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[AH]In 1977, on American television, and then again in the David Frost British television programme in June 1977, when Hitler's War was first published, David Irving offered one thousand U.S. dollars to any person finding a wartime document showing explicitly that Adolf Hitler knew about the mass liquidation of Western Europe's Jews. This Website is proud to repeat this offer today. ("How undignified," exclaimed Professor A.J.P. Taylor in 1979, when told of the irritating reward offer.)

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Definitions: This is a genuine competition. The document must be of German origin (Allied code-breaking intercepts will be accepted); it must be submitted to Focal Point Publications (click F at bottom of page for the address); it must be submitted as a clear photocopy of the original, with proof ot its provenance (archives, etc). "Wartime" refers to the years September 1, 1939--May 8, 1945. The reference must be explicit, and not depend upon clever translations, or fancy interpretations, or reading-between-the-lines. We shall keep our visitors informed of submissions at this page.e-mail:


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