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First posted Tuesday, 17 December 2013
There is a bare patch where the laptop stood last night, and just the two connectors lying next to it

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[The September and October diaries were reconstructed after a burglary in Key West]


October 4, 2013
Eton, England.

AN email correspondent mentions, “Ah, your lovely sidekick.”

Yup until she kicked me aside in favour of a paunchy Australian who had money, so she thought. I didn't see that coming.

My ticket for USA is already bought. Until I can sort out the Merchant Service provider mess I dare not start anything new. A new edition of Goebbels is at the printers, and even that will now go on hold.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Eton, England.

I tell Hugo:

I am off to the US on Tuesday for exactly two months. Will you be at home today? Need to photograph your Goebbels sometime before I go.

Later I tell him: “I will come and see you perhaps Sunday, gotta go to Strasbourg Friday for a day.”


Tuesday October 15, 2013
Eton – Heathrow (England) – Toronto (Ontario, Canada) –

MY TWO-MONTH US speaking tour begins today. At ten a.m. my housekeeper drives me to Heathrow’s Terminal Three and the plane takes off at 12:15 p.m. The Air Canada plane is half empty, and has excellent movies, so I watch three classics – Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, Billy Leslie CaronWilder’s The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, and even Daddy Longlegs, a musical starring Fred Astaire and Lesley Caron (right), the dancer I adored when I was young.

Then things go schief. After eight hours in the air, at 2:30 pm local time we land at Toronto, Canada: The Lester B Pearson International Airport, named after a Canadian prime minister we now know (from the Venona transcripts) to have been a Soviet agent. The cockpit asks us over the plane’s loudspeakers to have passports ready as we leave the plane. But I am not visiting Canada!

That is a first, but I apprehend no problems. Man lernt nie aus.

At the airport end of the gangway there are five or six armed Border Service Officers, immigration police, waiting for me to emerge, as it turns out. I am taken aside, informed I have “illegally entered Canada” and will not be allowed to proceed to the United State as even a transit stop with a valid onbound ticket is also illegal.

The Border Service chief officer is very amicable, says they received a warning message from London when the plane was already in mid-Atlantic that David Irving was aboard, and “they have many cases of problems like this”. Somehow – I doubt it. Why did Air Canada not make this plain when I bought the tickets?

I say that surely the transit zone is an international zone, but I am not going to argue, as plainly they have instructions to return me to London at once. Force majeure.

This throws a real spanner in the works of the first week or two of the tour. A new ticket to Atlanta will not be cheap either. In the airport building, I am held in the immigration area, and from 3:15–30 p.m I send texts to my housekeeper, to Kevin, and to others. Kevin of course says I should have seen it coming. Ever the Monday-morning quarterback.

The officers shortly announce that my bag was taken off the Atlanta flight, but has “gone missing” since. This episode will at very least shorten my Key West time and knock out functions in several Florida cities. A flurry of text messages to Bente and Jessica, and to Kevin and my housekeeper, asking if either one can meet my flight back, AC 856, departing at 6:30 p.m.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013
– Heathrow – Eton (England)

I SHOULD have been in Atlanta by now, at the warehouse, loading up all day today. Instead I am stiff-boned and weary, on a plane, landing back in Heathrow – misty – at 6:30 a.m. I ask the Air Canada desk to forward my “lost” bag to Mrs D.’s home north of Atlanta, and my U.K. housekeeper collects me outside the terminal at 7:25 a.m.

The Air Canada desk checks my baggage tag against their computers, and with the same confidence as their colleagues in Toronto informs me that the bag will be here in one or two days. All’s well that ends well, for the time being.

I realise that the reason they moved “passport control” briefly forward to the plane’s actual exit gangplank, using as it turned out every available Border Service Agency officer in the terminal for the purpose, was so that they could claim that I had crossed the threshold, the border, into Canada and was therefore committing a criminal act; whereas if I had simply turned left into the Atlanta flight’s departure gate, that little ploy would have been less plausible.

As it was, I refused to sign any documents, and asked them to take note that they had conducted me into Canadian territory “expressly against my wishes”.


DURING the day it occurs to me too that my missing bag is obviously not actually lost, but has been spirited away for thorough examination by their security authorities. Meinetwegen. It is 1995 all over again, except that this time the stuff it contains is about Himmler, and then it was Dr Goebbels. “The case was found to contain Nazi propaganda materials,” the 1995 investigators reported portentously. Well, Duh: Goebbels was Nazi propaganda minister, and I was completing his biography.

It will be interesting to see what contents have been stirred up if I ever get the case back, that is. There are 200 pages of my handwritten Himmler manuscript in the “lost” bag – part of what I wrote in solitary confinement in Vienna. I wonder what the security geniuses will make of that – and the disc of captured Reinhard Heydrich files microfilmed in the KGB archives in Moscow. Oh, and six French-language editions of books by me, published by major French publishers, which we are preparing for reprinting.

