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London, March 10, 2000

Channel Four planning Irving libel case drama



BRITISH VIEWERS will soon be able to watch a drama-documentary on the lengthy High Court libel case brought by right-wing historian David Irving against American academic Deborah Lipstadt over claims that at he denies the Holocaust.

"The Holocaust On Trial" will be broadcast by Channel Four shortly after the verdict is announced.

A network spokesman said on Wednesday that the leading roles had yet to be cast.

"We are interested in the way David Irving works and how it was possible that a case like this came to court in the first place."

It is envisaged that some expert witnesses will appear as themselves in the film.

Previewing its new season of programmes, Channel Four also revealed plans to screen a 90-minute US-made documentary on Canadian Holocaust revisionist Fred Leuchter at the end of next month.

The C4 spokesman said while the channel had not yet received the film, he was certain it was not sympathetic to Leuchter.


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London, March 10, 2000


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