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David Irving's Fifth Tour of Poland and East Prussia, September 2014


The 2014 tour starts on September 2 from Warsaw, Poland, and ends back there on September 10. We take you to the bunker headquarters of Adolf Hitler ("The Wolf's Lair"), SS chief Heinrich Himmler ("Hochwald"), and the German Army high command, and all four sinister Operation Reinhardt sites (Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Majdanek). Details.


Hitler expert David Irving will be your guide





David Irving's Radical's Diary describes visits to the sites including Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek, Lublin,Auschwitz, and the vast bunker headquarters of Hitler, Himmler, and the German General Staff:

Mar 2, 2007

Mar 7, 2007

May 21, 2007

Jul 5, 2010

Sep 10, 2011



Here are three brief movies made during previous tours


David Irving (center) pauses yesterday for a photo of his international group outside the entrance to the Hitler's gigantic fortified bunker 2013

What our Wolf's Lair guests wrote
about the September 2013 tour:


"Your September 2013 tour exceeded my expectations . . . grateful for your honest insights into the most cataclysmic chapter of human history. I found your encounter with the war veteran as we exited Hitler's bunker particularly thoughtful - indeed moving." -- Peter V., of Groton, Connecticut

"I loved every minute of it. Can't thank you enough." -- Robert H., of Florida

"Excellent trip , I found it went beyond my expectations, I shall be joining you again in 2014." - Andrew C., of Berlin, Germany


. . . and about previous years:

"Hitler's headquarters was the highlight of the tour!"

"Overall the hotels were the perfect choice"

"[Himmler's headquarters, "Hochwald"] was very interesting, authentic and not touristy !!"

"David is THE man ! Of course he was the main reason to take this trip, so the more 'David', the better. Everybody could get close to him and ask him whatever they wanted, very nice."

"I loved that we had time for sightseeing and recreation on our own."

"I found the talks illuminating and greatly enjoyed David's stories and anecdotes. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction."

"I have to say that I have never had an experience quite like it before, and I mean that in a positive way. There was an excitement from the moment I landed at Warsaw to when touched down in England. I have made some great friends and I think it's one of those life experiences which I will dine out on for a very long time."

"I would like to say what a fantastic time I had on the trip! What an interesting, friendly group of people from many differing educational and occupational backgrounds, all sharing a common interest. We all got on so well and genuinely enjoyed each others' company."

"I especially enjoyed the opportunity to swim in a lake, something that I have never done before."

"I loved being by the lake and having the opportunity to swim."

"The tour bus was excellent, including the driver."


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