An angry phone call from Mrs D. in Atlanta during the evening, about the disruption to her plans by my non-appearance at their home, and displeased that I gave her address for the bag to be returned to. – The disruption to me is considerable: for a start, everything I need is in that case, including my driving licence and this laptop’s charger, and this laptop is consequently dead all day.

Jessica says she has the other charger there in Bristol. “I am looking at it.” She agrees to send it at once, and at 11:28 a.m. she texts me that she has sent it by special delivery, guaranteed delivery by two p.m. tomorrow. What a sterling daughter she is.


Friday, October 18, 2013
Eton (England)

I FLEW to Toronto Tuesday en route to Atlanta to begin my US stay, and was at once intercepted by Canadian Border police although I was only in transit, and returned to the UK. Not good.

Tomorrow I fly to the US again, a direct flight. I have a valid visa and am hoping for no problems. But given who the enemies of free speech are, I am ready for anything.


Saturday, October 19, 2013
Eton – Heathrow (England) – Atlanta (Georgia, USA)

ELEVEN a.m. At Heathrow again for the repeated outward trip to the United States, armed with an expensive new round-trip ticket (“failure to complete” the outbound trip automatically annuls the return segment) on United Airlines.

Worried that the US may now also cause problems, I ask my housekeeper to wait outside the terminal until I call, but the check-in proceeds normally and I let her go. Equally at Atlanta, where we land at 5:30 p.m EST, the immigration officer recognizes my name and we chat for a few minutes before he waves me through.

I phone Mrs D. in Atlanta to expect me in a couple of hours, but then the troubles begin anew – that is one expected, the lack of an original driving licence, and one totally unexpected. Mrs D. says my bag has not arrived there yet, and Air Canada eventually confirm that the bag is actually still held back here at Atlanta airport. That is indeed a miracle. Somebody's footdragging has actually worked in my favour.

Hertz’s Black manager very agreeably drives me round the airport perimeter to the International terminal, a twenty-five minute trip, and there is my case standing just inside the Air Canada desk. It displays signs of having been forced open – a DVD-case deep inside is totally smashed. I later find the camera has suffered too.

After we have performed all the computer paperwork to lease the usual extended wheelbase vehicle, I see the two Hertz managers withdrawing to confer: their computer has suddenly revealed that Head Office has put a block on renting to me because of what they call an “unresolved issue”.

There are none, but Head Office has to remove the block, and they will only operate from Monday morning 9 a.m. That is a real curse. More delays, but four hours after arriving at Atlanta airport and thoroughly shaken by it all I am finally driving up Interstate-85 through the city in a much inferior vehicle from Budget, and arrive at Mrs D.’s an hour later.

Bed around 11:30 p.m. – or 4:30 a.m. UK.


October 21, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

MY fourth daughter writes: “What happened in Canada? What were you doing in Canada?” I reply:

My tour routine here has started in a shambles thanks to the guys who run Canada - I won't call them Canadians. I have had to chop off the first four functions in Florida. By their spiteful and petty blocking tactics they have cost me a couple of thousand dollars, unbelievable! But I persevere.

I was hassled by the Canadian Border Police at Toronto on my one-stop flight from London to Atlanta, and deported back to London that same night instead of being allowed to continue through the Toronto airport transit zone on my prepaid flight to Atlanta. If I were a different colour or race, it would have been different, I suspect.

Air Canada then "lost" my baggage with driving licence etc. You can imagine the rest (and where that bag really went to!) It has cost me six days of my life and a lot of money, a new transAtlantic ticket, the loss of a very favourable prebooked vehicle lease, and complete rejigging of the itinerary. Most of the tour, from West Palm Beach onwards, stays the same. I am catching up here in the USA right now. I will notify you of new plans.

I have meanwhile checked my bag. It has been rifled, as I expected, and so crudely repacked that the expensive Canon camera is smashed. Luckily my laptop was not in the bag.


October 23, 2013

A READER has written about his efforts to correct the shocking bias against me displayed by the gang at Wikipedia. “Imagine my shock to see that the review has been deleted!” – instantly, too.

“No surprises there,” I console him. “You might like to see these remarks about my work from acknowledged experts. Not that it will help:--”

Another fan writes: “Dear Mr. Irving, I want to pose a question or two to you, with the acceptance by you of the fact that I have not, as yet, read any of your books in full.

Firstly, do you think it is fair to say that the actions of the German Government circa World War II, discredited Judaism as an ideology, a religion and a way of life?

Secondly, if you give assent to that proposition, would you characterize the actions of certain people against you as an attempt to appropriate something, a quality, whatever, belonging to you (belonging to you in both senses of the word, that is philosophical and legal) for their own, and then using this against you?

Finally, (this makes three) would you then characterize their actions as propagandistic? You strike me as someone who knows what he is doing, a rarity these days, and I should assert that they likely do also, albeit in a very dishonest way, unlike yourself. I might want you to autograph a copy of one of them, in the event that I choose to purchase one. Thank you for your time.

He gets an ill-tempered reply: “I am sorry James, but I am on the road driving five hundred miles a day on a speaking tour and cannot really answer complex questions like this one for the moment.”

