IN my judgement The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe ranks with Albert Speer's memoirs Inside the Third Reich as by far the most important book on Hitler's Germany to have appeared. . . Undoubtedly, it places David Irving in the front rank of contemporary historians.-- H Montgomery Hyde, Books & Bookmen, May 1974.

AFTER considerable vicissitudes David Irving takes his place in the first rank of historical chroniclers with this magisterial study. -- Laurence Cotterell, The Times, March 14, 1974

Mr. IRVING has made splendid use of the Milch papers and other German records which he has been able to study. -- Capt. Stephen Roskill, The Sunday Telegraph, March 10, 1974

DAVID Irving's remarkable exploration of the mind of Milch -- David Divine, The Sunday Times, March 10, 1974

HE combines a scholarly approach with an easy-to-read, pleasant style. The book . . . is wonderfully complete. New York Times, November 1974

IRVING'S earlier books have sometimes shown exaggeration and lack of judgement. This one is scholarly, fair and highly informative. -- A. J. P. Taylor, The Observer, March 10, 1974