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Posted Tuesday, December 15, 1998

The Traditional Enemies of Free Speech in Australia are also Trying to Suffocate the Internet:-



April 23, 1998

The following is a statement by the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission.

In response to a proposed Code of Ethics by the Internet Industry Association, the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), a Jewish anti-racism watchdog, has called for a series of measures which would address the problem of racism on the Internet.

The ADC's submission entitled 'Racism on the Internet', noted the growth of locally produced extremist racist sites including: Neo-Nazi and Holocaust revisionist groups in Australia.

The latest edition of the ADC's publications ADC Briefing profiles a number of Australian Internet hate groups which include; neo-Nazi skinhead groups promoting meetings and hate materials, including videos, books and 'White Power' CDs.

The ADC stated that the Code of Practice could only be successful when it was extended to include material, which is published on the Internet, something it currently does not do instead limiting itself to prohibiting the possession of illegal material.

In the report the ADC has called for the Internet Industry to provide an effective response to cases of racism on the Internet by:

1. The Internet Industry Association establishing a central address to which interested parties can refer complaints of to;

2. All Internet Service Providers sending an Email message to all subscribers informing them that the publication and possession of material, such as child pornography, bomb making and racism is prohibited;

3. The Internet Industry Association publishing received complaints and action taken under the Code of Practice.

4. Internet Service Providers taking action against those Internet users sending racist messages via Electronic mail (Email), such as disallowing further Internet access.

Report author, Director of Research and Publications, Mr. Mark Briskin said, "It has become increasingly apparent that racists are searching for new ways to publicise their racist laden ideologies. The Internet has become a vehicle through, which these peddlers of hate can seek new recruits for their cause."

We thank our colleagues in Australia for bringing the above posting to our notice
Our opinion
No comment, other than the following Obsession-Index, measure by word-counts -- race, racism: 10; hate: (3); Nazi: (2). [AR]We cannot quite understand the ADC's interest in the last three -- revisionism, child pornography, bomb making (1).
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