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Key West

Alex K. volunteers: “I haven’t heard from Jaenelle in about a year.”

I chide him: “You ought to contact her – don't say I pressed you to – so that she knows that her friends have not abandoned her. She was one of the greatest friends I ever had. I think her email was” She has abandoned all her friends, it seems, and not just her country.

I tell another correspondent:

I will write to you with the new dates. I was hassled by the Canadians on my flight to Atlanta via Toronto, and deported back to London that same night instead of being allowed to continue through the transit zone on my prepaid flight to Atlanta. If I were a different colour or race, it would have been different, I suspect. Air Canada then "lost" my baggage with driving licence etc. You can imagine the rest (and where that bag really went to!) It has cost me six days of my life and a lot of money, a new ticket, the loss of a very favourable prebooked vehicle lease, and complete rejigging of the itinerary. Most of the tour, from WPB onwards, stays the same. I am catching up here in the USA right now. I will notify you of new plans.

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Key West

OUT to the Rusty Anchor for supper. Unappetising Delmonico steak and a soggy key-lime pie. Then our regular waiter John says my Visa card is declined, and I forgot that I paid a big print bill today, a couple of thousand, for Morgenthau, Göring, and Hungary, so it has hit its daily ceiling. I will come back Monday and pay.

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Key West, Florida.

I RARELY remember dreams. During the night I have a brief but vivid dream about invaders with masks and baseball bats coming into the house, and in the dream I take refuge in the cupboard under the stairs and evidently survive.


Clocks have gone back during the night. I am up at seven a.m. After half an hour I notice something disturbing when I glance into the room next to my bedroom – there is a bare patch where the laptop stood last night, and just the two connectors lying next to it.

Slowly I realize, as one does in such situations, that there has been a burglary while I slept only feet away in the room next door. The side door leading in from the Mosquito Room is still locked, but the back door (which I do not use) is now unlocked, though closed. I recall hearing a gentle bump in the house about four a.m., but it is an old house and there are often such sounds from the trees, falling fruit etc.

At 7:34 a.m. after a fruitless search of all the rooms, I accept that the computer has gone with all my work, most of which, though not that of the two England months, I have backed up. I phone the cops, and they say they will come straight round (unlike the UK, where laptop thefts do not merit police attention).

I notice that the high-end Canon camera is standing right next to the bare patch, as is the transparent Tupperware box containing a thousand dollars in cash – both untouched. More cash is lying openly on the kitchen surface, around forty dollars, and the credit card. Untouched. So this was a burglary targeted only on the laptop.

Policeman comes, an American of Thai descent, very helpful, thinks that the FBI must be called in too, in the circumstances. He spots the cash in the box, and comments on what kind of regular burglar would leave that. Not your ordinary burglar, I agree.

I suggest the Jewish Defence League or “Southern Poverty Law Center” when he asks what kind of groups they should be looking for. A detective in police uniform comes, good-looking young girl of about 28, well made-up, with all the academy training and forensic paraphernalia to go with the job, and for two hours she searches the doorknobs and surfaces for prints and DNA traces, and particularly the power plug which the thief pulled out of the laptop socket with finger and thumb.

She explains that they search for either DNA or fingerprint traces, as the tests cancel each other out. I have zero hopes of retrieving the laptop, and start compiling lists of necessary damage-control jobs right away: passwords, back-up discs, replacements, etc. It takes me all day.

Several I-told-you-so messages come from Kevin in England during the day, and expressions of horror from Jessica and Paloma. I fire up Albert’s PC and buckle down to the jobs. In the evening I award myself a steak tenderloin at Saluté by way of consolation.

If it is the enemy, they evidently now know which buildings I am living in; as a security precaution I move into ++++ for the night, ramming heavy furniture against the door as a clatterbang booby trap. Reminds me of a similar alert with Jae in a New Haven hotel in November 2009 when the going got rough, shall we say, on that tour.

I think I have changed most of the passwords in time before any damage can be done, but some ++++ passwords are difficult to tackle. The enemy can still trawl through diaries and photo files.


HOW to rebuild the tour? I have little hope of getting AddressBook working in time for targeted mailouts, as it needs OS.9. Nor can I run SNIFFER on the more suspect registrants. I spend a couple of hours investigating ways of searching our bookstore database and harvesting the pertinent email addresses.

The indirect cost of the theft is going to run into thousands. The whole tour will go ahead, the overheads will be the same, but at half-cock. I have also lost all the work done in England on the reprint of Churchill’s War vol.1, and the inventory of the forty-four microfilms of Soviet files of RSHA documents.

At 11:30 PM, after I have retired, there is a call from Pablo in California about the old-fashioned G4 Powerbook I am interested in buying as a replacement, a clone of the stolen one. He says he can load it with all the applications I need, and even OS.9 as well. I say I will get the cash into his hands by tomorrow.

Monday, November 4, 2013
Key West, Florida

UP JUST before seven a.m. To the Bank at 9:20 a.m. to change the account numbers and the credit card’s billing address.

