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 Picture: Mr Irving arriving at the High Court on January 11, 2000 to commence his libel action.

David Irving vs. Penguin Books Ltd & Deborah Lipstadt (January - April 2000)

Daily Trial Transcripts

[spell-checked and corrected]

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The 32 transcripts have been posted on this website in two forms.

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 [also: Mr Irving's trial diary in English] [or in German]
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These transcripts are posted as a service by David Irving. They are the property of Harry Counsell & Co, Clifford's Inn, Fetter Lane, London EC4 and reproduction without permission is forbidden.

Unlike the transcripts posted by us immediately after the trial, we have corrected where possible the spelling of names and foreign words. No changes have been made to substance. The formal header has been removed from all except Day 1. Readers are invited to inform us of errors and necessary corrections. This is not the official (i.e. unedited) transcript, digital copies of which we can supply on request.


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