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"Torpedo Running"

In April 1983 several of the world's leading journals, including Der Stern, The Sunday Times, and Newsweek, began to publish "Hitler's Diaries". At Stern's press spectacular conference on April 25, 1983, David Irving exposed them as fake (picture on right).

In 1985 he issued a glossy brochure on the scandal and other contemporary issues, entitled Torpedo Running.

"Torped Running"

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The 1983 Associated Press caption reads:

hgb-8) HAMBURG, April 25 [1983] (a) English historian David Irving, joining the press conference of STERN magazine as reporter for West German newspaper BILD, interrupts the conference and shows faked Hitler documents and claims that STERN Hitler diaries were also false. (AP WIREPHOTO) 1983 (Loh.string/Thomas Grimm 21625)  334





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Night of the Fake Pens

Fake document

One of the forged documents

[David Irving Collection]

Geheime Kommandosache

Mein lieber Himmler

Halten Sie bitte ab 28. Juni einige zuverlässige Männer in München bereit

Näheren Befehl erhalten Sie von mir persönlich oder über Göring

26. Juni 1934     Adolf Hitler

(Durch Kurier)

Most Secret

Mein dear Himmler

Please keep several reliable men at readiness from June 28.

You will be getting further orders from me personally or through Goring

June 26 1934     Adolf Hitler

(by courier)

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