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Documents on the absurd Allied Propaganda Story that the Nazis turned Jews into Soap

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The legend stated that the initials RIF [Reichsstelle Industrielle Fettversorgung] stood for "Pure Jewish Fat" (from this Website's picture archive)

pp 1942: Statement issued by Dr Stephen S. Wise, President of the American Jewish Congress, as reported in The American Hebrew, New York, December 4, 1942.

pp Holocaust expert rejects charge that Nazis made soap from Jews

pp Daily Telegraph: Jewish soap tale 'was Nazi lie' - uh, a Nazi lie?

pp This Website has seen no evidence that (human) skin was used for lampshades in Nazi Germany. See the statement by SS investigating judge Konrad Morgen

pp Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv, April 1995: THE  world's antisemites rub their hands with glee whenever Holocaust souvenirs are put up for public action in Israel

pp Museum, author at odds over Nazi "soap" fable: Prof. Deborah Lipstadt (Emory University) advises, let the (lying) story stand - but then she also recommended the memoirs of ASSHOL Binjamin Wilkomirski  to her scholars

pp 2010: "Nazi soap" latest: Jewish shop owner in Montreal defends decision to sell | Montreal Gazette | Canadian police investigate the soap: nothing better to do? | Fran Sonshine of Toronto (where do they get those names!) repeats the odious legend: "Near the end of the war, the Nazis experimented by making oils and soaps from the bodies of non-Jewish Polish labourers" | our dossier on the legend



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