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Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, California, January 16, 2000

Holocaust Denial

Some of the information appearing in "Danger in Denying Holocaust?" (Jan. 7) may mislead your readers. I am a member of the Holocaust History Project, an Internet organization that monitors and evaluates Holocaust denial (

The claim by Holocaust-denier Germar Rudolf about there being much more traces of poison gas in the delousing chambers than the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz was addressed in a comprehensive study of these facilities undertaken in 1994 by Krakow's Institute for Forensic Research. The institute noted that the reason for the variance was because it took 24 hours for a delousing as opposed to 20 minutes for a homicidal gassing. The institute also noted that the homicidal chambers were destroyed by the Germans while the delousing facilities were not. The problem for deniers like Rudolf is to explain why any traces of poison gas turned up in structures identified by numerous eyewitnesses as homicidal gas chambers.

The "academics at respected institutions" who accept denier arguments are two long-time deniers, not impartial scholars seeking to obtain the truth about historical events. Neither has been taken seriously by historians and both have long been discredited.

The poll taken by the Roper Organization that showed 22% doubted the Holocaust was due to the fact that the question contained double negatives. When the question was asked in a straightforward manner only 5% expressed some degree of doubt but even they believed the Holocaust occurred. This finding by the Roper Organization never received the attention of the flawed original poll.

Las Vegas

RudolfGermar Rudolf has submitted this as yet unpublished response to the letter:

In 1994/95 I proved that the 1994 Kracow expertise about cyanide residues is at least biased, if not a serious attempt at fraud. As a member of you know this because you are aware of the exchange between R.J. Green and me and Ignoring that makes you an accomplice of these frauds.

You are right regarding the principle difference in the time required to gas lice and humans (though one has to argue about the actual values). But you ignore the factors that made it much more likely that long-term stable cyanide residues would form in the cold underground morgues of Krema II and III rather than in the heated ground-floor delousing chambers (humidity, kind of material). You ignore the fact that wide parts of the under-ground morgue 1 of Krema II, the allegedly most frequently used 'gas chamber', are fairly well intact and protected by environmental influences. Therefore, your presentation itself is biased.

Contrary to your false claim, I have no problems to explain the minimal cyanide residues in the walls of those morgues: They are not reproducible and in the same order of magnitude as in samples taken from all sorts of locations. In other words: These values close to the detection level cannot be interpreted at all. I have demonstrated that in my report.

Please explain me: Where are the trace of the holes allegedly used to pour in the Zyklon B? NO HOLES, NO HOLOCAUST! -- Germar Rudolf


January 19, 2000
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