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"Kurt Daluege and the Insurance Fraudsters"

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IT is evident from study of the official German statistical documents presented by Lipstadt's chief expert witness, Professor Richard Evans, to the High Court, that he has either negligently or deliberately concealed from the Court the figures which actually confirmed the data presented by Police General Kurt Daluege on Jewish insurance frauds throughout the Weimar Republic. [BA Berlin Film 14769, K.Daluege: Der Jude in der Kriminalstatistik, 20.7.1935; BA Berlin Film 14768, K.Daluege, manuscript for the article, Judenfrage als Grundsatz Angriff, 3.8.1935]

The manipulation or deceit by Evans was so blatant that Mr Irving prepared a six-page summary of the documents and facsimiles for his Counsel to present to the Court of Appeal, in the event that it granted permission to appeal.

Pending preparation of a hyperlinked text (HTML) version, we include the six pages of the Document Book as a pdf file (100K; Adobe Reader is required).

Furthrmore, Evans made no attempt to verify Mr Irving's further sources, Paul Weiglin: Unverwüstliches Berlin (1955), and Walter Kiaulehn, Berlin, Schicksal einer Weltstadt (1958).

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