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Posted Sunday, March 28, 2010 11:11 am

I will be dead by the time you receive this letter. I have lived long enough. I wish you all the best for years to come and much happiness to your daughters.

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click for originMarch 20, 2010 (Saturday)
Windsor (England)

IN THE EVENING [fifth daughter] Jessica and her friend Charlotte watch a horror movie involving a young couple on vacation and inter-galactic toxic porcupine spikes. The girl is cute, the boy a young tousle-haired, bespectacled forestry expert without a job, who reminds me of Jaenelle's boyfriend. No doubt he becomes the hero of the piece. I do not wait up to find out.


March 21, 2010 (Sunday)
Windsor (England)

The Observer has published its usual libels against me, this time adding another anent the Dresden deathroll. I am now forced to contemplate legal action. They are such a monumental waste of energy.


March 22, 2010 (Monday)
Windsor (England)

Scanned old 1964 Mare's Nest reviews. They were good.

Quiet coffee with Jaenelle at Eton. The first proof of The War Between the Generals has a slightly skewed cover. We are waiting for the second proof.


March 23, 2010 (Tuesday)
Windsor (England)

Once we have the bookstore up and running [it was destroyed by enemy action on November 13], and we can take credit cards again, we can do the foreign tours when Jaenelle returns in mid May, I think. -- More global smears about me and the horrific Dresden deathroll figure in the international press, who mindlessly mimick eachother's reporting; they make no attempt to contact me, and there seems to be no vehicle available to answer back. The enemy are too well organised.

As an historian I shall just keep on ploughing my furrow (or plowing as Jaenelle would write), keeping it as straight as I can.


March 24, 2010 (Wednesday)
Windsor (England)

J. in MinnesotaJaenelle (left) is on her high horse again. . . Lew Regenstein has written:

Did you mention in your book that the Bomber Command raids on Peenemünde killed some people, perhaps slave workers, who were supplying vital intel on the rocket program? Whoever they were, the info stopped coming after the attacks.

I reply:

Yes, the raid killed 700 workers; R. V. Jones [wartime chief of Air Scientific Intelligence] told me his information stopped coming, but in retrospect I realise these "super agents" were usually cover stories for codebreaking sources.

George Becker informs us of the outcome of today's trial in Chicago of the Edelweiss gang who attacked us -- let off with slaps on the wrist.

I was at court today as a witness, the five who were caught received one year probation and five to ten days' county sheriff work program and one received four days in jail. Since all had [pleaded guilty to] disorderly conduct misdemeanor charges it was the best the prosecution could get.


March 25, 2010 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

The mail contains a letter from Ernst Zündel now a free man again, in the Black Forest (his phone number does not however work); and a shocking handwritten letter from our wealthy friend Karl Munter, no less, reading:

Dear David, I will be dead by the time you receive this letter. I felt that I have lived long enough. I wish you all the best for years to come and much happiness to your daughters.

Before his name is a 1.5 inch long squiggle which could be an attempt to sign, or a signature.

In what is clearly a different handwriting is scrawled across the bottom of the page, diagonally, and using a different pen: "Intercepted By Police! DO NOT CONTACT AGAIN."

I discuss this odd letter for a few minutes with Jaenelle. It is not K's usual paper size. I am very upset by this, and -- as an Internet search reveals no grim news about K.M. -- I write at once to a friend in California:

I believe we both benefited in the past from a Melbourne benefactor, K.M. Do not mention his name. Today I received the shocking enclosed letter from him. . . Have you also heard from him? He phoned me last about a week or ten days ago and . . . Some months ago he wrote me a lengthy letter: his ... and it had taken him a month to get free.

You can guess where my suspicions lie right now. The handwriting across the bottom is different from K's -- and I strongly doubt it is the police. I proposed asking an Australian solicitor to visit his address at once to find out what has happened and to prevent foul play. I'd like to hear from you first.

W. replies:

[We] have spoken by phone a number of times over the years. So after getting your message, I tried to phone him again. When I first tried to reach him, I got a busy signal. Then I phoned again about twenty minutes ago. There was no answer, except a recorded message, which seems to be the same one he's had in the past. I left a brief message.

Like you, I don't believe that the handwriting at the bottom of his message is by a police agent. I suspect that it's by his son.

