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First posted Saturday, March 5, 2011

Now I hear for the first time that he is Jewish. I can think of no comment that would not seem superfluous here.

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Friday, February 18, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

THE enemy heat is slowly building against our coming tour. Spurious enquiries etc., from around Miami and Chicago. Poor Jae was yesterday targeted by indirectly violent messages. Rather nerve-wracking.


Saturday, February 19, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

Jae gets a text message on her phone from 317-771-7909, a number on the west side of Indianapolis. It reads: "You are a racist whore." Those charming gentlemen of the Left have posted her home address and phone numbers on the Internet, and this is one consequence; another is that one gentleman from Chicago turned up in Indianapolis a few days ago inquiring about her, carrying a list of names and a circle round hers. He got roughed up, I am told, and returned to Chicago disheveled and yowling.


Monday, February 21, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

From Germar Rudolf in North Mexico comes a lengthy e-mail explaining his problems getting back into the USA and asking for financial support. We have had differences in the past, but I put it on my website.

Later I go off by bike for a bowl of soup with Jae As we are cycling off at seven-thirty this evening and have just crossed Southard Street, a man cycles toward us in the darkness (with no light) and screams four words at me or us, having seen us by the light thrown by the restaurant Mangia Mangia.

"Die, you f*cking Nazi," are the words he uses.

Jae says, "David. Did you hear that?" And, "He said, Die, you f*cking Nazi." I confirm: "That's what I thought he said. I heard the words f*cking Nazi, and die."

As I turn back I see the person dismounting at Michael's Restaurant (532 Margaret Street) and pushing his bike inside. We circle straight back to inquire, but he has already vanished inside, wearing a blue shirt with short sleeves so far as we recall. His staff identifies him as their boss. Nice to have guys like that next door.

I lodge a police complaint: "Such abusive behaviour demeans the entire city," I write. It sounded like a pretty explicit death threat.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

I SPEND an hour during the afternoon posting Germar's appeal for financial support. But many questions arise -- why did he go to northern Mexico after the German government released him from political inprisonment? That is just one. An ill-informed outsider might speculate that he went there to effect an illegal entry. Not a good idea if you're applying for a lawful visa. He replies: "I had started learning Spanish in prison and wanted to get kind of fluent. I have friends here, who lodged me, and I could help them out with their various issues." Hmmm.

Himmler in Warsaw, 1939

Jeff L. contacts me about that superb Hugo Jaeger photo of Himmler with a police officer, possibly even a general, in Warsaw, Poland, in 1939, with police NCOs (Ordnungspolizei) in the background: the cars lined up behind Himmler are the famous Mercedes G4 Geländewagen three-axeled car, normally reserved for AH himself.

Seems he was only a major and so far, no luck identifying him. I am off to the SOS show tomorrow for the week. I will check it each day and be in touch via email still. Jeff

I reply: "Good luck at the Show of Shows [in Louisville this weekend]. Lance Frickensmith has stolen over a thousand of my books including my entire stock of Hitler's War and we are forced to bring criminal charges against him for felony larceny. All very weird. If he's selling them at the SoS ... he's likely to get a visit from the uniformed gentlemen."

This produces this reply: "I always thought him a little off, ol Frickenfrack, as we like to call him. He is always yelling at his help, don't see how anyone could put up with this guy very long."

This reminds me to write to direct again to Lance Frickensmith

We are waiting for the details of your lawyer or legal representative whom you have instructed to accept service of proceedings. You said you would attend to this last week.
2. We shall ask the authorities to inspect your stock at the SoS for obvious reasons - stolen items and pirated DVDs.
3. Do not make any attempt to sell the books and DVDs you have removed from our stock at your warehouse. That would be very foolish.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

My German lawyer asks me to reimburse the latest court costs, around $600, for the next legal stage against the thieving German publisher Arndt Verlag. Arndt has been publishing my major books for years without paying me royalties, and is continuing to do so. I reply, "Vielen Dank; die Sache schreitet also vorwärts. Trefflich aber fein" - a reference to the German "mills of justice", which grind slowly but very fine.

Marcus H. sends over to me super images of some Himmler identity-cards auctioned [in 1989] by Hermann Historica.

Gorgeous weather today; the rest of the United States are sub-zero. Diane Schreiber reports: "The Nazi-document forger Peter Stahl (aka Godfrey Douglas) has a new web site. It is easy to recognize the writing style. ."