Life resumes. Nick Kastro writes about the Lipstadt Trial:

I apologise for digging up a painful memory. Ok let's just accept, there is no historical evidence for anyone knowing about the Höfle telegram, before Steve Tyas published his account of it in 2001. Did you ever get a reply to your request, when you "asked the British archives to carry out forensic tests in case it was a fake, as certain internal evidence suggested, because it is clearly a key document"?

12:21 pm I reply: “The trial is not a painful memory at all. No other outcome could have been expected in the circumstances, and I am prepared to do it all again when the time comes.”

To answer your question, I corresponded with the Public Record Office for two or three months on the need to test the Höfle document because of internal discrepancies, with which I am sure you are familiar.

They were properly reluctant to authorise the invasive forensic procedures involved, but before they or I reached a decision I withdrew my request because Steve Tyas had (rather haughtily, as is his manner) identified to me a second file in a different series of PRO documents which referred in translation to the Höfle document.

I can dig out the correspondence from my old diaries, but it will take a day or two as I am on the road and my computer was stolen in a daring burglary on Saturday night, with the temporary loss of key files which can be of interest only to one group of people. You do not explain, incidentally, what is the reason for your close interest in all this.

12:51 PM I try phoning Pablo. No answer. Later he phones me, says the price is $400 plus $20 for FedEx and he will install OS9 as well as 10.5. We shall see.

At Higgs Beach for an hour.

November … 2013:
Key West

AFTER this speaking tour is over, December 20, I shall resume work at once on finishing the manuscript.

Hi Eric am just trying to get a location for Charlotte, NC. My computer was stolen Saturday (by our enemies, I guess: they did not take cash or camera or other stuff lying next to it) and I have been looking at [locations]. What was the place we used last time? I would prefer that. As said, all my files are lost in the burglary. Can you phone them about availability and price? Need to nail it down today or tomorrow a.m., as I am having a new laptop FedEx'ed to me at Charlotte. Yes, dinner afterwards. I am travelling single-handed this tour.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Key West

Up at 6:30 a.m. I phone the Hilton in Charlotte but their meeting room is booked already.

Sarah Z. writes from her U.K. university:

Hi David it's Zara, I’ve just been informed by the ethics committee at my Uni that I'm not allowed to use my interview with you in person but I am allowed to use an interview over emails. If I email you some questions are you okay to respond? I have to provide proof of our emails you see. I know it's a lot to ask out of your free time but I would really really appreciate it! Hope this is okay and hope your time in America was good.

I tell her about the burglary, and add: “Yes, email me, and be patient.”

Thursday, November 6, 2013
West Palm Beach

AFTER midnight I inform Jessica:

I have bought a new laptop, $1,000, a Mac, and will give it to [you] for your twentieth in December. I beat them [Best Buy] down from $1,400. I have also paid $420 for the identical Mac that was stolen and it is being FedEx'd from California to me arriving Saturday. . . The theft has decimated my output, and seriously crippled my tour mail-out, etc. Not sure how to get round it. About eighty percent of the stuff is properly backed up. Big hole in my finances for a few days - bought the laptop today with cash, as my card's daily limit was maxed out, draining my pocket of all but two dollars, literally. NO supper in consequence.

I spend four hours installing stuff in the new laptop and updating the website’s front-page HTML by hand. Tedious. I make no public mention of the burglary. Many important applications are missing. . . Hey ho.

12 pm arrive at Melbourne [Florida] location. Not bad, considering. Two to three hours there, then I set forth up I-95 toward Charleston, SC. Fortunately the [location] there now answers the phone, and I book the meeting room for tomorrow; I find a McDonalds with WiFi, and send out the location to those who have booked. Should be a good result.

The torrent of worldwide emails continues: “I found your case interesting and decided to contact you. As it stands, I am writing a paper for a class called Denying the Holocaust in which I have to analyze your court case as well as The Leuchter Report, and then prove that you were wrong. The simple fact however is that neither of us lived through this time period and therefore we cannot decide whether there were homicidal gas chambers used in Auschwitz or not.

“However, I may say that you bring up many good points in your argument, as it is outlined in the three books I've read on your case. I'm not sure what I was getting at by emailing you, however, I would like to say that I consider you to be an interesting figure and writer. Good day, Katiemay.”

I reply:

Interesting letter Katie. Glad you are learning to think for yourself. I am not a Holocaust Denier, that is just a word the Jews have pinned on me in an attempt to smear my reputation. Like being called a paedophile.

You don't say where you are. I am in Florida beginning a tour of Eastern USA. [Fred] Leuchter was a political innocent, and the same people have slaughtered him. What matters in his Report are not his views, but the appendices, the laboratory tests on the walls of the so called gas chambers, done by qualified forensic laboratories.

That is why I began to think outside the box, like you. Good luck.

I stop at Palm Coast, a Days Inn, for the night. Nice hotel – after changing from the first room which had a filthy bathroom. Supper at a rather unpleasant Outback.

