That 1920 Churchill article on Zionism authenticated

stamp: AUG 09 1984

August 3, 1984


Mr. David Irving
81, Duke Street
Grosvenor Square
London W.1.

Dear Mr. Irving:

According to Churchill's bibliographer, Frederick Woods, it looks as if Churchill is responsible for the article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald on "Zionism versus bolshevism." You will note that it was part of a series, the sort of writing commission Churchill was fond of accepting.

I'm not enough of a Churchill scholar to discuss his stand on Zionism but I will drop these comments...

At this time Churchill was again closely associated with Eddie Marsh. Somewhere I read an unverified rumor that at times Eddie Marsh ghosted a Churchill article or two when Churchill was unable to meet a deadline. I wouldn't doubt that Marsh was capable of doing this. Could this piece be one of those?

You might also want to look at the ideas expressed. Are they the ideas expressed by T.E. Lawrence whose influence on Churchill could have been direct and indirect via Eddie Marsh? Because as you know Lawrence went to work for Churchill in 1921 and I'm sure they were well acquainted before that.

Just an idea.

Sincerely yours

Richard Heinzkill


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