A weird email from Lance Frickensmith again, this time about the Riefenstahl videos we are marketing. There speaks a very guilty conscience. I reply:

10:06 p.m We should be interested to hear what the late film maker Leni Riefenstahl (whom I personally knew) would have to say about Lance Frickensmith's claim to rights in her works!

Kindly now identify to us the lawyer whom you have instructed to receive service of proceedings relating to the felony larceny of our properties.


Friday, February 25, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

A LONG witty exchange by Skype with Gabriela in Peru; she sends a slew of pictures of herself in swimsuits. She is keen to work for me. I deliver a running commentary to Jae, sitting opposite.


Sunday, February 27, 2011
Key West - Miami (Florida, USA)

LAST day of my stay in Key West for the moment. I have now completed the first twelve chapters of Himmler while down here. Today we head north into the bleaker part of the year again.

A school pupil, Audrey Marsh, has written me this morning from somewhere out there -- no clue as to where on this globe she is:

I am researching your work, in particular your website, for a school assignment. I was wondering if you could answer some questions relating to your historical work online for me to use as a part of my assignment.
1. How do you select the material for your website?
2. Do you employ a particular historical method in your selection criteria?
3. Do you feel there is more freedom online to express your historical opinions than writing specifically for a published book?
Any feedback would be an amazing addition to my assignment, and I would be immensely grateful for any correspondence from you I could cite as a primary source in my work.

I reply before nine a.m.: "Hello Audrey. Here are some answers.

  1. I receive about three hundred emails a day, and many friends around the world suggest newspaper and other items on the Internet that I should link to. If they come roughly within my own fields of interest (World War II, anti-Semitism, Holocaust, free speech, immigration, racial problems, governmental lying, atrocities, war crimes, etc.) then I will add that link to my site and various sub-indices (e.g. The popularity of my website varies. If I am the centre of media attention, then it may go up to a ranking position of No. 40,000 on the Internet. Currently it is below that. Note that we accept no paid advertising, so we are not affected by outside influences like that.
  2. My method of material selection is the same as the way I select material for my books. If the topic interests me, then it will probably interest my website readers.
  3. The answer at present is Yes, there is more freedom to express opinions online. There is a risk that is growing however: some of these opinions may be illegal in some countries (yes, opinions can be illegal in modern democracies!); and a country's prosecutors may claim that because a website can be read by its citizens, you have published illegal opinions in that country. Now that we have Europe-wide automatic extradition laws in place, this is a real worry for some websites. (The only slender safeguard for the moment is that Britain insists that an extraditing European country can grab a British citizen only if his offence is also an offence in Britain, which my opinions are not.)
      Germany and Austria have a very bad record in all this. In fact, those two countries have had a bad free-speech record for some time... In Germany you will not find my website on Google ( for example: because Google has reached a quiet agreement with the Berlin regime. So much for freedom. Google talks loudly about standing up to China, but ... meanwhile ...
       Good luck with your project, Audrey. My motto: "Don't believe everything they tell you."

"Gerhard" phones from West Palm Beach, says he knows a couple of my friends there. He has an item he wants to show me. When will I be in WPB? I say tomorrow he must come to Miami, phoning me first to arrange a location. I am not satisfied however as to his bona fides. Red Flags incude that he called [deleted ...etc].


AS SO OFTEN, the start of a country-wide tour is coupled with dramatically rising petrol prices (this time because of unrest in Libya). We stop at Florida City for supper at a Cracker Barrel. Around 8:50 p.m we check into rooms at a very sleazy Days Inn at the airport; there is not even the faintest Internet signal in my room.

Scott S. writes:

The Wikipedia entry on Himmler's Posen speeches now has an image of a typed page 66 of the second Posen speech (see at right) that is said to be "authorized by Himmler himself."

Would you please say whether this document seems authentic to you?

I reply that it is authentic, but that I have issues with its several versions which I discuss in my Himmler biography.


Monday, February 28, 2011
Key West (Florida, USA)

Awake since early with the constant deafening traffic roar. My room appears to abut onto not only the main Miami airport runways but also an Interstate right under the windows, which are not double-glazed. Old Miami at its worst. I hobble downstairs for the free breakfast Jae told me of, but can find only a very twee and expensive café. So much for honesty in hotel advertising.

