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Posted Friday, October 5, 2007

Readers will be hard put to find a single line Churchill wrote against the Nazis or Hitler before then.

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October 4, 2007 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

Oliver Kamm has blithely libeled one of my fans in his online blog. The fan asks me for advice, and I advise him what protocol to follow. Kamm threatens him in his last lines: "I should give you due notice that if any costs are incurred by me as a result of your behaviour, then I shall immediately apply for an award of those costs against you."

Kamm is wrong. His newspapers lawyers may well advise him to apologise ("make amends") before things get worse. His behaviour is truly odious.


STILL no British Telecom phones connected in the House of Windsor. I have to go online at Chiswick again. I finally leave there for home at five pm and settle comfortably into the rush hour traffic in the fast lane on the Great West Road.

The gear lever (stick shift) goes slack in my hand. In fact it is totally disconnected, with the engine in top gear. This three- lane highway is notorious for its tight lanes, and there are cars parked nose to tail along the sidewalk. But there is miraculously one empty space -- and a "woman's space" at that, the easy one right at this end. I coast skillfully over into it, clamber out as traffic flashes past inches away, and open the bonnet (hood: will the Americans ever come round to using our language?).

A call to my brother in Wiltshire, from whom I have just inherited this beast. He's standing next to the engineer who sold it to him. "There are three ball-and-socket joints," the man says, "and one's come disconnected." He assures me I can fix it.

I carry out the emergency op. on the defenceless car in the gathering dusk, groping blindly through ten years of grease, feeling a bit like Dr Mengele operating on a shoulder joint. I get ball back into socket, but the stick shift is still dangling loose.

Keep calm. Where I live now is so remote it has no public transport. I have no choice but to get home by this car. I ease the car backwards with difficulty, shoulder against the doorframe, foot holding down the clutch pedal. (Sorry, Americans, you'll have to skip this technical Old-Europe stuff.)

I wait for a brief empty patch in the thundering stream of homebound traffic, lurch out of the parking space, and set off on the twenty-mile drive to the west in top gear, making a thousand enemies all round as passing drivers flash at me to tell me my hazard lights are on, or leap into the emergency space I have left ahead, or tailgate me with headlights blazing, and even halt just ahead to fix their make-up as I trickle towards them in the uphill jams -- frantic not to lose any momentum, as the car will be impossible to start in top gear.

A fierce sunset lies dead ahead, the dazzling orange orb so low that the visor is no use. The last hundred yards are the worst -- I coast down the lane to the big house, clicking the electric button at just the right moment so that the gates will have yawned open wide enough for me to wriggle through onto the forecourt. Split-second timing. My hands and much of the car's interior are covered with a millimeter thick layer of black ooze, but I am home.

"Allah must have held his hand over you," says my brother cordially when I phone him.

"Somebody," I say.


October 5, 2007 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

THIS morning I have read the item in The Forward which their journalist Marissa wrote. She has -- they have -- their agenda, and they stick to it. She talks of my "turnaround", although nothing I say now was not in my books since 1977.

She omits my warning that although I am eighty percent convinced by the Hermann Höfle document (above), by my own cursory forensic examination of ink, paper, and typewriter, there is still a twenty percent chance that it is a forgery: the misspelling of Reinhardt (as Reinhart), the wrong math, the possibility that the authors simply worked backwards from a well-known figure (1,274,166) in the Korherr report of April 1943 (right) in order to authenticate it, the unusual lack of any register-number or date for the originating query ("Betr.:...") , the prominence of the names involved (Eichmann himself), the top state-secret classification GEHEIME REICHSSACHE found only once elsewhere by me so far in the tens of thousands of otherwise overwhelmingly trivial decodes, the five-page document somehow being bound into the archive file out of page-sequence (5, 1, 2, 3, 4): these are just some of the anomalies unique to the Höfle document

The final sentence in Marissa's interview report is an invention:

He is confident that his turnaround will not win him any fans in the academic world. "I think that's a dead duck," he said.

I have no interest in academia. They are lazy, self-important, blinkered, and totally in thrall to the System; they mostly quote what other academics have written before them because that is Safe.

To call them craven would still leave a vestigial possibility that there is a microgram of courage hidden somewhere beneath their pallid skin: there is not. They sit in their book-lined caves, plucking well-indexed, nicely illustrated works off the shelves, and call it "intensive research." It is not. They are too frightened to think for themselves.

