory for the real haters?

Bradley Smith (CODOH) teases the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC on the stolen Rosenberg papers, asking, "Why not simply scan and post the documents publicly?"


Along came a plagiarist and - Adolf Hitler's drug habit revealed: Führer took cocktail of medication - "based on recently-discovered records and letters from his physician Dr Theodore Morell" - but all these records were actually revealed by David Irving when he discovered and published Dr Morell's diaries in 1983

And who else? Israel's diplomatic policy chief forced to apologize over offensive Facebook remarks about Japan and Hiroshima ("they had it coming")

Read and marvel: New Nixon tapes show more anti-Semitism

Who's lying now? Jewish Chronicle on our UK speaking tour: "After years in a Florida retreat" (um, no) Irving back in UK to absolve Himmler; quotes Gerald Gable, the convicted Jewish bungler and housebreaker




But hey, who cares? It's the money, stupid:
"Holocaust journeys" can cause mental health problems, say experts

Let this be a lesson to the English: Outcry as Labour's Negress Diane Abbott (above) demands more immigrants into UK

Why the Germans are how they are: Nazi Toys. Daily Mail: "The toys that brainwashed German children" - Hitler, a marching band, and Rudolf Hess

Damn, he might have waited. Aged Hungarian Nazi "war crimes suspect" dies before judgment. Fury at Wiesenthal Center

Occidental Observer: The Corrupted Kingdom: Power and Privilege in Modern Britain. How the liberal media conceal the truth about corrupt coloured cops and sex criminals

"Holocaust-denier David Irving defies Berlin ban": "Inundated with offers" of accommodation after Hotel Association calls for ban | Truth check: In reply to Berlin journalist Tom Bristow's query Mr Irving said: "It is a cheap and nasty lie to call me a Holocaust-denier. Every time I visit Auschwitz, five times so far - this year will be the sixth - I lay a wreath at the foot of the execution wall where the Germans executed Polish heroes." No word of this in Mr Bristow's report. "Hypocrite," sneers convicted Jewish bungler Gerald Gable, the editor of Searchlight (who never visits the site, or lays a wreath)



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* ASSHOL: Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars

* AWPOW: Are we powerful or what! | YOUR LETTERS:

: Paul Grubach points out that even Jewish academics confirm the role of Hungary's Jews in their Communist regime and secret police
: Kevin Walsh accuses: "Was it right for you to pull out of Norway?"
: Alex G, South Carolina student, asks about the 1941 Rudolf Hess mission\
: Frank Jaffe is outraged that we accuse Israel of exploiting the Bishop Williamson controversy


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