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Mike Lilly writes on Monday, July 15, 2002 about Kucera collection of Hitler objects



Hitler's painting, or not?

JUST went through my facsimile collection of Hitler paintings, including Billy Price's book, Hitler, the Unknown Artist, which includes hundreds of paintings and drawings (including, as some claim, by the forger Konrad Kujau).

click to enlargeYour painting appears unique in that the renderings of the ceramic items (vase and bowl) are better executed than any of the examples I have.

Is there a date on the painting? It appears that usually, not always, A. Hitler put a date on his work, especially his well-done products, as this one seems to be.

The book that is depicted, with its wind-riffled pages and tabletop reflection, is also a feature demonstrating skill beyond what can be witnessed in my examples. Moreover, the book is a feature additional to the main focus of the painting, i.e., the leaves, and A. Hitler did not -- again, in my examples -- take on this sort of multi-challenge in his paintings -- it would be enough for him to render the leaves and vase.

However, the leaves are done in what appears to be his style, and his depiction of them instead of flowers in a vase, is typical.

In any regard, this is a very nice painting.

Mike Lilly


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Irving David Irving replies:

I LIKE your comment on the painting, just what I was hoping for. I am hoping somebody will provide expertise on the uniforms. Or even identify the two houses. That is just what the Internet is good for. By-passing the conformists and the "scholars," and finding real experts. It would have been easy for someone to dab "A Hitler" on an existing painting. Difficult to tell without seeing the originals of all these things. I am hoping the owner will provide me with better scans of parts of the groups (the heads). At 100 d.p.i. it was rather foggy, and at 72 dpi even more so.


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