What I might call my Mel Gibson suggestion -- that Jews have been at the root of most of the wars of the twentieth century (though not of course all) -- clearly rankles.

It is not, of course, part of their Why Us? conundrum -- the historic causes of pogroms lie much deeper than the neo-cons in Washington DC and their shabby conspiracies. Perhaps the causes are incurable, biological -- some animal instinct which sets non-Jews and Jews at each others' throats.

Civilized humans recognize this instinct, and brace themselves against it. I know and admire dozens of Jews of my own acquaintance and in public life -- editors, film actors, pianists, composers. They may network among each other, but they do not actively conspire to disadvantage the non-Jews in the way that the Abraham Foxmans and Deborah Lipstadts of this world have done, to the disgrace of their own race.

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As for the argument that Jews are behind most recent wars and, if Iran comes off, behind the next war too: few would dispute now, knowing what we do, that they actively conspired to push the United States, and with them Britain, and ultimately several other countries too, into launching an unprovoked war on the sovereign nation Iraq upon a fictitious pretext. In doing so they met the terms of the definition of a war crime under the London Charter of August 1945, for committing which many German and Japanese leaders were, no doubt rightly, hanged in later years.

The evidence on the earlier wars is also there for those courageous enough to quote it (don't expect to find it in the tedious Churchill volumes written by Sir Martin Gilbert or Andrew Roberts, though).

Many years ago the Weizmann Institute in Israel generously sent me their file of correspondence between Churchill and Chaim Weizmann, the venerable Jewish agency leader who became the first president of the State of Israel. In my chapter "We did it before and we can do it again," ["Churchill's War", vol. ii: "Triumph in Adversity"] I quote the letter which Weizmann wrote to Churchill in September 1941, undertaking to use Jewish influence in the United States to bring that country into the war, boasting that they had already succeeded in doing so in World War I.

Chancellor Heinrich Brüning, Hitler's predecessor, wrote in his private papers in despair about how he had discovered that leading Jewish banks had bankrolled the Nazis, for their own mysterious purposes, in the 1920s and 1930s.

As for the Second World War, I remember that when Professor Ernst Nolte, the now similarly "discredited" historian, scandalously reminded German readers that the Jews had not once, but twice formally declared war on Germany, that well-rewarded (but poorly regarded) old rascal Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans (right) had the chutzpah to deny that there was ever any such declaration. As revisionists well know, you cannot wish away historic events by denials.

We cannot ascribe Evans's denial to the sheer ignorance of history of which he made such a convincing display in the witness stand during the Lipstadt Trial.

In fact they "declared war" not once, but twice: True, the Jewish leadership formally issued a vainglorious declaration of war in London a few days after Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939. But even before then, after Hitler's election victories in 1933, the organised international Jewish community issued a declaration of war on Germany, and declared a boycott on German products.

The Daily Express

Sir Nevile HendersonThe Daily Express reported this on March 24, 1933 and one week later Dr Joseph Goebbels retaliated with a Nazi boycott of Jewish goods: of course history now speaks only of this retaliatory Nazi boycott (which lasted for the whole of one Saturday morning, April 1, the Jewish Sabbath anyway); its worldwide predecessor is papered over. Well, as the saying goes, what goes around comes around, and eventually it does.

Joseph P Kennedy, the late president's father, was President Roosevelt's ambassador in London when war broke out, and he made no secret of his view that "the Jews" were behind Britain's entry into the war. The British ambassador in Berlin at that time, Sir Nevile Henderson, (right), wrote exactly the same opinion in his memoirs, The Failure of a Mission.

Were they too incorrigible anti-Semites, or were they perhaps skilled observers in the position to know what they were writing about?

The London Jews were certainly bankrolling Winston Churchill; as the official biographer of Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, Henriques, revealed, the oil magnate (Royal Dutch Shell) had headed the group which wrote a fifty thousand pound cheque to Churchill in July 1936 (two million pounds in today's terms), in return for which Churchill, at that time smoldering in the political wilderness, agreed to start his vociferous anti-Hitler campaign. Readers will be hard put to find a single line Churchill wrote against the Nazis or Hitler before then.


NOW I have to get my hands dirty again, and fix that connecting rod. If I get the Radical's Diary online today, that means it's fixed.

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