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September 2003


New York Times The Failure to Find Iraqi Weapons | commentary by Stephen Sniegoski: "The obvious truth is that the Bush Administration lied to get the country into war"

John Pilger on Rupert Murdoch's insidious grip on prime ministers and newspapers around the world

Counterpunch: The Fire Last Time - Gen. Wesley Clark and Waco | Mitchel Cohen: Clark - War Criminal

Israel grounds 27 rebel airmen. Refusal to take part in "illegal and immoral" missions

RumsfeldWhat's the French for payback time? Bush Regime "playing cards", the full deck on the Voltaire website (see picture below right)

Joel Hayward case, more: Prof Martin Lally responds to Tom Ryan's criticisms

Can't Double-Dip Insurance Claim World Trade Center Developer Larry Silverstein Suffers Insurance Setback

Film casts doubt on the women who defied Hitler

Ludovic Kennedy mentions the Unmentionable British TV has "more than its fair share of Black participants"

A Radical's Diary: The Hutton inquiry; Geoff Hoon, and Blacks on the British television screens

Mark Weber asks (article) Who Is Ernst Zündel, And Why Is He In Jail?

Reprise: The Berghof. Hitler's Mountain home, in the Bavarian Alps, profiled by Homes & Gardens, Nov 1938 | The Sunday Times (London) belatedly discovers the article | Full text: "There is nothing pretentious about the Führer's little estate ... As host he is a droll raconteur".

Professor Kevin Macdonald of California State University at Long Beach analyses the international Jewish origins of the neo-conservatives

Thousands died The hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction yields - nothing

Oops John Pilger uncovered video evidence of Powell, Rice stating in Cairo in Feb 2001 that Saddam Hussein was no threat to anybody

British minister's days numbered Intelligence dossier on Iraq was beefed up: draft reported Saddam Hussein would launch weapons only if attacked (... and even then he didn't. With David Irving commentary)

Special Knesset committee: Israel traps 3,000 women a year in modern slavery
"3,000 women are sold each year in Israel's sex industry, in transactions with an annual volume of $1 billion."

La loi Fabius-Gayssot: French law forbids revising history as laid down at Nuremberg, 1945-46 (in French)

A Radical's Diary David Irving visits Copenhagen, and a tragic monument; and decides he's become left-wing

Robert Fisk on General Wesley Clark's credentials as an "anti-war" candidate | Who'd a thunk it Presidential hopeful Clark comes from a long line of rabbis [and see Forward, Jan 2003]

Letters to New Zealand Listener about the Joel Hayward "book burning" case

Kofi Annan challenges US on force: pre-emptive strikes are a "threat to world peace and stability"

Sept 11 latest Odigo again confirms that two staff members received warning emails two hours ahead of WTC attack

Michel Friedman final Germany's Jewish council elects replacement for disgraced former national leader: drug dealing, organised crime

Woke up, smelt coffee George W Bush questions the hard line policies

Gulf News: Patrick Seale: Patrick Seale: Americans know they have gone well past the point of no return

More terror in Baghdad Uday's rare Bengal tiger bites off the hand of American soldier; soldiers shoot it

Israeli "art students" again Arrested in Canada, accused as Mossad agents, ordered deported; released to luxury Ottawa hotel
[This story vanished from the website of the Ottawa Sun within hours of it being posted. The Globe & Mail doesn't mention a word of it.]

Profiteering latest Zell, Goldberg & Co., and Pentagon's Douglas Feith, gain from aggression against Iraq

Jews and anti-Semitism

"Eight" US troops killed Two soldiers wounded in convoy attack west of Baghdad | Robert Fisk Colin Powell draws a veil over killings, as he tours Iraq

Great Holocaust Shakedown: Lawrence Eagleburger's Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims has spent $56 million to obtain offers of $35 million

The old hatred Anonymous ex-student defends St. Anne's College, Oxford, against Dame Ruth Deech's allegations of anti-semitism

