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posted Sunday, July 8, 2007

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Edvins Snore of Latvia asks, Sunday, July 8, 2007, if 'Gestapo' Mueller brokered a secret deal between the KGB and SS in 1938

Photo shows: Heinrich Müller at far right with (right to left) Heydrich, Himmler, Nebe, discussing the bomb attempt on Hitler, Nov 1939.  

Was there a secret Gestapo - KGB agreement in 1938?

I AM the author of a documentary film about Communist crimes, which is now being filmed on the commission of the UEN Group in the European Parliament.

Among other topics, our film will deal with NKVD-SS collaboration (1938-1940).

A questionable Heinrich Mueller signatureSuch historians as Norman Davies, Natalia Lebedeva, Victor Suvorov (writer) will describe the practical side of this collaboration. In addition to that we will show a "General Agreement on Co-operation between NKVD and Gestapo" (signed in Moscow on Nov 11, 1938), which was smuggled out by a worker of the Presidential Archive in Moscow.

It is clear that this is a highly controversial document. Both given its contents and the date it was signed.

The official Russian historians have called it a fake document.

Nevertheless we will show it, because we do not think it is fake. The repeated signatures of NKVD Chief Lavrenti Beria (both in ink and in pencil, together with his hand-written comments) and of "Gestapo" Müller seem to be original. In adition the package contains a letter authorizating Müller to sign such agreement in Moscow. The letter is signed by Heydrich. All documents are properly archived, containing stamps and signatures of the Soviet officials, who prepared them (Beria's co-worker Mamulov among them).

Given your extensive knowledge of the pre-war Germany, I would appreciate your advice in helping us to establish the following two points:

the fact that Gestapo Müller was in the USSR in 1930s.

Such statement was made in a documentary film "Gestapo" (1990) author: Alisdair Simpson ; director: Michael Campbell. The film stated that after becoming Gestapo chief, Müller, being a Soviet-expert, visited USSR and learned from NKVD. However, we were unable to find confirmation of such fact in literature.

that in November 11, 1938 Müller was not in Germany.

Russian authors ( point to "a number of documents" signed by Müller in the process of summing up the Kristallnacht actions (Nov 9-10). Therefore, on Nov 12 Müller could not have physically been in Moscow.

This is a strong argument. Assuming, of course, that such documents (from Nov 11) signed by Müller exist. We were unable to find them. The only document I found was from Nov 9:

Do you know of any documents signed by Gestapo Müller from Nov 10 to Nov 12, 1938? We would really be grateful for your assistance.

Edvins Snore

David Irving

David Irving replies:

YES, Heinrich Müller did sign Fernschreiben documents on the Night of Broken Glass in November 1938, or seems to have. However I think it is more important to consider the source of your controversial document. Very many Heinrich Müller documents have been faked by an American, "Peter Stahl", also using the name "Gregory Douglas." Does he use them in his book on Müller? If so, then your document is also fake. Go to my website and look for "Stahl" on my search engine,, and in particular my dossier on Stahl. Please keep me informed

Edvins Snore sends this postscript:

As I understand, it was on November 9. At the very beginning of Kristallnacht. Or did he signed documents also November 11?

About the source of the NKVD-Gestapo agreement.

It is not Gregory Douglas. I am aware of his books "Müller's interigation reports". I went through their Russian translation:üller1.txt

Our original source was the book "Generalisimus" by Vladimir Karpov

The author is a former GRU Colonel, and a high standing Soviet official, member of the Central Comittee of the Communist Party. Two times hero of the Soviet Union. During his carrier he had access to the Central Committee archive in Kremlin (now called Presidential Archive) where he saw that document.

I visited him (together with our TV crew) last autumn in Moscow. By the way he lives, in Kutuzovsky prospekt 26 - the house of Andropov and Breznhev. We interviewed him, and he confirmed on camera that he had seen NKVD-Gestapo collaboration agreement in the Kremlin (Central Committee archive).

The video footage of that agreement was shown on the Russian TV in 2003. Some archive worker had smuggled it out of the archive. We managed to get that material. It is a high resolution TV footage: the stamps and signatures are clearly seen and they do not look like fakes.

A questionable Heinrich Mueller signature

Please see the screenshots of the signatures here: [website note: We think the second signature is a fake. Difficult to say without better images, but there is evidence of what graphologists call "pen lifts" on some of the strokes - the forger pauses, lifts the pen, to compare the original genuine signature, then resumes the stroke. It cannot be concealed. ]

Could you help us with any information which would hint to the fact that Gestapo Müller might have been in Moscow (in 1930s), or that on November 11, 1938 he was at least not in Germany.

Edvins Snore


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