I am not surprised that K.M. might want to take his life. He's quite elderly, and strife with his son must certainly be a burden. But I doubt that he is dead. If he were no longer alive, I would expect that at least that his recorded telephone message would be removed or changed.

I respond to W.: "I take it that he did not yet write to you, then? When I phone him he always waits until he hears my voice . . . and then speaks to me. . . I too suspect his evil son. It is a serious matter, in many ways, but one to be handled with great delicacy."


AT 2:14 p.m. a Brighton police official phones, concerned about our Saturday meeting.

I take Jaenelle to supper at the Watermans to celebrate getting the credit card system running again. . . But for the time being we shall keep mum. . . The four-month logjam is at last broken. I leave Jaenelle poring over different bookstore templates, and we jointly choose one that seems to meet our needs. I accept that my own bookstore, comforting and functional though it was, was not what modern Internet shoppers expect to find; and trust is everything.

In the evening a long chat with Jaenelle, who regales me with stories ... tries to tease but I am unteasable.


March 27, 2010 (Saturday)
Windsor (England)

Ingeborg has reported on the trial of the Chicago thugs:

People of the State of Illinois vs. Jeremy Hammond, Jason Hammond, Nathan Hill, Adam Santos, Brandon Stepien (sp?) Case #093007601,02,04, 05 #093007612, 13

All five showed up. Their lawyer had filed an appearance half an hour before court opened. The lawyer wanted the case continued [for a third time], because he said he needed more time to familiarize himself with the case. The judge refused a continuance and told the lawyer to read up on the case within a half an hour. In the meantime other cases were heard.

The state's attorney said she was ready for trial. The police officers who handled the investigation were there to testify and we had three witnesses present: Paul Thomas, who could identify one of the boys, because his mask had slipped. William Bodin, who had been able to write down the license plate number of one of the get away cars. With this information the police were able to arrest the five later that evening.

George Becker, a guest at the restaurant, who was not connected with your group, who could have identified a terrorist girl if she had been apprehended. The judge decided to first have a conference with the state's attorney and the defendents' lawyer. It was decided that they would plead guilty to the misdemeanor with which they were charged. In the end the boys were sentenced to the following. Jason Hammond and Nathan Hill -- both were given 10 days of some sort of manual labor, $200 fine plus court costs (approximately $350); Adam Santos -- one year supervision; Brandon Stepien five days manual labor, and a $200 fine plus court costs; Jeremy Hammond -- four days jail (because he was on probation and had a record).

I reckon the traditional enemy will pay their hirelings; the criminal records will not help them through life.

Morgenthau Plan

I start work on test-images for an English language edition of my book The Morgenthau Plan, which has several hundred pages of facsimile documents, including the notorious Morgenthau Plan itself -- which would have killed off six million Germans post-1945, and was partly implemented in the Allied directive JCS 1067.

Unfortunately Wieland Soyka still has my original documents after twenty years, and scans of the images produce a systematic 0.5 degree rotation. It can be readily corrected in Photoshop, but is unsatisfactory for technical reasons.



AT 11:30 a.m. we drive down to Brighton for this afternoon's meeting. I am to talk about the new facts about History that can be learned from unimpeachable sources like the decoded Nazi documents. A light drizzle begins as we arrive, and friends carry the stuff down into the big basement of the Hanbury Arms at 83 St. George's Road, behind the seafront Bristol. Sassoon MausoleumThe meeting room is a spacious salon which was once the mausoleum of Sir Albert Sassoon and his family and the ceiling a glass dome of suitably subdued and deathly hues.

The bar owner is very co-operative, and so are the police -- because as they warned us a few days ago two vanloads of the enemy's hired scum shortly arrive, summoning more on foot by mobile phones as soon as they confirm I am inside.

This kind of thing will not cease until I finally curl my toes skywards, I suspect: it is the only way the traditional enemy knows of debating -- lies, violence, intimidation, bribery and, one fears too, the knife. I suppose it is not possible to mail out five hundred invitations without having one or two worms on the list -- to call them moles would be too flattering, and a real insult to those pests.

Back in Windsor, I resume my incidental labour of revenge, which is now augmented by The Morgenthau Plan reissue. The truth about the traditional enemies of free speech -- more insidious than the V-1, more deadly than the V-2. We need funds to put all these titles back in print, but my friends around the world are rallying round.


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