Thursday November 6, 2013
Palm Coast Florida – Charleston, South Carolina

Steve writes:

I want to thank you again for coming to town [Melbourne FL] and putting on the luncheon yesterday. I am going to try my best to arrange things in my work life (currently opening a restaurant; very stressful and time consuming) so that I have the best shot of joining you in Europe next fall for the Wolf's Lair tour.

I am sorry about the misfortune with your laptop; the serial-number tracking software I mentioned is called PawnTRAC, next time you talk to the investigator handling the case.

Key West police should have access to it as it is standard police software in Florida.

I thank him: “I am struggling with the new laptop but everything is different.” Which is why I’m giving it to Jessica. Newfangled. Is there such a word?


I HAVE asked Hugo to dig in his files for my missing diary fragments.

He replies: “I’ll do that. Am just off to the opera now, a very long one, so I will look for the entries tomorrow (Friday). [Brother in law] John Sawers, together with the heads of MI5 and GCHQ, has just had a 1½-hour grilling from MPs in the light of Mr Snowden's revelations [about the NSA]. It was broadcast live all over the world. As usual, John spoke well and convincingly.”

1:25pm. I email to Jessica “(So far): so good. I am driving north five hours today to Charleston, South Carolina. Six hours on the road yesterday from the Keys. Stopping from time to time to deal with emails. The laptop theft is costing me hours of work and worry.”

No trace of the replacement used laptop which I ordered from California. Hope I haven't fallen for scamsters.

A nice letter and invitation from the grandson of †Oswald Pohl.

4:15 pm I arrive at the Charleston location, a downtown hotel. I phone California and speak with the guy, and he says the used laptop has been sent. Hmmm. I am beginning to doubt the whole story.

Manfred Rommel has apparently died. That's a pity: He was very helpful to me when I wrote his father's biography. Without him, the book would never have become the bestseller it was.

Californian phones, the FedEx delivery is slated for Monday, after I have left Charlotte! He texts the FedEx Tracking Number. “Call me when you can, then.”

I check the FedEx site, and delivery is estimated 4:30 pm Monday, when I am supposed to be in Richmond. It will mean cancelling the Raleigh and Richmond meetings. So much for FedEx two-day delivery.

M. writes from Berlin: “Bloody hell, they've stolen the diary, your e-mails and everything? That's comforting news indeed. R.”

Holwerda writes: David,

Just read the [Müller] chapter in the new Himmler book. Outstanding! Really looking forward to the finished product.

Bed just before midnight, very tired, and still disgruntled.


Friday, November 8, 2013
Charleston, SC - Columbia, SC

I LEARN that this Charleston hotel does not “do” breakfast or even coffee. The pricier they are, the worse. The poor parking lost me several guests, I am sure.

At two p.m. I drive into the Columbia SC hotel: Primitive but well-appointed, and usable again.

I buy a new wireless mouse. Matt somebody phones, says he phoned [this hotel] who knew nothing about the meeting. I was rather terse with him for breaching security.

GPS says the FedEx office at Pineville is 83 miles from here. I shall have to drive out there to intercept the delayed delivery.

To the Charlotte list:

Thankyou for your patience. Unfortunately we have suffered a burglary in Key West, resulting in the theft of my computer and most of the work I have done these three months. Hence this rather informal message on the location, which we ask you as always to keep strictly confidential, and not to reveal it even inadvertently to others. I have pieced together the balance of my tour as well as I can without the records relating to it!

6:30 pm we have an excellent meeting, the room is filled, no spare seats, all the usual types – the shrill female conspiracy theorist, the cloth-capped elderly man who wants his voice to be heard, the persistent helpful interrupter, etc.

Laughton Chandler writes: "Dear Mr. Irving,

I enjoyed your talk last night, and appreciated your coming to Charleston. I came upon a quotation which seems relevant in light of mankind's recurrent obsession with censorship and malign obsession with those who hold opinions contrary to the mainstream: ‘Qui plume a, guerre a.’ (‘To hold a pen is to be at war’') – Voltaire, 1748

To bed round midnight very exhausted.

November 9, 2013
Columbia SC – Charlotte NC

THE great drive continues. I arrive 5:30 pm at the Marriott in Charlotte. Only a few of those who have registered actually turn up, which is a mystery. So, no actual profit at all. Others present include . . . and a charming and educated Black, Russ Thompson, who is well informed about WW2 history. A very good-looking girl is there with her father: G. is 29, looks 25, and has a smile strongly reminiscent of SS-G, and that partly makes up for the poor attendance.

Supper afterwards with Eric, who plagues me with questions about Geli Raubal (Hitler’s niece, right).

My mouth is becoming sore again from all the undue talking and the jagged tooth.

More email comments: From Canada,

I understand that Mr. Irving has not been permitted to enter Canada for over 10 years [in fact over twenty years] which is most unfortunate. My hopes of attending one of his speaking engagements dwindle. Please let me know if he comes to the west coast of the U.S. . .

