THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving for his lecture delivered on October 10, 1994, was supplied by on October 27, 1994 to the Nizkor site, and posted there by Ken McVay on April 7, 1997:-

Subject: Holocaust-denier David Irving in Portland, OR Date: 14 Oct 1994 03:47:02 -0400

HOLOCAUST-DENIER David Irving spoke at the Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon last Monday night, 10/10/94. The church claims to have been unaware of Mr. Irving's anti-semitic agenda.[1] However, church leaders refused to cancel the event even when they were informed of Mr. Irving's agenda. The event was apparently organized by Northwest Concerned, a neo-Nazi organization.
Mr. Irving spoke to a by-invitation-only audience in the church. No reporters were allowed inside to hear the speech.
A group of approximately 150 individuals demonstrated outside the church to protest the event.
Two arrests occured at the event:
Derek K. Stenzil was arrested for violating the terms of his probation on a 1993 assault charge. Stenzil is a leader of Northwest Concerned, the neo-Nazi group involved in the arrangements for Mr. Irving's appearance.
Alaric Brown was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, after having allegedly spat upon David Irving.
The Oregonian newspaper reported on the story the next morning with the headline, "Protester spits on Holocaust dissenter."
Complaints have been made to the church about its having provided a venue to Mr. Irving. Suggestions have been made that Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church issue an apology to its membership and to the community.
It has also been suggested that the church fund, publicize and host a true educational program on the Holocaust as a way of repairing the damage.


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Notes on some of the lies:

  1. While happy to use this hurtful smear ("antisemitic") at random in public, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in fact admits in its internal memoranda that he is not antisemitic, and that this is one of the problems. The Board of Deputies of British Jews makes the same regretful comment -- in secret. For an affidavit by the oddly-named, salivating “Coalition for Human Dignity” (an ADL front organisation) about this event, see elsewhere on this Website.
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