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Around the world, the Simon Wiesenthal Center serves up Six Million Lies, Exaggerations, and Legends about the Holocaust daily

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SimonNOBODY is accusing Simon Wiesenthal (right) of being mendacious, a forger, or a fraudster. Nobody blames him for leasing his name for $50,000 a year (the last time the figure was revealed) to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, or that the SWC sells concessions to that name around the world. It is a money-making business like any other.

It is his reputation for integrity and honesty which concerns us here. In 1946 he published memoirs, "KZ Mauthausen". In that book he reproduced a sketch which he claimed to have made from memory in 1945, of bestial executions carried out by the Nazi guards.

Alas, many of his readers had file copies of Life magazine, and his sketch -- which he also used on the cover of his book -- jogged memories: memories of three young German soldiers, whom their commanders had sent across the lines in captured US uniforms on sabotage missions, during the famous Ardennes offensive of December 1944. Sentenced to death by a US court martial under the laws of war, they asked only one last favour: to hear the Christmas Carol Silent Night sung one last time, before they were shot.

A CRUEL forgery therefore? It should not surprise us. The Wiesenthal center trades in forgeries and faked photos as long as it can get away with them. [Another example]

Above: Unretouched photos showing three young German
soldiers executed by a US firing squad, Dec 1944.
From Life magazine, 1946

Oddly similar sketch by Simon Wiesenthal, dated "1945", showing an execution in a Nazi camp. From his 1946 book "KZ Mauthausen.

Further reading: L Prytulak's Letter to Wiesenthal, Jan 18, 1998
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