Posted Friday, February 6, 2004

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David Hebden points to certain unexplained dots on the 1944 air photos of Auschwitz, Friday, February 6, 2004

cAuschwitz, Aug 23, 1944: click for better enlargement

THE row of three diagonal dots sloping at about 45 degree angle are barely visible on this lower resolution print, about 1.5 cm at about 160-degrees (south- south-east) of the plume of white smoke, lying across the 3rd building in the top row. Click image to enlarge.

Better air photos of Auschwitz

WE'D LIKE to point out something that caught our eye while re-examining the various aerial photos.

The best resolution shot of the new August 23 photo can be seen here: [or: mirror]

Look directly beneath Krema IV and V, at the area which was known as Canada, where the clothes and other property of the inmates was stored. You should see three or four dot-like black markings in a diagonal pattern. There appears to be some overlapping of these dots with the warehouse buildings themselves.

What's remarkable is that a similar layout can be witnessed in both the September 13 and May 31 [1944] photos, here: [or: mirror] [or: mirror]

We're at a loss to explain the nature and persistence of these (and other) markings across the three photos. Any thoughts?

David Hebden


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David Irving comments

ONE thought that occurs to me: perhaps they are craters from a small stick of bombs? But they would probably have been repaired in the three months concerned? What is the plume of smoke said to be from, visible in the May and August 1944 photos? What was it in likelihood?Photo Fakery

The CIA captions are of course by Dino A Brugioni, who later wrote a book on Photo Fakery.

They were disowned by the National Archives in a memoranum placed in their Auschwitz files.

I DO notice that the four mysterious dots on the roof of Kremas II and III are no longer visible on this new photo. The hired Auschwitz expert Prof Robert Van Pelt attached importance to them as proof of the existence of the "holes" -- visible from 30,000 feet, but missing (as Pelt conceded) when examined from an altitude of six inches. Of course, the CIA experts were not able to get their hands on the RAF photo archive, presumably.

Notably, in the Lipstadt Trial of 2000 Mr Justice Gray attached importance to the dots as being conclusive proof of the presence of those holes, in reaching his finding that no reasonable historian could have doubted their existence.


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