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Posted Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Who is Tobias Jersak, identified by Baker Tilly as an archive-thief?

ON February 13, 2004 the solicitors for Baker Tilly, Trustee of Mr Irving's illegally seized archives and estate, wrote this warning to Mishcon de Reya, Deborah Lipstadt's chosen solicitors after it was learned that Jersak, hired to assess Mr Irving's seized archives, was caught red-handed walking out with valuable items:

REGRETFULLY, we must put on record that when Mr [Tobias] Jersak [history "expert" hired by Lipstadt] carried out inspection of the items removed from 81 Duke Street, on behalf of our client [Louise Brittain, the Trustee] he sought to remove certain documentation held in the Trustees' custody. You have already been made aware of this fact by our client. As a result, our client inevitably has concerns about your client's impartiality in this matter. […]

Dr. Tobias Jersak


Curriculum Vitae:

Dr. Tobias Jersak ist Lehrbeauftragter für Neuere und Neueste Geschichte am Historischen Institut der Universität Stuttgart. Geboren 1972 in Tübingen, studierte er unter anderem Geschichte, Philosophie und Informatik in Stuttgart, Tübingen, Mainz, Münster und Cambridge. Von 1997-2000 schrieb er in Cambridge als Stipendiat der Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes seine Dissertation über die Interaktion von Krieg und Judenvernichtung. Zur Zeit arbeitet er neben seiner Habilitation an einer Edition zur Berliner Aufklärung in der Frühen Neuzeit, sowie an einem internationalen Forschungsprojekt zur Kulturgeschichte des Ersten Weltkriegs.


  • Berliner Aufklärung
  • Kulturgeschichte
  • Militärgeschichte (Erster und Zweiter Weltkrieg)
  • Holocaustforschung




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Website comment:

Rake's Progress: If he studied at Stuttgart, Jersak probably came into contact with the Holocaust expert and photo-forger Professor Dr Eberhard Jäckel, head of the History Dept., and friend of Lea Rosh (of Berlin Holocaust Memorial fame). He then came to Cambridge, fell under the spell of Prof Richard "Skunky" Evans -- and became a thief.

Dr. Tobias Jersak, Wiss. Betreuung, Konzeption, Co-Autor.

Lehrbeauftragter an der Universität Stuttgart, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Universität Münster.

Studierte unter anderem Geschichte, Philosophie und Informatik, promovierte an der Cambridge University über den Zusammenhang von Zweitem Weltkrieg und Judenverfolgung, beriet in London die Verteidigung im Prozeß gegen den Holocaust-Leugner David Irving. Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen im In- und Ausland.



Tobias Jersak

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He is also among others mentioned in the Center for Holocaust Studies "Mid Year Report June through December 2000" at "Defense Against Holocaust Denial: British 'Dream Team' Comes to Clark" [extract in box at right]

There is a lecture by Jersak, Representations of War in the East, 1941-1945. The German Case, delivered at the 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences in August 2000 in Oslo, Norway (Adobe file).

His latest book (together with Gerhard Hirschfeld, not yet published) is mentioned at





"Barrister Heather Rogers analyzed the preparation for the trial and Dr. Tobias Jersak, defense researcher, detailed the painstaking process of examining the chain of documents that Irving claimed proved Hitler was ignorant of the persecution of the Jews.
   "Denial of the Holocaust is not a crime in Great Britain as it is in other places, Rogers explained. Thus the defense had to build their case by examining what Irving has written and said over 30 years.
   "The defense had to prove Lipstadt's assertions about Irving were correct by trawling through his books, papers and speeches. In the end they showed Irving's pattern of manipulation of the historical evidence and his blatant disregard of documents that contradicted his pro-Hitler
denier proposition."

Research by BH

Our dossier: The fight over Mr Irving's seized possessions and archives
See Radical's Diary about this letter and further developments, Friday, Feb 13, 2004

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