Inquiries into Searchlight
The David Irving Fighting Fund

London, Sunday, January 16, 1994
[1:10 am]


Dear [names deleted]

I received the enclosed rather anonymous leaflet today from a Jewish academic friend in the university of Montreal who is obviously on the inner ring in such matters. It is a handout about Searchlight. Quite illuminating, though not illuminating enough: it needs more illuminating, and I'll do so in my next ACTION REPORT. Can you please pick as many holes in it as possible? What do you know about Searchlight and their criminal conspiracy and other criminal activities? How much of the leaflet is true, and how much false? Who is "Michael Schmidt"?

What do you know about the "Canadian Centre on Racism and Prejudice"? Involvement in politics, religion of, criminal activities? What do you know about the Atlanta-based "Center for Democratic Renewal"[1] and its minions? I'll publish all this in a killer-article in the next AR. We are putting out 1,600 of the next issue.


Yours sincerely,


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1: Leading light in the Atlanta-based "Center for Democratic Renewal", another ADL-front organisation, is one Daniel Levitas, a former Communist Party of America official.  >>

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