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The Vendetta Pursued by
Mr Gerald Gable

Gerald Gable, editor of Searchlight, the media bulletin indirectly funded by the Board-of-Deputies, has pursued a vendetta against David Irving for over forty years, ever since Gable and two accomplices were arrested by the Police, caught red-handed burgling Mr Irving's residence.

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Background on David Freedman, who was acquitted in the infamous Irving break-in case of November 1963

EARLIER that same year. 1963, David Freedman was convicted and fined for assault and malicious damage to property, arising out of a 62 Group attack on the headquarters of Mosley's Union Movement. Another of the 62 Group thugs involved in this attack, Joel Salkin (then aged 19) was back in court some seventeen years later as gaming manager of the notorious Victoria Sporting Club, the London casino founded by Jewish solicitor turned gangster Judah Binstock.

The club was raided by 200 Scotland Yard officers in December 1978 and Salkin was among four of its bosses who faced a series of fraud, theft, and conspiracy charges in 1980-81, though he was eventually acquitted on all but one minor charge on the judge's direction and received only a nine-month suspended sentence.

Nice people!

The 1963 trial of David Freeman et al. is reported in The Times (see links below), Column B in the June 5 file and Column E in the July 23 file. Since Freedman's alleged involvement in the raid on David Irving's apartment was only about four months after his lenient sentence for the Union Movement raid, it's no wonder they were keen to get him acquitted.

I would imagine that a second 'political' crime in the space of a few months would have seen him severely sentenced.


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