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GucklochGastight door in SS air raid shelter, Neuengamme

Website illustration (right): The rusting door to the SS air raid shelter at Neuengamme concentration camp, visible to tourists today: a standard gas tight door, complete with peephole (arrowed).

To Defence counsel Richard Rampton QC and to the High Court it seemed inconceivable that there was any explanation, other than homicidal, for the presence of a peephole with a protective grill in the gastight doors to be installed in the underground Krema II building.


Standard air raid shelter door


click to enlargeWebsite illustration

Above: An advertisement from the wartime German civil defense manual, for standard air raid shelter doors and shutters -- the doors have a peephole and protective grill.

Right (click image to enlarge) -- and instructions (below): From page 256 of Neufert, the standard Third Reich architectural manual demonstrably used at Auschwitz and elsewhere: diagrams of air raid shelters always included outward opening gastight doors with peepholes.


Caption, instructions, from Neufert

Letter: Hugh Trellis, London, finds evidence that Lipstadt's "expert" Robert Jan van Pelt was wrong in asserting that peepholes, gastight doors that open outwards, and gastight seals are exclusive to homicidal "gas chambers" (Mr Justice Gray believed him: but we don't)

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