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DURING the mid-1990s DAVID IRVING was invited several times to address functions at the University of California, at Berkeley, birthplace of the Free Speech movement of the 1960s. The local Jewish and communist organisations staged violent protests to prevent audiences from hearing him.

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Protest Irving Peacefully


A REVISIONIST who claims that the atrocities of the Holocaust were grossly exaggerated, David Irving has drawn criticism America from anyone who has every read anything about World War II death camps.

Last year, Irving was invited to give two speeches in Berkeley -- one at the university YWCA ended in a book-burning and a riot, the other was halted by protesters before he even said a word.

Today at 4 p.m. Irving returns with a lecture sponsored by the Berkeley Free Speech Coalition. Seats are available only to UC Berkeley students.

We completely disagree with Irving's anti-semetic rhetoric, as most educated people do. But while Irving's views may be deplorable, those who forced the cancellation of last semester's speech denied him his First Amendment right to say what he believes.

In response to last year's protests, the location of the event is being withheld from all but those with tickets.

Once the location is known, everyone who disagrees with Irving should make their voices heard. Protests must continue wherever Irving speaks publicly, but they should be peaceful and non-confrontational.

Violence accomplishes nothing, except giving publicity to Irving and his brand of inflammatory speech.

This semester we hope Irving will be allowed to give his lecture to whomever would possibly pay the $3 charged to see him. We also hope there is a large crowd peacefully demonstrating outside the lecture hall this afternoon, showing him that racism is not acceptable in academia.

click to helpDavid Irving's speech may be offensive and just plain incorrect, but it's his right to deliver it to open ears.

And its our right to say that he's wrong.


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