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(Source: Allen Dulles papers, Seeley Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton, box 37, file 1; no changes except for minor spelling corrections and the insertion of paragraph breaks.)

Posted Sunday, January 14, 2007



 [dated ca 1946?]

 Mr. Allen W. Dulles

48 Wall Street
New York City.

Dear Allen :-

The other day we discussed the question what kind of the species "human being" Carl Langbehn actually was.

I told you that my old friend Professor F. Pringsheim, eminent man of law at the University of Göttingen, now at Oxford England, - by the way he received a call from the University of Freiburg i.Br. which he is considering, - knew Langbehn. When I wrote him that Langbehn's widow wanted to get out of Germany with her children and go to her father who is a "Foreign-German" [Auslandsdeutsche] living in Argentina, 80 years old, - Pringsheim volunteered a statement on Langbehn which I believe is rather illuminating.

I enclose a copy which may help you to form an opinion on the personality.

I am looking forward to our luncheon, intended for next week, very much.


Paul Kempner


[Handwritten:] The advantage of reports of this kind obviously is to give you more of the personal backgrounds and touches of this "conspirator" world; thereby lifting the level of your book into the more refined spheres. Tat is why &endash; without knowing the book, - I ventured to recommend that you send Wolfgang over once more to get some more subtle knowledge together. I can give many hints as to who knew whom intimately, but I did not myself know these men well enough so as to supply what otherwise would be my greatest pleasure to supply. P A K



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