A good evening meeting, with no problems, in an excellent function room at the Marriott.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Miami - Melbourne - Orlando (Florida, USA)

James Jackson writes from Denmark: "Mr. Irving, I would like to buy five of your books: Apocalypse 1945; Hess: The Missing Years; Hitler's War; Nuremberg; Triumph in Adversity." To my surprise, he adds that these books are advertised as being on special offer from The Barnes Review. We have not marketed any to this source. Jackson says: "I have had a lot of trouble with purchases in the US. I bought and paid for three books from American Free Press and one from the author Victor Thorn and never received them. Not one, even though I had received confirmation notices of the purchases."

Things are getting clearer. It is Frickensmith again. I reply just before eleven p.m: "The Barnes Review is selling books that have been stolen from our warehouse stocks." Nobody has any copies whatsoever of Hess, The Missing Years, except my own bookstore. The printing cost of our new Classic Series edition is so high that we cannot supply distributors. Frickensmith has broken open our stocks and is selling them at no cost to himself.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Orlando, Florida - Savannah, Georgia USA)

Up at 10:11 a.m. I write to the Barnes Review and AFP:

Our attention has been drawn to an advertisement in the latest American Free Press for our books which The Barnes Review is offering. Please identify your supplier to us.

These books have been stolen from our Illinois warehouse stocks along with thousands of dollars worth of our possessions. The theft will be the subject of a criminal investigation.

Evidence of the theft is that you are offering for sale our new Classic series book HESS; THE MISSING YEARS. This book is newly printed and available ONLY through our bookstore. Because of the high printing cost we have not made any copies available to distributors. We have however ascertained that cases of these HESS books which were shipped to our address at the Illinois warehouse have been broken open and emptied, i.e. their contents stolen. The empty cases were littering the warehouse when we inspected it recently.

Nobody -- and that includes the warehouse owner Lance Frickensmith -- has any legal right to sell these books. Meanwhile we expect you to cease and desist from advertising these books for sale. You will not wish to become involved in the sale or handling of stolen goods. ...

I reply to an inquirer: "I will ask Jae to contact you direct about our upcoming Wolf's Lair tour, and we will see if we can privately offer a rate that will attract you. The tour will start this year around September 1 for a week."


"JULIAN ASSANGE of Wikileaks Complains of Jewish Smear": so says The New York Times. Apparently Ian Hislop, that smug little editorial maggot on Private Eye, has libelled him. The report has a revealing paragraph which explains a lot: "Mr. Assange countered that The Guardian's editor [Alan Rusbridger] was 'sort of Jewish' because he and Mr. [David] Leigh, who is Jewish, were brothers-in-law…"

Yes, they make a remarkable trio of British journalists. I have had dealings with all three. Alan Rusbridger, who is otherwise a fine editor, published a vicious smear against me in about 1981, implying that I had kept quiet about the whereabouts of "a wanted Italian terrorist"; unfortunately for him, the gentleman concerned was not wanted as a terrorist or anything else, and as a responsible citizen I had taken the precaution, long before, of notifying Special Branch of all I knew about him, in case he was.

Libel solicitor Peter Carter-Ruck took action on my behalf against Rusbridger's newspaper The Guardian, and Rusbridger eventually had to publish a curmudgeonly apology, though not as grovelling as I would have wished.

It was around the same time that journalist David Leigh asked to film an interview with me for the BBC. I suggested my book-lined Mayfair study, but he insisted on an open-air interview at Speakers Corner, in West London.

I was rather mystified when his interview centered only on the Holocaust, a matter of little interest to me. In fact I said at one point that the only reason that the Jews go on and on about their tragedy, like a bore at a cocktail party chundering on and on about how once he met Henry Kissinger, is that "the Holocaust is the only interesting thing that has happened to them in three thousand years". Leigh (below) was not pleased with this remark.

As the interview ended, we shook hands and the camera was switched off -- or so I thought. When the interview was broadcast, it ended with the image of me walking back across Speaker's Corner toward my home in Grosvenor Square, and a sneering voice-over from Leigh implying that I had walked out of his interview.

I protested at the time to the BBC about this lie.

In April 1983, a year later, our paths crossed again. This time The Observer were the ones a-groveling, as I was the only person with pages of the (fake) Hitler diary being trumpeted by their rival The Sunday Times. Leigh came round and signed a receipt for the use of one page of the fake diary, to be printed in that weekend's Observer at a reproduction fee of one thousand pounds.

They printed the page, but welched on the deal, and I ultimately had to take The Observer to court to obtain payment against his signature. Now I hear for the first time that he is Jewish. I can think of no comment that would not seem superfluous here.


David Irving

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