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August 2003

Jews and anti-Semitism


Backlash in NZ begins Protestors picket NZ Herald over sacking of cartoonist Malcolm Evans

Australia Labour Party (in Opposition) asks Abbott to "explain" Hanson role
"Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott has been called on to reveal in detail how he raised money for court action against One Nation founder Pauline Hanson"

UK children's author faces Jewish wrath Groups demand that Macmillan pulp book on boy's life in West Bank [Flashback: In 1992, under Jewish pressure, Macmillan Ltd secretly destroyed thousands of books by David Irving]

Four widows try to find out what went wrong on Sept 11, 2001

A historic document Submissions by the prisoner Ernst Zündel, July 25, 2003

More bare faced liars John Howard denies expert's allegation that he "sexed up" Intelligence report to justify attack on Iraq

Outrage as all Australia backs jailed rightwinger Pauline Hanson

Jewish community orders Australia's Parliamentary Opposition Leader to stop two pro-Palestinian backbenchers from speaking in debate on Middle East

Bush's war on truth Troops wounded in action not listed among casualties

Robert Fisk UN attack underlines America's crumbling authority in Iraq

Media Coverage of the Attacks in Baghdad and Jerusalem: A Brainwashed American Looks at US TV

Israel outrage at Nazi swastikas and pictures in Hong Kong store | More outrage at Hitler and Nazi execution pictures in Hong Kong karaoke bar

Great Shakedown continues Israel Claims 'Lost Property' In Arab Countries

Mother's campaign Families, Vets Urge U.S. Troops Come Home from Iraq

The Berghof. Hitler's Mountain home, in the Bavarian Alps, profiled by Homes & Gardens, Nov 1938

Harvard to put Nuremberg documents on Web

Death of Idi Amin Israel was behind Idi Amin's coup in Uganda

David Aaronovitch takes a safe kick at the late Diana Mosley | Diana Mosley - The last bright young thing | BBC obituary Daily Telegraph obituaries | David Irving: A Radical's Diary

"We warned you" Al-Qaeda claims credit for US, Canadian giga-outage | Radical's Diary on the USA power blackout

Brian Eno reviews Rampton and Stauber's new book Weapons of Mass Deception

Are we powerful or what NZ Herald sacks cartoonist accused of anti-Semitism

Power Outage Traced to Dimwit in White House

Is the Philippine government bombing its own people for dollars?

Reminscences of David Irving at Brentwood School, 1947-1956

New York Times profile of Yehuda Abraham, gem dealer involved in laundering cash for terorrist missile sting

Downing Street spinners massaged the case for war on Iraq, weapons expert David Kelly told a BBC journalist

Jewish Telegraph Agency confirms US Jew nabbed in missile sting: among three men arrested | A Radical's Diary

More NZ reader's letters on the Joel Hayward case | Canberra MP Rodney Hide signs petition calling on University to recompense Joel Hayward

Where the English are Welsh Nationalist Party leadership race hit by "immigrants" speech | and David Irving's comments on England's race plight

Explains quite a lot FBI's top anthrax suspect is Dr Philip Zack

Bowing to the "deniers" Wiesenthal Center has removed faked photo from its website | Flashback another example of Wiesenthal faking an image (executions "of Nazi victims")

Jewish organizations complain about "anti-Semitic" cartoon in The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Independent: Panicking US Troops shoot Family Dead

The Oil Factor Secret executive order by Pres Bush provides complete immunity to US oil firms in Iraq Related: Original text of this short order, pdf | An analysis of the realities of an oil-driven economy and the method in Bush's madness

Radical's Diary Professor Van Pelt's mendacity and intention to deceive

Trouble in Paradise Fierce Feud Erupts At American Jewish Congress - Bronfman [Canadian billionaire], Leibler [Australian billionaire] exchange bitter words over Israel
Bronfman: "Mr. Leibler is an arrogant twit, who has decided that G*d is dead and he is taking his place."

Are we powerful or what? ADL forces Glenview bank president to resign over article commending Hitler's economic policies

Backlash update NZ Prof Dov Bing argues against freedom of speech for Joel Hayward, Holocaust revisionism

Washington Post, Friday, Aug 8, 2003: FBI [theory] "9-11 Hijackers Crashed Flight 93 in Pennsylvania" - F-16 fighter planes not mentioned ... yet

Paul Wolfowitz Lets Slip: Iraq Was Not Involved in 9/11; No Ties to Al-Qaeda | The unbearable murkiness of Wolfowitz

Walter Reed army hospital in Washington is full | The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded

Joel Hayward Case: David Cohen in NZ National Business Review scoffs at fears of backlash against Jews Open minds, empty minds and the Holocaust | Hayward's wife writes reader's letter, "My Husband is Joel Hayward, not Joel Holocaust"

Arab press: US Troops step up arrests and killings in Iraq

Scientist Hatfill prepares lawsuit while FBI continues anthrax investigation

Doctors comment on David Kelley case oddities:
#1. His wristwatch was removed after his wrist was slashed
#2. He had four electrode pads on his chest. "Electrodes on chest unusual"



Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

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