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Wednesday, April 19, 2000



Truth over falsehood

British High Court Judge Charles Gray ruled without qualifier or compunction: "It appears to be incontrovertible that Irving qualifies as a Holocaust denier."

With that succinct declaration, he dismissed David Irving's defamation lawsuit against American historian Deborah Lipstadt. "For his own ideological reasons," Gray wrote, "[Irving] persistently and deliberately misrepresented historical evidence." He also branded Irving a racist, an anti-Semite and an associate of neo-Nazis.

Thus ended, last week, the latest high profile, public battle between the forces of falsehood and evil against the forces of truth and good.

Thankfully, truth and good triumphed. We must, however, remain constantly vigilant that they always will.

April 19, 2000

Website fact: The stamina of the defence team was aided by a six million dollar fund provided by Stephen Spielberg, Edgar J Bronfman, and the American Jewish Committee, which enabled them to pay 21 lawyers and "experts"; the experts like Evans, Longerich were paid up to £109,000 each to testify as they did (while the defence's star legal team was paid considerably more). Nobody was paying for Mr Irving, who has been fighting this battle for three whole years. Nor did he pay his defence witnesses one cent or sous: they testified from conviction, not for reward. [Help!]

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