Joel Hayward bounces back University chief's job in doubt. The position of Canterbury (NZ) University Vice-Chancellor to be reviewed after the scandal | NZ Herald: Richard "Skunky" Evans defends himself: Academic standards the issue, not freedom (he was hired by New Zealand Jewish Council to destroy name of Joel Hayward) | Dozens of NZ community leaders and academics sign petition in major NZ newspapers condemning treatment of non conformist historian Hayward | Previously: Hayward replies to Richard "Skunky" Evans article, reminds readers that Evans was highly paid to destroy him | Joel Hayward latest Prof Martin Lally comments on two newspaper editorials about the Hayward petition: | Christchurch Press, "History lessons" | Wellington Dominion-Post, "Academic Freedom must apply to all" | NZ Journalist Philip Matthews asks Prof Lally how his correspondence with Prof Richard "Skunky" Evans is being leaked to this website | The correspondence | The NZ academics' petition | Hayward "not surprised" by petition | Lecturer Dr Fudge warns University he will stay on, to battle for academic freedom | Evans attacks Hayward in the Christchurch NZ press | The Listener article smears Hayward and "deniers" | Reader's letter by Martin Lally to The Listener | Canterbury University (NZ) Council passes two resolutions in Sept 2003 rejecting complaints by Dr Thomas Fudge of book burning and loss of academic freedom in Hayward Case | Dr Fudge's letter of response to these resolutions | letter from Martin Lally's committee circulating these items | Dr Thomas A Fudge: The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands: from holocaust historian to holocaust? -- fully annotated original article, pdf file

NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman Sees Gloom in America's Future, calls Bush habitual Liar

John Pilger wants Blair sent to The Hague: Iraq's Epic Suffering Is Made Invisible

Outrage of reader that Washington Times dared publish an advertisement critical of Ernst Zündel's imprisonment [and Mr Irving's comment]

Twenty Lies about the Iraq War | President Bush's new Lies about the War | Eric Margolis on George Bush's crusade against "terrorism"
"France's conservative Le Figaro headlined White House pleas for help as 'Saving Private Bush.'"

Russian fraudster Boris Berezovsky granted asylum by Tony Blair's government | Letter

Conrad Black's newspaper calls for the murder of Yasser Arafat
David Irving comments: "I do not recall Saddam Hussein or Slobodan Milosevic ever having called, in a 'strong editorial,' for the murder of either of the Bush presidents, let alone of their trigger-happy associates."

Edward Teller, the 'father of the H-bomb' has died aged 95 | David Lappa comments "The Good Die Young | David Irving interviewed Teller in 1980

IsraeliteAn unexpected tidbit about US Attorney-General John ("Patriot") Ashcroft: his asst. chief of staff >>



Smallpox expert warns that FBI's treatment of two scientists [Thomas C. Butler and Stephen J. Hatfill] will sour relations with foreign researchers


What goes around Holocaust Museum and OSI chieftain Neal Sher dismissed from DC Bar for thieving (Eagleburger pleaded to let him off)



Anti-semitism French ambassador to Israel calls Sharon a "Punk"

Bush war against Iraq

Robert Fisk: We have a long and dishonourable tradition of smearing the dead



Tasteless: "Hitler" wine rails (sic. riles?) German minister | Hitler helps in Taipei advert for a space heater

Death at 101 of Hitler's film-maker Leni Riefenstahl "Eine Shakespeare-Gestalt im Mythos des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts": Werner Braeuninger writes on Riefenstahl | Obituaries: The Independent | The Times | Neue Zürcher Zeitung | Spiegel | Bild | Süddeutsche Zeitung | The Guardian | The San Diego Union Tribune: Hitler's filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, revered and reviled for her work, dies at 101 | Washington Post: German Film Director, Leni Riefenstahl, Dies at 101 | BBC News | New York Times: Leni Riefenstahl, Filmmaker and Nazi Propagandist, Dies at 101 | Der Spiegel: "Es gibt keinen Dokumentarfilm, der nicht von ihr beeinflusst ist" | Berliner Zeitung: Die Unberührbare: Die Regisseurin Leni Riefenstahl ist im Alter von 101 Jahren gestorben - ein Nachruf | Süddeutsche Zeitung: Leni Riefenstahl: Das Vermächtnis der Kriegerin | her home page Brentwood School is so proud of him Foreign Secretary Jack Straw implicated in the naming of Dr Kelly

Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Lipstadt lectured Sept 10, 2003 at US Holocaust Museum, Washington

Free Speech

Robert Manne flattened A critic squelches the Australian Schmierfink

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism



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