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Some documents on David Irving's Persecution by the German authorities 1989-2003

typewriter firing squadWHEN Mr Irving first began lecturing in Germany, touring bookstores for his publishers Hoffmann & Campe in the late 1970s, all went well. But then the Far Left began to object. Together with trades unionists and thugs funded by the Soviet puppet regime in East Germany, they staged increasingly violent demonstrations to silence him. German police acted uniformly and courageously to protect the freedom of speech enshrined in Clause One of the Federal German Constitution.
   In the mid-1980s there was a sudden shift. The police no longer protected Mr Irving and his audiences, they now began to harrass them. Freedom of speech ebbed until it receded out of sight. Instigated often by fee-hungry television camera crews, violence began.
   On April 21, 1990, after he addressed a large audience at the Löwenbräukeller in Munich, he was arrested on trumped-up charges; these were later dropped, and replaced with more sinister ones under Germany's new laws for the suppression of free speech. He was accused of having said:
"So wie die Gaskammer in Dachau in den ersten Nachkriegsjahren eine Attrappe war, so sind die Gaskammeranlagen, die man jetzt als Tourist in Auschwitz sehen kann, von den Polen nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg errichtet worden. Die Beweise liegen vor, die Anlagen sind chemikalisch untersucht worden, die Dokumente haben wir jetzt in der ganzen Welt veröffentlicht -- ich kann Ihnen sagen, meine Damen und Herren: Das wirbelt einen Staub auf, da wird unseren Feinden das Hören und Sehen vergehen. Denn die deutschen Steuerzahler haben ja eine runde 16 Milliarden Deutsch Mark als Strafe für Auschwitz zahlen müssen. . . für eine Attrappe...."

The Polish government has since then admitted that the gas chamber shown to the tourists is a fake, built in 1948.

On January 13, 1993 he was fined DM 30,000 (about $20,000); on July 1, 1993 he was banned from the German archives, upon which he relied for his research (and which housed a major part of his own research collection); on November 13, 1993 he was banned from German territory altogether. In Germany, which prided itself on its post-Nazi enlightenment, the lights had finally gone out again.



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