The final bastion of freedom of speech, knowledge and information is the uncensored Internet. Mr. Irving needs someone to constantly organize and re-upload his Youtube videos in chronological order.

I reply at 11:33pm: “Thanks Nicky. Yes, pity about the people who now control Canada. They arrested me when I passed through the Toronto transit zone just two weeks ago, deported me back to London!, and I had to buy a new ticket to Atlanta. Not very nice. YouTube: I do not know who uploads the videos. Yes, I must find somebody to keep an eye on them.”

Saturday, November 9, 2013
Columbia - Pineville - Charlotte NC

I TELL Hugo: “Just setting off to pick up a replacement laptop identical to the stolen one, from a FedEx centre in the wilds of nowhere. I have bought a new one but hate it, too newfangled . . . I have cancelled my talk in Raleigh, NC, to free up some time. As Jae isn’t around I have nobody to blame or shout at. Grrr.”

Somebody writes: “My fiancée and I very much enjoyed your talk yesterday evening on Hess in Columbia, SC. We both wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop in our corner of the world and for making us feel so welcome at your event. We have both decided to try to attend your next tour of the sites in Europe if possible [in September 2014] and if you ever need any support or assistance in this part of the country please let us know. I look forward to reading this newer version of Hitler's War with a sharper mind than when I found a copy of an older version of it on a library shelf as a child.”

I tell him, “You will both be very welcome and we would make a special deal. . ."

To Paloma to forward to her son Adam who has reached his twenty-first without incident:

Happy Birthday Adam. We must see about a suitable reward for you getting this far without serious offence to society. You are not even a quarter over yet. Still got a long innings ahead of you. All the best

Sunday, November 11, 2013
Charlotte, NC – Concord – Charlotte, NC

I ADD to the front page:

IF YOU HAVE registered for David Irving's RUDOLF HESS talk please click here and send brief confirmation and which city! This is important. You may not otherwise receive the location

I warn G. that she is dealing with a writer, and we wield vocabularies as our weapons.

Mine in about eight languages, if as I do you consider American to be a language. . , a guy brought his wife over from Raleigh (which I cancelled this evening) and I gave him the full works over dinner (a bowl of onion soup, as one meal a day suffices for me).

I am impressed by your emails incidentally – properly spelled, well phrased and paragraphed. That was incidentally what first attracted me to J., and look where that ended up.


Monday, November 10, 2013
Charlotte – Concord, NC – Richmond, Virginia.

I LEAVE Charlotte at eleven a.m., and stop for two hours lunch with G. at Concord; I arrive five minutes early, although delayed by an incident as I left Charlotte with the vehicle’s back door apparently poorly fastened – shades of Salt Lake City with J. some years ago – and see behind me a trail of crushed books and boxes.

At 2:10 p.m. I drive on to Richmond in Virginia: as I set out, the GPS gives an arrival time of 6:30 pm, which shocks me into driving north non-stop. I actually arrive at 6:10 pm.

I tease Eric:

Aha! I will investigate the Rochester possibility, as somebody else also just preferred [changing from Syracuse to] that. I lunched with G. She wore a fetching cream-coloured dress. Another plus-point. Not found any minus points yet worth mentioning.

He replies at once: “Unglaublich. How did you make contact?” – “Vee hef vays of finding sings out.”


Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Richmond, Va., – Washington DC.

THIS in from G. this morning: “G’Day (just kidding – I know you disapprove of Australia.)…”

I tease Eric: “I am not going to let you get your hands on her. Perhaps if you lodge a huge forfeit in an escrow somewhere. I think there is a less than fifty percent chance of her continuing.”

A Bruno Dias asks:

What was the opinion of Hitler about the works of Nietzsche? Goebbels knew the works of this philosopher? is possible that the works of Nietzsche that exist today in bookstores are censored?

I reply: I don't know. The Nietsche family gave Hitler his knobbed walking stick, which he treasured.

I spend the period 3:15 to five p.m. in the National Archives, reading microfilm: Himmler’s period as an army group commander in Pomerania.

I check into a grubby Motel 6 for three nights. Wallpaper held in place by strips of duct tape.

Most unlike the other Motel 6’s I know. In a Black area of DC.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013
College Park, Maryland USA

JANET Calvert of Key West police calls. She needs the Mac’s serial number,

I tell G.: “I don’t feel at all charming. I feel crude and brutal. I am in the National Archives, reading old stuff.”

Ronald informs me: “David

You may be amused to know that I attempted a short while ago to correct many of the smears associated with you on Wikipedia’s article on you, only to find a moment later that some super-Nazi writing under the name ‘materialscientist’ had erased all my edits. One day, perhaps you yourself will find time to correct Wikipedia's hatchet job. After all, if you are not an expert on you, who is?

I reply: “There is a super-group of Jews who stand watch over their Wikipedia smear of me worldwide. Not much we can do about it, unfortunately.”

James D. sends this letter:

My Father went ashore at D plus 6 and 3 weeks in had the most difficult fighting of the war with Hitler Youth who would not surrender. They had a famous Commander, I forget his name. He didn’t speak much about the war.

