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Eichmann Dokumentation

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Index to the "Buenos Aires" papers of Adolf Eichmann

VISITING BUENOS AIRES ON OCTOBER 20, 1991, David Irving was handed two packets containing 426 pages of Adolf Eichmann typescripts by a Flemish friend of the Eichmann family, the late Hugo B. Eichmann was subordinate to SS Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller in the Gestapo department IV B 4.

The typescripts are on South American size 13 x 8.5 inch paper, and too flimsy to copy. Over the next months Mr Irving will now publish them here in facsimile. See too his draft Introduction (composed in no doubt less than flawless German) to these papers. See too the Eichmann memoirs as published by Die Welt Aug 1999 in full [in German] and our Eichmann Index



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