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March 1999

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    Mike Woods is outraged at BBC TV programme on David Irving
    Lauren needs to know for her English class how many people Hitler is responsible for killing
    Michael Mills of Australia quotes an inoccuous example of the use of the word "Sonderaktion"
    Michael Salter, of Cumbria, asks about the doctoring of the Nuremberg trial transcripts

    Remember, you read it first here: Our posting of the dossier on Kurt Aumeier, Commandant Rudolf Höss's lieutenant in Auschwitz, continues. We have now included the full August 1945 interrogation in Oslo. Why have the Holocaust "scholars" ignored this man?
    [Nudge: e-mail the famous "scholar" Professor Christopher Browning | see our Browning dossier]
    Coming shortly on this Website: In 1958 the Munich-based Institut für Zeitgeschichte published Kommandant in Auschwitz, their edition of the prison memoirs of Höss. Kidnapped in Argentina in 1960, Adolf Eichmann now for the first time read what Höss had to say before he was hanged. He had already dictated secret memoirs. He now scribbled caustic comments in the margins of those of Höss. One of our number bought that book, with the marginal notes, in a German second-hand bookshop. The German government has authenticated it. This Website will post these historically sensational pages, in a few days' time. Remember, you read it first here. 

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