He was front line all the way through the Netherlands to Berlin and 3 days after Hitler’s death was at the bunker where he . . . saw a large hole where the cremation [of Hitler and Eva] supposedly had occurred. It was . . . blackened from a very large fire and therefore believable. He took two SS Jerricans that were close by the site. He said they could never have burnt two people but likely set off the fire of whatever (diesel, furniture?) and was likely used, from a distance to start the fire.

The Russian guards were screaming at him, calling him Englander, as he wore a Canadian Uniform, and other pejoratives, as he loaded the SS cans in a Jeep or other vehicle. It would have been like him to go alone and not put others at risk.

He eventually sent the cans to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. He was later told they didn’t have them and he went to the War Museum later and was told that they may have been sent to another museum. He presumed they were stolen. Hard to believe that they could have been misplaced.

Attached is a letter confirming the action.

Cobb salad for lunch at the Archives; afterwards, lasagne at a fast food joint; not bad. I drive into Silver Springs in a hopeless search for a dinner location for Friday. Not good.

Bed around 11 p.m., disgruntled.

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Washington DC

A YOUNG Australian guy writes me: “Dear Mr Irving,

Over the past two months I have been independently studying the ‘Holocaust’, examining the evidence behind the legend. I started by reading the more mainstream material, eventually being dissatisfied, digging deeper into the myth for the real answers.

I wanted to compose this email to sincerely thank you for your work in voicing the truth about the ‘Holocaust’, exposing the outrageous exaggerations and blatant lies that have been that have been pushed by the ignorant, as well as the Zionists in particular.

I am a 17 year old student currently attending Geelong Grammar School in Australia. When I heard that you were barred entry to Australia, I was appalled by the lack of democracy and freedom of speech that my country actually permits.

My school has organised a trip for my grade level to go to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum for this coming Tuesday, because of the majority of the year is studying the book ‘Night’ By Elie Wiesel, a so called ‘memoir’ that I have grown to thoroughly despise. I wish to decisively breakdown the credibility of the museum to the highest possible extent (without getting into any serious trouble for voicing my beliefs). I would be delighted if you could please give me some tips/angles of approach in achieving my goals in doing this (only if you have the time).

Thank you again for your Holocaust revisionism that has inspired me to take my critical thinking to a higher level, with myself now being aware and therefore immune to the indoctrination of the lie. I really hope to meet you one day in person.

I reply: “Without getting into any serious trouble for voicing my beliefs – Not easy, Steve. I suggest you limit your question to asking if it is true that the gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz-I, the Stammlager, was built in 1948, three years after the war (it is, and the year is concealed on the plaque outside), and why it was necessary to put a fake on display?”

There is a fan letter today from Canada too; I must be doing something right:

I understand that you must be a very busy man (book signings and more personal endeavours etc.) so I'm going to make this short and sweet. I'm an avid historian enthusiast and I tend to investigate anything that leaves uncertainty. Your work is very compelling and I think it's tragic how the mainstream media discredits/distorts your findings, when you're merely trying to get to the bottom of what's truly factual! . . 

I'm a great admirer of your work and I can't wait to read and see more of it broadcasted or published!

Biscuit [oatmeal cookie] at a McDonalds for supper, and an hour using their WiFi on the Internet.

Friday, November 15, 2013
Washington DC

A BRITISH student, Becky, writes: “As part of my A-level studies I am completing an extended research project on aspects of the Holocaust. I am considering the different views held on these events and plan to include a section on holocaust denial. I have been researching your views and find them interesting.”

7:31 a.m. I reply: “Interesting topic. I am not a Holocaust denier, whatever that is. For my views, see and my Radical's Diaries - find them starting at – I'll be happy to answer questions. “

At National Archives, College Park, at 11:05 a.m.

I reserve conference locations in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Very economical.


I REPORT to Jessica:

I am in the archives in Washington - going to Baltimore tomorrow, then Philadelphia. Quite chilly here. Brrr!

One more week to the driving test, then you will be emancipated and mobile (if you pass). Love, Daddy

The Dupont Circle’s hotel’s dining room upstairs is splendid . . . The waitress assigned to our grand dinner says we are welcome to return.


Saturday, 16 November 2013
Washington DC – Falls Church, Va., – Baltimore, MD (USA)

THIS Motel 6 in Georgia Avenue has a murderously slow or non-existent WiFi. Shan’t stay here again.

Baltimore at five p.m. I find the lobby already lively with a dozen guests. Cory Parker introduces his girlfriend . . . she is slim and sexy, an Eva Longoria lookalike, and coincidentally we also have a Harrison Ford lookalike among the guests.


THE search for locations continues. 9:57 p.m. I ask Martyna in Poland: “Dear Martyna

can you help me? Can you remember the name of the hotel that we used for a meeting one night at Princeton, New Jersey (June 18-19, 2012)? I want to use them for my meeting on Monday. (That was the hotel where you punched my arm. It still hurts).

