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Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I wonder how it will play in Peoria, I conclude, as my American friends would say: unquestionably this pas-de-deux has aroused more anti semitism in the souls of ordinary folks.

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February 16, 2005 (Wednesday)
London (England)

I SEND this email to Charles Hughes in Felixstowe: "I should have written you ages ago to thank you for your notes on the Frederich Taylor book, Dresden. He lifted a lot of stuff out of mine, as you will have seen.

His claim that Dresden was a vital industrial and communications target is difficult to square with the target map [below], which included no factories, railroad bridges, stations, or even the railway lines in the target sector. I will post your notes on my website in a day or two in the Dresden dossier. Thanks too for your much needed support. All the best,.. [etc]"

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I SEE that Michele [Lady Renouf] has written among others to Professor Tony Martin, the Black expert on the slave-trade whom we had as a guest speaker at Cincinnati, about the Ken Livingstone episode; she writes,

Just godda congratulate the 'new' Ken who is now opposing even his deputy -- you'll be the more delighted, since [she] was behind your being disinvited by the Mayor's Office last year -- and is refusing for a second day to "apologize" to the JDL, the ADL, et al.

Not satisfied with that, the irrepressible Lady Renouf also writes to Ken Livingstone himself

Good on you! Your battered sensibilities are at least as valid as any cry-wolf histrionics from today's orchestrated "victims with nukes". [-- Joe Sobran]

Keep leading firmly. There are too few public voices willing, in effect, to release true open debate and world governments from this bullying, irrational crawling to 'Israel'.

I doubt that Livingstone will welcome plaudits from her Ladyship, any more than he would from me. Which would not stop me either. I shall however keep my thoughts to myself.

I am known as a generous, forgiving, and Christian man, but in my own private world order I have worked out a kind of hierarchy, which ranks washing-machines above dishwashers, and beneath the latter a crumbling soggy heap of flaking lineoleum, dampness, crud, and mould, which is roughly where I would place the average journalist; and beneath that foul stratum, down in that darkness, the home of the cockroaches, termites, woodworms, and other infestations, and -- lurking even beneath their unremoved excrement -- the world of enemy lawyers, solicitors, and other bottom-crawling scumsuckers; and somewhere beneath all of them, until now, I had imagined Ken Livingstone and his "anti-fascist" ilk.

No longer. He has restored himself in my estimation.

I chime in:

Yes, I was strongly tempted to send a private note of congrats to him. But the background is sordid, if you study the transcript of their dialogue in detail: Ken Livingstone emerges from a County Hall bean-feast, splurged for his fellow-homosexuals, a celebration funded by us unwilling taxpayers; he is evidently well dined and lubricated, and has enjoyed himself until he is challenged by a reporter on the building's steps, a Mr Finegold (where do they get these names?) -- who asks "How was it?"

Ken obviously takes this to be a nasty reference to the homo shindig; and he snaps back at the guy a retort reminding him in effect that the Nazis put homos into concentration camps or worse, and that by his question the reporter is sinking to the level of a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Whereupon said reporter reveals his Jewish identity and takes refuge behind it, like the coward he is. Because as we all know, it offends against Jewish sensitivities and all the existing commandments to criticise a Jew, whatever he does -- even driving a US-built armoured Caterpillar bulldozer over the fair face of an American relief worker, for example, and killing her, in the Gaza Strip: to condemn that too is "anti-Semitic."

So Ken must be made to pay the price. However, he is a Livingstone, I presume, and he refuses to say sorry, not just once but twice and thrice.

Worse, he heaps calumny on the Fourth Estate, this country's journaille. "Scumbags" is just one of the words he uses about journalists. A glorious spectacle. I never liked him until now (though his bold congestion charge strategy has earned my grudging respect).

"I wonder how it will play in Peoria," I conclude, "as my American friends would say: unquestionably this pas-de-deux has aroused more anti semitism in the souls of ordinary folks (I certainly know now what words to use if Mr Finegold ever darkens my doorstep); and it has sowed more outrage in the hearts of this country's guests, the Jewish community --- who seem once again to blame, through the arrogance of their Mr Finegold, for their own misfortune. 

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