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The Brisbane Courier-Mail

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Wednesday, June 12, 2002


the articleCoast link to Nazi gun case

Chris Griffiths


THE alleged mastermind of an audacious international scam to sell Hitler's suicide pistol and the gun of Hitler's niece and lover Geli Raubal for $4.75 million has surfaced in Queensland as the head of a militant Jewish group.

Although all other articles of today's Courier-Mail are available on the newspaper's website, this one has already vanished. It will be permanently archived here; we will add updates as, when, and if this case proceeds.

CHARGED … Zeev Gideon Korwan … a.k.a. Michael O'Hara, above, faces charges over an international Hitler pistol scam.

The actual gun believed to be Hitler's suicide weapon.

Michael O'Hara, a.k.a. Zeev Gideon Korwan, is facing 139 fraud charges in Melbourne after elaborately forged documents authenticating Hitler's Walther PPK 7.65mm handgun and Ms Raubal's Walther Special 8, 6.35 calibre, were planted in archives in Germany and Russia.

These documents include wartime letters from SS chief Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's driver and bodyguard Emile Maurice and the Walther gun factory.

At one stage, a page was removed by razor blade from a file at the Bundesarchiv in Koblenz and a letter by Himmler in 1935 identifying the guns by serial numbers substituted.

The phony Nazi documents were designed to entice traders into thinking the guns were genuine.

O'Hara, who police say perpetrated the document frauds, has emerged on the Gold Coast as Korwan, the Queensland head of the Jewish Defence League, whose leader was arrested last year over an alleged plan to blow up a mosque in Los Angeles.

Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies president David Paratz said the local Jewish community totally dissociated itself from the JDL and he had no reason to think Korwan was Jewish.

But in an e-mail to The Courier-Mail, Shelly Rubin, whose husband Irv Rubin was arrested for plotting to bomb the LA mosque and a Muslim public affairs office, said Korwan was the JDL's Queensland leader.

O'Hara as Korwan was quoted in The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles in April as having raised $US2.25 million for an international campaign to re-establish the outlawed Israeli Kach party of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the JDL's founder, who was assassinated in New York in 1990.

O'Hara this week said he had information that terrorists would target an Australian monument and that about 10 terrorists operated from Lakemba and Auburn mosques in Sydney. He said he had spent decades hunting Nazi war criminals and Palestinian terrorists, but a source said he simply had reinvented himself as a JDL activist to claim a political motive for the Hitler gun plot.

O'Hara said the Hitler gun ploy aimed to flush out anti-Jewish international gun traders.

"Through the Hitler guns scenario the JDL have identified several major sources of illegal arms operators supplying to so-called legitimate Arab royals who, in turn, passed on the arms to the terrorist cells in the Middle East and now Australia a king other places," he said. He claimed an Arab royal had offered $US1 million and another had offered $US2.5 million.


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