Martyna replies: “No, I don’t,” and she adds a reprimand: “Such a shame you forgot about my birthday. Such a shame...”

I have a plausible excuse. I tell her about the computer theft.


Sunday, 17 November 2013
Baltimore, MD (USA)

I SEND out the Princeton NJ notifications at 9:21 a.m. All I can do is ask them to phone me tomorrow Monday afternoon, as I cannot remember which location we used last time, and I shall have to reconnoiter in person.

Paloma phones: “Automobile Association man says the Pigmobile needs a new alternator.” Hey ho.

A New Zealander, M., writes:

Thank you for opening my eyes! My journey of 're-learning' German history from about 1933 to the mid 1940's started some 12 months ago and without a doubt thanks to you. Watching one of your speeches was all it took. Are you likely to visit NZ in the future or are you a persona non grata here? You'll have enough to read without me babbling on but again thank you!

I reply:

Helen Clarke [the then prime minister] announced in 2004 there was no reason why I should not return to NZ (I have toured there twice before); a week later, under the usual pressure, she changed her mind. Would you be so good as to write to the PM's office and ask if that position has changed? That would be very helpful.

He responds: “Consider it done. I will advise once I've had a response. Regards.”

I nearly run out of fuel at Baltimore. – Row with a hag at the local gas station. – 2:30 p.m. on the dot I arrive at the hotel in Pennsylvania. Oh, and the conference meeting room is not ready until three p.m. In fact not until 3:15 p.m. as it turns out. I make a fuss and my guests get two bottles of free wine as a consolation. The suite itself is roomy and perfect and can and should be used again.


Monday, 18 November 2013
Baltimore, MD – Princeton, NJ (USA)

BILL C. writes: “Dear David,

Thank you for a great talk. You really kept it going without any lag. Amazing how a couple of hours went by. Please keep up the pace.

I write to Jessica from Princeton:

Here's Daddy, at Princeton (arrived half an hour ago; yesterday was Philadelphia). Perhaps you could come to the famous university here later. Very elegant. . . Any exams coming soon, apart from the driving test, which seems to be sliding ever further into the future, about which delay or procrastination I am quite miffed?

She sends a routine reply. I respond:

Hooray. A sign of life. Speaking here soon, so must keep it short. Like you! Glad you are working hard. News about boys, please. Are you doing better there than your flatmates? Find one who can fix loose doorknobs. That's a start. – Daddy.

Somebody called Samuel Wilkins today paid for Princeton, last minute, but his email address is fake. So I can’t give him the location, unless he phones. (He doesn’t).

My tongue is sore once again from the jagged rear tooth which is gashing it when I speak a lot. Which is now.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013
Princeton – Pompton Plains, NJ (USA)

A FAN writes: “In all my 65 years, I have never encountered anyone so utterly committed to the pursuit of truth, so committed to proclaiming it, and so determined to withstand retaliation with a consistently non-violent stance. Your books are an outstanding achievement, yes, but so, sir, is your character. At a dinner party recently, I was talking very excitedly about your works, when my German host told me to never speak of such subjects in his presence again. I am astounded how you bear the relentless persecution you so nobly bear, but I have no doubt that one fine day, the heavens will resound with, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’” – That’s cheerful.

At 11:42 p.m. I reply: “Sorry to have upset your dinner party host. I must be doing something right somewhere, to attract this visceral, mindless, and ignorant hatred!”

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Pompton Plains, NJ (USA)

APPLE cannot help with the serial number. “We can not locate the serial number on our systems.

An angry American parent writes:

My sixteen year old granddaughter was forced to travel by bus with her junior class from Ohio to Washington DC to tour the new Holocaust museum. The entire way there, she was forced to watch the most gruesome films about Auschwitz. THANK GOD the world has you as a ”real historian.“ Thanks to you, she will grow up knowing the truth.


I HAVE written to the now silent G., lamenting: “Eric and I both agree you are infuriatingly incommunicative. (Try saying that with your mouth full of spaghetti!).”


Thursday, 21 November 2013
Pompton Plains, NJ (USA)

A READER writes to ask me to insert a personal note to his twelve-year old son in a copy of Hitler's War. “On his own and without any direction from me, he took a keen interest in all things German, including military history, WWII, and some of the issues we discussed earlier.”

I write a letter to his son: “Hi Gabriel!

Your dad says you’re getting interested in the war and Hitler. When I was 11 I stole my twin brother Nicky’s copy of a book just published, Hitler’s Table Talk. See if you can find a copy. I read it, fascinated, under the bedclothes each night! I still have it, and it still has Nicky’s name inside. Good luck, good reading, and stay in touch. Learn to think for yourself.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the book for his son for Christmas.


A GENTLEMAN in Bombay complains he has not yet received his books. I check. His order was dated just one week ago.

Then at 9:41 p.m. comes a very lengthy message from G.: “You must be so tired now that you are drawing throngs to your evening sessions. . .”

I reply at equal length and end: “I am not tired. I never tire. Please try to tire me. And give up.” 


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