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Text of the Red Leaflet:


Communist Front Organisations issue

Leaflet smearing David Irving's Lecture

to Students of the University of California at Berkeley
September 12, 1996

ANTI-REVISIONIST journalist Rich Graves wrote, "I am posting this as an example of how not to confront "revisionists."Since no one here has ever endorsed such nonsense, I cannot see how anyone could see this as an embarrassment. There are even more inaccuracies in this flier than in the average chapter of one of Mr.Irving's books (for a selection of those, see the Nizkor URL. "I am not making this up, but as far as I can tell, this flier represents only about eight people, which is how many the "mass demonstration to shut down David Irving" attracted.

"I gave the URL for Nizkor's David Irving archive to the three protesters with Net access in the hope that they might refer to it for a clue. I plan to vote against Proposition 209, but aside from that, I condemn the contents of this flier, and remind readers that these yahoos were only able to organize eight people. Most of the bystanders (of whom there were few -- I doubt the crowd outside ever exceeded 30), who tended to be poor minorities, were at best amused by the protesters'antics. I doubt that the SPU/BAMN/RWL have any more members than the "Berkeley Free Speech Coalition," a fictitious group created to front for Irving, and nothing else.
"I urge normal people to show up for such non-events to blunt the extremist propaganda. You don't need to be an expert to know that David Irving is a liar and a fraud, but these folks haven't exactly done their homework, either.
"In response to Hal Womack's question, "does some self-styled 'anti-fascist committee' of goons still violently control public assemblies hereabouts," I would tend to say no, because Irving's appearance went off without a hitch, despite the presence of a few picketers exercising their right to free speech and assembly (even if they did end up looking as stupid as Irving). I somehow doubt that such "goons," who seemed rather peaceful and nice, ever had much sway.

* Rich Graves notes: "Number not posted to discourage inappropriate behavior, such as documented in Section V of the SIRC Report on the Heritage Front Affair, . I will provide the telephone number to anyone who gives me theirs, and a good reason."

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TONIGHT: 6:00 PM at 2543 Telegraph (24th & Telegraph)




Racist KKK/Nazi organizer David Irving is attempting to speak at 2453 Telegraph at 24th Street, in the heart of black Oakland, at 7:00 PM tonight. He backs the British National Party (BNP), the KKK/Nazis of Britain.

The BNP, just like the KKK's David Duke, has KKK-Nazi candidates put on suits and run for elections, while racist white youth carry out racist terror in the streets. While the KKK burns hundreds of black churches in the South, in Britain, BNP racists have attacked and beaten African and Asian youth to death.

California now leads the nation in racist, anti-immigrant attacks. Irving is in California to try to build his fascist movement on the success of the passage of the anti-immigrant Proposition 187, and the proposed racist anti-affirmative action Proposition 209. Irving plans to organize white racist youth who will beat, burn and kill black and ALatino people, Jews and Asians, and gay people.

Just two days ago, a black church was bombed in Sacramento. Irving plans to lie about the Holocaust, claiming that six million Jews were never murdered by the Nazis.

Today he is lying about the Jews, trying to blame the "downsizing" and layoffs on them, instead of on the handful of super-rich white Protestants who are the real ruling class.

Tomorrow Irving will lie about black and Latino people, blaming them for "taking the jobs" of white workers. We can't let these KKK/Nazi fascist killers get away with organizing racist attacks on black people in the heart of the black community! Irving must be stopped! Some Black Muslims and Arab students have made a terrible mistake of supporting Irving through UC Berkeley's "Free Speech Coalition."

The fight for Arab and black liberation can never be won i na coalition with the KKK/Nazis. When Marcus Garvey tried it in the 1920s, he was discredited in the eyes of millions of back workers and poor people. He never recovered from that mistake. Black and Latino students at CSU Northridge in Southern California are flirting with this strategy too, by inviting KKK organizer David Duke to lie about affirmative action.

They hope that bringing the Klan to campus will "rile up" the black and Latino students to defend affirmative action. These student leaders will also be completely discredited in the eyes of those black and Latino students if they go forward with their plan. Duke will try to bring the same campaign of KKK burning of black churches from the South into California. It's far too dangerous to rely on KKK/Nazi organizers to inspire black and Latino youth to fight for affirmative action.

We need to provide political leadership and a plan to defeat Prop 209 for black and Latino youth to act. High school youth especially have shown their willingness to struggle for their determination to win gains. Oakland's black and Latino, Asian and white working class youth led the Oakland teachers' strike, and were its backbone. If Oakland and Berkeley's youth act today, we can shut down racist David Irving tonight, and build high school walkouts, demonstrations and strikes in the next weeks, to defeat the racist, anti-affirmation [sic] action Proposition 209 (the California Civil Rights Initiative).

Student Power Unions (SPU) of Oakland, Berkeley, and Hollister Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) Revolutionary Workers League Hotline: (415) [* see note in eft column]

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