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Deborah Lipstadt 

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That's me with my youngest daughter [] Jessica (now 6)

This is my appeal for assistance against Professor Lipstadt, who is, we now apprehend, backed by a multi-million dollar fund raised for her legal defence.

I am suing her in libel in the British High Court; she is the gold-tipped spearhead of the enemies of the truth, who hired her, as we now know from documents that will be made public when the case comes to trial, to destroy me, my reputation, and my legitimacy as an historian, because I am "dangerous" (their word) to their cause.

After hiding behind a bush for several months, and refusing to accept service of my writ (because she lives in the USA), finally Professor Lipstadt had to come out and accept the fight, because the British foreign office was ordered by our High Court to effect service "out of the jurisdiction" on her, through diplomatic channels.

This is a fight which is fought strictly by the rules -- rules which favour neither side. I have had to make my entire paper, acoustic and video records of 35 years available to these agents of enemies who have sworn to destroy me (tho' under the most rigorous court-imposed conditions): this includes my entire diaries, telephone logs, and personal records; as well as the diaries of Goebbels, Himmler, and other priceless historical research papers that I alone, by my expertise, have assembled.

This is a small price to pay for the total insight which we now gain into the enemy's own machinations -- thousands of pages of documents generated by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, by the Anti-Defamation League and its offshoots, the B'nai Brith in Canada, Australia, and other countries, their secret correspondence with governments and embassies, and the correspondence between the stooges like Lipstadt and their unscrupulous, hate-filled paymasters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and in Toronto: I now have court-ordered photocopies of these sensitive documents.

The most priceless document was furnished by one of these bodies to Lipstadt with the accompanying warning not to let it fall into the wrong hands. It can scarcely have fallen into wronger hands now!

As her lawyers were told at the hearing in chambers in mid-December 1998, "That is what Discovery is all about." They get my diaries -- 20 - 40 million words of them, in which they will find however nothing to give them any joy; and I get the written proof of what I have been claiming all along, about their global conspiracy to suborn the media and subvert the truth.

The truth is however closing in on them fast.

Provided I can stay the course, this promises to be one of the trials of the Century: Lipstadt's lawyers have announced that the court must assume that this libel action, which would normally last a week or ten days, will run for at least three months.

The costs of Prof. Lipstadt and her English publisher will run into millions; their lawyers are in the $500-dollar an hour class, and their barristers (trial lawyers) will be earning ten times as much. Lipstadt's London law firm is secretly raising a huge defence fund. I currently have only my own limited costs, and the expense of taking specific legal advice on certain matters. So far I have single-handedly won most of the minor skirmishes in court against them. But I have to survive to see this through; I am taking on extra staff to build a secret (i.e. offline) Website on which all the relevant documents of both sides will be posted and hyperlinked in advance, and each will be uploaded for public viewing on-line as soon as it becomes legally possible, so that the whole world (and the media) can read the documents, and decide for themselves who is lying. Both sides are going to earn bruises; it is my concern to see that my bruises are the smaller.

I want to raise a $100,000 fighting fund for 1999. Throughout this legal war my own income as an author and publisher is parlous (if we can republish Hitler's War in 1999 that will provide a life-jacket for the second half of the year). But I have to buy the munitions and pay for specialist help too.

Whatever you and your friends can raise to help my family to survive during this coming ordeal will be welcome, accepted without demur, and properly acknowledged by mail. You can mail it in whatever form you please to me direct at this address:

David Irving
81 Duke Street
London W1M 5DJ

(You can even offer a contribution by credit card.) If you e-mail word to me at the same time, I will keep a special watch out for your mailing and report to you.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the battle: watch and bookmark my on-line newsletter, because I shall include regular court-room updates as soon as the case begins.

Musket in hand, I am going over the parapet, because at last the liars and bludgeoneers are being forced to come and do battle. "I refuse to stoop to debate with these people," they once said in public (and in private too, as the documents show!) Any British court will frown on such a response.

If you have any specific inquiries about this developing situation, I shall answer them (as far as I am legally permitted to). Nor will my friends or I spurn any properly motivated legal advice that is directed to us.

With all good wishes for this New Millennium: May it bring us several paces closer to a final victory over the enemies of free speech.

David Irving

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