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Posted Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Budapest Crowd, March 15, 2007A crowd of thousands listens to David Irving on March 15, 2007

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Speech by David Irving, Budapest, Thursday, March 15, 2007

"I BRING you greetings from all the friends of Hungary in my country England.

From the Hungarians who live in England - and there are many who fled from the communist regime in 1956 - and from all your friends and admirers, and there are many of these too.

There is one ugly truth -- and it is a bitter truth -- which links our two great countries: we now both have prime ministers who lie.

One of them, my own prime minister, Tony Blair, has so far still to confess it.

These are bad times for freedom. Perhaps one day Englishmen like me will be seeking freedom in Hungary!

Because the lights of freedom, -- the right to think what we like, to say what we think, and to print and publish what we say -- are slowly dimming, as the ugly light of enforced socialism is dawning again.

I know what I am saying.

Governments do not like historians, and they like those of us who write Real History even less.

They prefer the kind of writer they can buy with money, or bribe with knighthoods and peerages.

You know that something is foul with your own government, when you see it bringing in two hundred foreign police troops to help it stay in power.

You know then that your government is, in real history, in the hands of a foreign power.

For all the 400 days that Austria held me in solitary confinement in prison in Vienna, since you last saw me here, -- punished for an opinion on history that I had expressed sixteen years before, -- the British government made no protest.

We were once a great world power. Some powerful Hungarians even wanted to have our Lord Rothermere as the next king of Hungary!

A great world power no longer, we have been destroyed by the foreign enemies within.

Jack Straw was Britain's foreign minister when Germany first demanded that I be turned over to them for punishment: he secretly agreed, -- I have seen the documents -- but he could not get his hands on me because I was in freedom in America. . .

and Straw went to the same school as I! Some comrade!

We are now all part of Europe, and one European country can mistreat any other European country's citizens as it pleases. Petöfi Sándor must be turning in his grave.

Several of my good friends, writers like me, are in prison in Germany right now, and have been for years, because of what they wrote and believed to be true: I mention today the names only of Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, the scientist.

What hypocrisy! In today's world, the system of international law that was so painstakingly and carefully created for the Nuremberg trials is now in ruins.

The innocent are held in jail.

The guilty are in the seats of power. The electoral system in the democracies has been twisted and distorted to ensure that the criminals gain office - not ordinary criminals like those who walked the prison yard with me in Vienna, but the mega-criminals in the pay of Big Money and foreign powers.

Will we ever see them in handcuffs? Don't make me laugh!

George W Bush and Tony Blair, the leaders of the USA and Britain, launched a criminal attack on Iraq in 2003, a few months before I spoke on the last occasion at this spot.

Under the rules of Nuremberg, what they did was precisely the same as what Hitler did from 1938 to 1944: they have attacked sovereign countries for their own purposes, and invented the pretext to justify their actions.

The world's newspapers and television stations have shamelessly trotted along beside them, applauding vigorously.

Shall we ever see Blair and Bush hang for their crimes, which have caused the Holocaust in Iraq today?

A Holocaust which has caused the deaths of over 600,000 innocent people, and far more if we include those killed by the sanctions campaign which preceded it

We shall not see them hang; they even deny that this holocaust has occurred!

Bush says he has killed "only 30,000" so far in Iraq, that is his best estimate. He and Blair are the real holocaust deniers, not the historians like me.

Yes, in Washington and London the guilty are in the seats of power.

Can you tell me that it is any different now in Hungary? Are the days of Rakosi, Revai, Gerö and Farkas returning?

You tore the evil out of the heart of your Hungarian flag then. If the evil returns you must tear it out again.

The world will never forget: You cast the first stone in 1956 that led to the end of the Soviet empire of evil.

It is for you, the ordinary people of Hungary, to protect your freedoms, just as you paid for the world's freedom then with your own blood.

Szabadsag! I leave you with this message, written in the spirit of Petöfi Sandor:there is one word that is even more important that freedom, for a country as small as Hungary.

And that is Independence. Függetlenség. Protect your independence first. Otherwise all is lost."

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