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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Monday, May 19, 2003



Wannsee; and the Typhus War


THE January 15, 1942 British intelligence intercepts finally ends the legend of Hitler's involvement in the so-called Holocaust.

The proximity of this order to the Wannsee Conference of January 20 is too close for Hitler to have changed his mind in so short a time; and since there is nothing mentioned in the Wannsee Protocol that can be construed as an order, there is little reason to hang on to the legend any longer.

As for the "Plague War in Poland", I found in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an article entitled "Biological Warfare: A Historical Perspective".

According to the article, because of the Typhus epidemic in Poland, the Polish medical community developed a Formalin Q based injection; when administered to individuals in Poland this caused them to falsely test positive for typhus infection. (The purpose was that the Germans would not send individuals from these regions to the Polish labor camps.)

The article admits that most of the Nazi medical testing was centered around typhus vaccines and their development in the medical testing in the camps.

This is the same information that Adolf Eichmann gave the Israeli investigator, Avid Less, in 1962 when he was asked whether he would have purposely send Jews to the concentration camps if he knew they were suffering from typhus. Eichmann emphatically answered no and said he would have attracted the worst of consequences if he had done so.

A new book, The Secret Life of Otto Frank, has this information on the Frank family's stay at Auschwitz: Otto Frank spent six weeks (Sept 6 to Oct 13, 1944) in the quarantine camp at Birkenau before being released into the camp. That was twice the maximum typhus quarantine time of three weeks approved by Himmler in December 1942. Despite that, Otto contracted typhus and was still suffering from it when the Russians liberated the camp in 1945.

Maybe the Polish underground was still up to its mischief with the typhus-bearing lice as late as 1945? Who knows?

Frank Lowe Jr.


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David Irving replies:

I have a few days ago found evidence that the British during the war refused to publish data on a new typhus prevention medicine as it would aid the Germans....

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