1. This sentence is libellous (defamatory and untrue).
  2. Race-hatred: Volksverhetzung. Mr Irving has never been convicted of this crime.
  3. This quotation is libellous (defamatory and untrue).
  4. This alleged quotation is from a May 1, 1959 Daily Mail newspaper interview. It is fictitious.
  5. The phrase "a pariah among historians" identifies Fischer's source as Professor Lipstadt.
  6. This allegation ("rails against Jews") is libellous (defamatory and untrue).
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer was an American mass-murderer who killed up to a dozen young men, cannibalised and carved them up. A more odious comparison would be difficult to conceive.
  8. Since only three copies of the book were at this time in the entire United States, all in the hands of St Martin's Press, it is not known what basis the "reviewers and historians" had for this allegation.
  9. Mr Irving's father "abandoned" his family to fight Hitler in WW2 as a naval officer, unlike others who scurried to safety across the Atlantic and elsewhere. The allegation first surfaced in a secret intelligence report by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
  10. Cesarani is director of thbe Wiener Library, established by the British Government as a Jewish propaganda library during WW2.
  11. Untrue. Mr Irving never paid any compensation to Anne Frank's father, who (wisely) did not initiate proceedings against him.
  12. The "tyrannical" allegation was first stated by a tabloid British newspaper which claimed to have interviewed Mr Irving's four daughters after he brought the Goebbels Diaries back from Moscow; they telephoned him in tears to protest that they had never even spoken with the newspaper -- it was a pure invention.
  13. Nicholas Irving, then a serving Royal Air Force officer, changed his name when the Air Ministry took a hostile interest in his brother's books after The Destruction of Dresden was published.
  14. The journalist was Nicholas Farrell of The Sunday Telegraph ("Mandrake"), who wrote a glowing half-page profile of Mr Irving, after he found the Eichmann Papers in Argentina.