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 Posted Monday, May 19, 2003

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Zundel with attorney Christie

Monday, May 19, 2003

Ingrid Rimland (wife of Ernst Zündel) sends this important bulletin:

As I briefly mentioned on the eve of the Zündel Bail Hearing last Friday, we are all reasonably confident that we had strengthened our case, and that Ernst believed, and said so, that his impression was that a reasonably fair and savvy judge was hearing the case. As the judge himself said, he wanted to know "...all of it." We were more than happy to comply.

I was not unduly worried when Ernst did not call me right away that evening because he did not always have access to the phone. I thought he would call when he could.

Sometime that evening, I was also told that Ernst was being "transferred" -- but that he did not know where to -- and knowing bureaucratic routine, I thought that maybe it would take a while to check him into a new facility, but that he would find a way to at least let me know where he was being kept -- and that he was okay.

All of Saturday passed -- and no word.

It was not like Ernst -- and I became increasingly uneasy. And when night fell, and still there was no call, I KNEW that something was seriously wrong!

The day before the hearing, Ernst had called me and asked me to put the tape recorder on because he wanted to dictate a few letters. He asked me to transcribe them and to fax as well as email them.


TWO were to law firms on some specific strategies he planned. One was a letter of reference from Dr. Robert Faurisson. The other two, he told me, were the most important ones -- and I should make sure to do them first and get them out as soon as possible.

The letters he referred to where 1) to Andrew Mitrovica, the investigative reporter who had written the Random House hardcover title, "Covert Entry" that documented Canada's civilian spy agency, CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), as having engaged in a number of illegal acts. Ernst asked Mitrovica if he would testify for him -- and indicated that, if he were not willing, he might have to be subpoenaed.

The other letter was the one he told me was the most important -- a letter to the Security Intelligence Review Committee, abbreviated as SIRC, also a government agency ostensibly set up to watch over CSIS but in reality an agency "in bed" with CSIS, as a 1995 investigation into the Canadian Heritage Front proved -- at least in the minds of those who have good reason to be skeptical of how these two agencies function.

I am letting you read the letter to SIRC:


Ernst Zündel Niagara Detention Center PO Box 1050 Thorold, ON L2V 4A6 Canada

May 14, 2003

The Executive Director Security Intelligence Review Committee PO Box 2430 Station D Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5W5

Urgent Response Requested / Attention: Mr. Thomas Dastous

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Ernst Zündel. I do not think I need any more introduction, since I had extensive dealings with SIRC from 1995 to 2000, via the ongoing "security threat" proceedings triggered by my citizenship application of 1993. These proceedings were halted on December 13, 2000 by letter of Barbara McIsaac, QC and Murray Rodych, Counsel for the Department of Justice, because I withdrew my citizenship appeal on December 12, 2000. I had moved to the US by then to be with my American wife.

In America, I was made aware of a book about the illegal activities of Canada's civilian spy agency, CSIS by the well-known Canadian investigative reporter, Andrew Mitrovica, of the Globe and Mail. The book, "Covert Entry", copyrighted in 2002, ISBN Number 0-679-31116-5, was published by the well-known Canadian/American book publisher, Random House. It was widely reviewed in the Canadian and American media and is listed in _____ (inaudible on tape) as (1.) Canadian Security Intelligence Service and (2.) Police Misconduct, Canada.

The entire book, over 500 pages in length, is a shocking revelation about the questionable and some outright, documented illegal operations conducted in clear contravention of the CSIS Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the Criminal Code of Canada. This conduct by CSIS cries out for an investigation.

I would like to draw your attention especially to Chapters 3, 4, 6, 9, 15 and 16 and particularly the pages 129, 136 to 140, 151, and 281, which pertain to CSIS's actions against me. I want to draw particular attention to pages 136 and 140, where the author describes in detail the origins and the handling of the parcel bomb sent by mail to me in the middle of May 1995.

Your former investigating attorney, Sylvia Mackenzie, well-known to me, has already had extensive correspondence with and even conducted personal interviews with CSIS operative, John Farrell, who can testify to and has personal knowledge of CSIS's illegal activities, especially relating to this murderous parcel bomb sent to me -- he seems to indicate, with the full knowledge of CSIS handlers, who are identified by name and rank by John Farrell.

Thus, SIRC investigators should have very little difficulty in getting to the bottom of this sordid and, what seems to me [to be] clearly a criminal conspiracy to have me killed by that bomb. (See pages 305, 307. 308, 309, 310, 322, 323 and 326.)

Your mandate, and the duty of SIRC, is to watch CSIS. You have woefully failed the people of Canada and, in effect, been remiss in the performance of your duties in this case. I am requesting from you a full and complete investigation Of these very serious and well-documented allegations made by John Farrell and Andrew Mitrovica in "Covert Entry". I include photocopies of the pertinent pages 135-140.

A copy of this letter has been sent to my attorneys. Another is kept in a safe place. I expect to hear from you at the earliest opportunity.


Ernst Zündel


When Ernst had not called me by mid-morning today, I became very, very worried. I called several people I thought might know where he had been taken -- nobody knew. Today is Sunday; I knew that tomorrow is a Canadian holiday. No government agency was going to give me an answer.


FINALLY, around noon, there came that anxiously-awaited call from Ernst.

He said the following -- and I could hear serious stress in his voice:

He had been taken to Metro Toronto Detention Center West. He said he was only allowed five minutes to talk -- and there were three guards standing beside him.

He said that "...Rudolf Hess had it easy..." He also said "...they know about my blood pressure..."

He said something else that I don't want to repeat -- but I know what he means, and I interpret that as his way of telling me that he is being badly mistreated -- at the very least psychologically; possibly physically.

I asked if someone was hurting him. He said "no" -- but what else could he say, with three guards standing there beside him?

He added he "could take it."

He said that he believed what was happening to him was " retaliation for the SIRC letter."

He said that he was without legal documents; that there had been "a flood" and all his documents were wet, including "original ones." He also said, "'re on your own..." and I take that to mean that I am to notify as many people as I can that something is seriously wrong.

I know Ernst; he has always kept worries from me; he does not scare me without cause -- this brief phone call was a most frightening one indeed.

I have had intermittent server and telephone problems, as you all know -- I don't know how far I can get on my own. I have already alerted some people I know -- I will try to see what else I might do. I have also notified our respective legal teams, both here and in Canada. Paul Fromm, who just flew in from Winnipeg, will try to see Ernst and find out if there is anything that he can do.

I suggest that all of you try to alert media -- even if only local media. These people will pass on your concern because they all feed into media syndicates. Tell them this is a story of international implications -- that Ernst is being held and badly treated for his political beliefs.

We also need to flood Amnesty International with as many calls and emails as we can. If someone could collect some information about Amnesty International branches, that would be a big help to me since I need to get on the phone and start calling.

Somebody needs to check out just what is going on! This story has all the earmarks of major, major mischief -- please do your part! Today it is Ernst -- tomorrow it could well be me and you and every one of our loved ones. Believe me I know -- I have been there.

Pass this email on -- and post it on your websites. I will, meanwhile, try to alert some people I know in international media.

As soon as I know more, I'll let you know.

Ingrid Rimland


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