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Above: Emil Maurice, early member of Stosstrupp Hitler, was born on January 19, 1897. From July to August 1923 he was Hitler's driver, and again from February 1925 to January 1928. He shared with him imprisonment at Landsberg. On the eve of Hitler's release on December 20, 1924, Maurice helped him conceal the typescript of Mein Kampf in his gramophone case. Hitler gave him these two WW1 sketches as a souvenir. Maurice testifies to this in a 1969 affidavit, and personally wax-sealed their silver frames. He died in Munich, February 6, 1972


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Sketches by Adolf Hitler, donated to Emil Maurice, his friend and chauffeur, and co-founder of the SS; and documents with full authentication


Price: $26,500 for both original Hitler sketches and the original photographs, letters, and authenticating documents shown. Not for sale separately.


First posted, Saturday, May 16, 2009 2:15 pm

sold in April 2010 for US$26,500 to a buyer in Maryland, USA.  


Emil Maurice. Note the sleeve cuff title, Stosstrupp Adolf Hitler 1923

left to right: unidentified, Joseph Goebbels (center) Emil Maurice (with rifle)

Flanders 1917, by Adolf Hitler; below, detail of his signature (click images to enlarge)

Flanders 1918, by Adolf Hitlerr; below, detail of his signature (click images to enlarge)

Above, left to right: Emil Maurice (with hat), possibly Karl Hanke (center), Adolf Hitler, Julius Schaub.

Below: Hitler signs a testimonial for Maurice in August 1928; Emil Maurice writes from prison to Hitler, January 1925; affidavit testifying to sketches' authenticity; and Maurice's release chit from the Landsberg fortress prison

Maurice release chit



David Irving states:

OFFERED by a German seller, the authenticity of Hitler sketches and supporting documents is confirmed by documents included in the sale items.

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